Nelson Mandela, Dead or Alive, Could be Discharged from the Hospital

South Africa Mandela

South Africa – The African National Congress Party (ANC) is clutching at straws with their latest prediction about the health issues of Nelson Mandela. Former president Thabo Mbeki said that he expects Nelson Mandela to be discharged from hospital to recuperate at home.

Thabo Mbeki, ousted from the presidency during his second term, was speaking at a memorable service yesterday, when he made this predication. This is a prediction only and also points to how the current government will use any means possible to avoid the truth.

Mbeki announced his resignation from government after being recalled by the ANC’s National Executive Committee, following a conclusion of improper interference of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), including the prosecution of the current president Jacob Zuma for corruption. The judgment was overturned, but his resignation stood.

Nelson Mandela was admitted to the hospital on June 8 for a recurring lung infection amidst high security and ambulance trauma. Daily updates from the government including members of the Mandela family continually report that the health aspect of Nelson Mandela remains critical but stable, nothing more nothing less.

Heated controversy has surrounded the Mandela health issue, with reports of his family creating unpleasant disputes over funeral and burial arrangements. From the time Nelson Mandela was admitted to the hospital with this serious health issue, reports from both the family and the government remained a worrying element and suggested that the truth is being withheld.


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