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There is no journey more telling,

No trip more fulfilling,

Than the introspection of Self,

To discover that which truly lies Within……..

~Desert Rose~


Desert Rose Creations 2007

I am the Desert Rose

I reside deep within this woman

Delicate and special I go unnoticed

Lies, disappointments and abuse

These are my sand, my sun , my drought

In the great expanse of the desert I am lost

Blind , they neither see me nor sense me

These petals now wilted and scattered

Scars which run deep within her

Waiting for one who will find me

Petals, once beautiful and full of splendor

Perfume , mystical , bewitching , unique

No pricking thorns, I the sublime bloom resonate

Sure of what she has to offer, of her worth

I wait patiently for the adventurous traveler

He, who will risk all he has to give

Who will finally discover the Rose of the Desert

Love, tenderness, understanding revive me

For they are my life , my source , my redeeming rain

They feed me , refresh me, fill me with life


Do you know who I am ?…………. I am her heart, I am her soul.


N.Cortes / Desert Rose    2007

Here  I  will place my  attempts at  poetry  and creative  writing.  I  do not claim them to  be  good ,  I  just  claim them to  be  mine  🙂      

Majnoon reciting poetry in the desert

Majnoon reciting poetry in the desert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I  have been told on many  occasions  that  I  have a  way  with words.   I  do not consider myself a wordsmith nor can I craft  delightful stories that  capture the imagination.  Yet  I have  had a  love  affair  with the  written  word  since I  can  remember. Reading  has  always  been a passion  and  I  dabble in poetry  from time  to time.  Unfortunately for me  the poems I  did   have  were  stored on a   computer and having had  a minimal understanding of the workings  of a  personal computer at the  time.  Not to mention  the possibility  that  it  could die without a moments notice taking my  work  with it.  Yes…..that is  exactly  what happened.  All lost  to that dark abyss  known  as  cyberspace never to be  seen  again.


Poetry (Photo credit: Kimli)

Poetry (Photo credit: Kimli)

Life has  gotten complicated since then and I  truly have  not had  much  time to  sit and contemplate  long enough to  allow the creativity  to flow.  Yes  , I know  what  you are thinking:  But  she has  the  time to  post  all these  articles.  Yes  I  do , however  I  relay the information and  make it available .  Beyond  reading them to make sure  they convey the message  that  I  want to  send.  I  truly do not have  to think beyond  the  obvious. Just  read and  pass it on .  So  you  see  it  was  the  lazy  way  out  for a desire  that needed to  be  fulfilled.   Writing and creating with the  written word.  The  responsibilities  of motherhood and  survival  have taken a  front  row seat.  Leaving the  creative  and fantastical musings  of my imagination  to  take a  backseat.  Somewhat of a  backseat  driver  at  times albeit not in control and  summarily banished to the  recesses of  my inner  child  to  wait patiently  until I  let  it out  to play.

English: A picture portraying poetry. Occitan ...

English: A picture portraying poetry. Occitan : Illustracion que representa la poesia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps it is time  she was allowed  out to play and  frolic  about in the  sun and  fresh  air?  Perhaps it has been too long and she has  forgotten how?  Time will tell.  I  do not promise  that  they  will be  good.  I  simply  promise  they  they  will be  mine   🙂

More to  come soon   I  hope!