Truth Breaking Through The Matrix : Composite created with Jamie Zawinski (The Matrix screenshot) as background CC with attribution photo BreakingthroughthematrixFSB2_zps01825e4c.jpg
Truth Breaking Through The Matrix : Composite created with Jamie Zawinski (The Matrix screenshot) as background CC with attribution

Would you like to become a Family Survival writer? Or perhaps you just want to contribute an article that you’ve written or plan to write?

If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Advantages of contributing to Family Survival Protocol (FSP)

  • No need to setup and pay for your own blog. Just send us your article in text format and we’ll publish it for you.
  • This site has a growing audience which will give your work a considerable amount of exposure.
  • Writing for FSB allows you exposure to thousands of readers who already subscribe to our blog or visit the site regularly.
  • You write the article, we’ll take care of promoting it.

Although you will be licensing your article to us for use on this site and it’s affiliates, you are free to define the type of license that you like, be it traditional copyright in which you reserve all rights (default) or an open license such as Creative Commons.
Every article can have a short biography, a link to your site or blog and even a photo. Each article that you write will be published under your own name or nickname (if you prefer).
Type of Articles We Are Looking For ?

Our goal is to publish quality articles on a variety of subjects,  As has been the practice of FSP from it’s inception. We are even open to creating new categories if the material warrants.

We cover Earth Changes, Extreme Weather, Global Disaster Watch, Politics,Economy, Legislation, Health and Wellness, Holistic and Alternative Health, Community and Human Interests, Animal Advocacy, Science, World News, Protest, Activism, Environmental, Medical Research, Food Safety, Space, Pharmaceuticals  and  much  much  more just ask……..

Articles can range from a hundred words, up to a few thousand. Longer and more elaborate articles may be split over time if the length warrants or indicated by the author as an ongoing series.

If it’s interesting and well written original work, we will check to ensure that it’s not already a copyrighted piece.  What we seek is original good quality work

Please be aware that every contribution would be done so as guest blogger, for which there is no monetary compensation. This  may change in the future dependent upon the growth and popularity of this site

If You Are Interested….

Please understand that we seek quality work. If you cannot express yourself intelligently without using profanity , you would not be a good fit.

Contact us by pasting  the form below into you email.  Fill out the form  outlining the type of article(s) that you intend to write, and whether you’d like to become a recurring writer (at least one article per month) or an occasional guest blogger.

You may also provide samples of your work or a link to existing work online that we could check out.

*** We reserve the right to decline the work of anyone we feel is not a good fit for FSP and it’s affiliate sites. Notifications will be sent accordingly to the parties in question ***


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