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Dog Brings Home A BAG WITH DEAD NEWBORN BABY in Mouth / Police Dragnet


Published on Mar 19, 2013

Pls subscribe to keep the news and entertainment coming your way…thanks for watching. A dog in Oklahoma City came home on Saturday carrying a dead newborn in its mouth.

A house sitter, whose name has not been released, was at the home at the time, KOCO reported.

The house sitter told KFOR that the dog, a 6-month-old mixed-breed named Luke, showed up at the door with the body of a three to five-pound infant in his mouth.

“He was carrying it just like a momma pup,” she told the station, “and layed it at my feet.”

The house sitter stressed that the body had no markings or signs of trauma, and that Luke would never have hurt anyone. She believes the dog was trying to help the infant.

“I believe [Luke] found it, picked it up and brought it. There was no trauma you could tell he inflicted,” she said.

Authorities have determined that the newborn was a girl.

“We don’t know where the baby came from,” Police Captain Dexter Nelson told KFOR. “If it was born in the area outside or if someone brought the baby out there to dispose of it.”

Medical experts are currently trying to determine if the baby was born alive or stillborn. Luke typically roamed over a large area, which officials are currently canvassing for clues about the infant.

All 50 states have some form of “safe haven” legislation that allows parents — or someone with a parent’s permission — to anonymously leave a newborn at designated safe locations without fear of prosecution for neglect or abandonment.

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Newborn boy abandoned in handbag survives chilly Texas night

By NBC News staff
Corsicana police have appealed for the public’s help in identifying the infant and locating his mother.The baby was wrapped in a towel that was in a pillowcase inside a plastic bag inside a handbag, police said.
The bag was left outside the house of Mihoko Brown and her husband. They live on the corner of a dead-end street off busy State Highway 22. Their cat, Stinky, started sniffing around the door, alerting the couple to the package, police said.
“I put my ear to the door and heard something, and I barely opened the door and saw the bag,” Phillip Brown told the Corsicana Daily Sun. “I said, ‘Somebody’s left us a puppy in this bag.’ Then it started crying and I said, ‘This is a baby.’”
“I was glad he had the energy to cry loud enough for me to hear,” Mihoko Brown said, according to an report. “I was trying to make him quit crying. I just went, kind of swinging and holding him and singing a little bit.”

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Police Chief Randy Bratton said the baby, with umbilical cord still attached, was taken to a hospital.

“He’s stable and appears he’s going to be fine,” Bratton told the Corsicana Daily Sun. “We’re very fortunate because it got pretty cold last night. If the baby hadn’t been found quickly there’s a good chance the baby might not have made it. But the baby’s fine.”

Forecasters say temperatures were in the upper 40s around the time the baby was found in Corsicana, about 50 miles southeast of Dallas.

Police say the baby’s mother may not have known that Texas has a Baby Moses law, which gives legal immunity to a mother who leaves an infant at any hospital, fire station or police station, the Daily Sun reported.

Police have looked for the mother at area hospitals, and they also checked with local schools to see if she was a student.

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When the baby is discharged from Navarro Regional Hospital, he will be placed in the custody of Child Protective Services, Bratton said.