Desert Rose Creations 2007

I am the Desert Rose

I reside deep within this woman

Delicate and special I go unnoticed

Lies, disappointments and abuse

These are my sand, my sun , my drought

In the great expanse of the desert I am lost

Blind , they neither see me nor sense me

These petals now wilted and scattered

Scars which run deep within her

Waiting for one who will find me

Petals, once beautiful and full of splendor

Perfume , mystical , bewitching , unique

No pricking thorns, I the sublime bloom resonate

Sure of what she has to offer, of her worth

I wait patiently for the adventurous traveler

He, who will risk all he has to give

Who will finally discover the Rose of the Desert

Love, tenderness, understanding revive me

For they are my life , my source , my redeeming rain

They feed me , refresh me, fill me with life


Do you know who I am ?…………. I am her heart, I am her soul.


N.Cortes / Desert Rose    2007