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I am  blessed  to have   worked on this  blog for the last  two years.  In that  time I  have seen the number  of  subscribers  grow  from  0 to   1,387 .  For this  I  thank you !  Your  support  has  given  me the  strength and incentive  to   continue through  the  many  difficulties life  has  tossed  my  way.

That  being  said   I must  admit  that  I am a  bit  frayed  around the edges.  I have  worked  hard  to  make  available as  much  information with  as many  aspects  to the  story  as  I  have been  able to  find.

I find  that  I  need to  pull back a  bit as  I  do not  want to  burn out.  Doing  this  alone  for  so  long alongside  of  all my  other  offline  responsibilities  has taken it’s  toll.

I  will carry  on  with  the  blogs  that  I  do  have …..7 in  total.  However,  I  will continue  only  as an  outlet to the Youtube  channel that  I  also run.  I  will be taking  a  few  weeks  to   mull over  my responsibilities  as  well as  my  options.  Not to  mention some  offers  that have  been  made  available.

I want you all to know  how grateful I am  for your  support  and  participation.  I  do  hope  you understand my need f or  some  rest  and a  step back as it  were.  Although  to be honest  , there  are   so many news feeds now  available that  have  popped up in the last  two years  that I am  sure  they  will fill in  this  small gap quite  adequately.

Thank you , Thank you , Thank you!!

Blessings  of Light  and  Love  to  All of  You  !

Hello  everyone . 🙂

I  would like  to take  this  moment  to  thank  each  and  everyone of  you   who have visited,  read, liked  re-blogged or  commented on  my posts.  Please  know  that  I  appreciate  each of  you and  the interest  you have  placed here.

I  am  writing this  post  because  it  has  become  extremely  apparent  that  there is  something  broken  with the  way   Word Press  is  handling the  re-blogs.  Many who have  re-blogged from me have  found  themselves with  pages that  reflect  a 404 error , page  not  found  message  instead of the  post  they  thought  they were  re-blogging.

The  purpose  for this  note  is  to  let  all of you  know that  I am taking  measures  to  correct  whatever  it is  that is  going  wrong with  this  automated  system  they  have  apparently   changed to  our  detriment.   Unfortunately  these  corrective  measures  will require  that  I  change  all of the  posts  that  I  have   added to  my  blog  as  re-blogs.  This  will mean  that  those of  you   who have  re-blogged  from  me in  the  last  few  days  will probably  have a  page  that will lead to a  page  not  found  message.  For that  I  do  most  heartily  apologize,  as it  cannot  be helped  if  I  am to   correct   all that  has gone  wrong.  I will probably  not   go  back  very  far.    I have  very  little  time to go through   each  and  everyone of the  posts  delete  the  re-blog  and  redo it  so  that  it   does  show  up  without the  glitch.

Again  I  apologize, please  forgive  me  if this   will also  add to  your work load.  I  have  thought  about it  and  how  I  could  possibly  correct   this  some other  way.  There  really is  no other way.  It  bothers  me  that  people  have taken the  time to  re-blog  what  I have  posted  here  and they  have a broken link that leads to  no where on their  blog.  I  would  not  like  that  to  be the  case on  my  blog   so  why  should  I  be ok  with it  happening  on someone  else’s?

Hopefully  everything   will be  back to  normal soon.  However, in the  meantime I will do   what  I  need to  do  to  ensure  that  what  your  re-bog  does indeed  show  up  on  your  pages the  way  it was  intended.

Thank you  for  your  time  and  attention. 

More than  anything  , thank you  for  your interest and  support   🙂

~Desert Rose~