Talking about yourself is always so difficult. Or so it is for me , anyway. As a single mom I have had to learn to take care of my family on a shoe string budget and it has helped to mold me into the woman I am today. My mindset may not be the norm, however, I guarantee that it is ALWAYS on thrift and ease mode, lol.

I have seen the events coming down the pike in reference to the economy and I have decided that perhaps I need to share some of what I have learned. Some may not welcome it ….so be it. However, for those with an open mind and the foresight to understand that nothing lasts forever. I am writing about my experiences, my findings and and my observations. I truly hope you will be able to find something that speaks to you and helps make your life a bit simpler.

I will be covering long term food storage, water conservation and purification, gardening, DIY projects, green alternatives, basic survivalist cooking, current pertinent events and much , much more.  We  will also be adding articles of interest  pertaining to current events, economy,politics   environmental issues and anything else that   affects our lives and  that  of ours   children and loved ones.   The  main stream  media  has  been lax  with  its responsibility as a  proponent  of truth and facts.  Leaving us  with the mission to make sure that the  truth  and  those missing  facts  are   brought to light.
Some of you may have ventured here via my daughter’s blog…..”Boring Dork“. She really isn’t but we like to keep her happy so we agree with her most of the time  just  to  humor her  ;).   Anyway, those who have come here via her daily craziness will see that the acorn hasn’t fallen far from the tree…..if you get my meaning 😛

Thank you for checking out my blog and Blessings of Love and Light to You and Yours !


Advisory :  Report Posting Frequency

I  would like to thank each  and  every one of  you that  has subscribed, bookmarked and visited  my blog.

It  is  a great  honor  for me to  be able  to  serve in this  capacity.  I  find  great  satisfaction in  what I  have built  here.  I am grateful to have  found  an  audience that appreciates  the work I have  put into it.  Thank you  so  much!  🙂

Due to  personal responsibilities the  reports  will no longer  be  posted on a  daily  basis.  While I  enjoy  providing  these  reports  to you and  I  have  dedicated  myself  for the  last  3  months to  developing a format that  I  am  pleased  with.  One that  is  easy  to  read  and follow, hopefully  informative  and  entertaining as  well.

I regret  that  I  have to  cut  down ,  I  have been  working on  the reports  9 hours  a day  for the  past  3  months.  I  must  cut back  a  bit  so that  I  can  attend to the things that  have  taken a  back seat, so to  speak 🙂

The reports  will now  be  staggered  for  every other  day  instead of  daily with the  exception of the  Earth Watch  Report  which   will still be  published on a  daily  basis.  This  change  will take  effect  Sunday May 6th, 2012

Please  know that   your  readership and  your support  are greatly  appreciated.  I  look  forward  to  continuing these reports for  you.  Thank you  once again  and  have a  wonderful day !

Desert Rose  /Family Survival Protocol