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Hello¬† everyone . ūüôā

I  would like  to take  this  moment  to  thank  each  and  everyone of  you   who have visited,  read, liked  re-blogged or  commented on  my posts.  Please  know  that  I  appreciate  each of  you and  the interest  you have  placed here.

I  am  writing this  post  because  it  has  become  extremely  apparent  that  there is  something  broken  with the  way   Word Press  is  handling the  re-blogs.  Many who have  re-blogged from me have  found  themselves with  pages that  reflect  a 404 error , page  not  found  message  instead of the  post  they  thought  they were  re-blogging.

The  purpose  for this  note  is  to  let  all of you  know that  I am taking  measures  to  correct  whatever  it is  that is  going  wrong with  this  automated  system  they  have  apparently   changed to  our  detriment.   Unfortunately  these  corrective  measures  will require  that  I  change  all of the  posts  that  I  have   added to  my  blog  as  re-blogs.  This  will mean  that  those of  you   who have  re-blogged  from  me in  the  last  few  days  will probably  have a  page  that will lead to a  page  not  found  message.  For that  I  do  most  heartily  apologize,  as it  cannot  be helped  if  I  am to   correct   all that  has gone  wrong.  I will probably  not   go  back  very  far.    I have  very  little  time to go through   each  and  everyone of the  posts  delete  the  re-blog  and  redo it  so  that  it   does  show  up  without the  glitch.

Again¬† I¬† apologize, please¬† forgive¬† me¬† if this¬†¬† will also¬† add to¬† your work load.¬† I¬† have¬† thought¬† about it¬† and¬† how¬† I¬† could¬† possibly¬† correct¬†¬† this¬† some other¬† way.¬† There¬† really is¬† no other way.¬† It¬† bothers¬† me¬† that¬† people¬† have taken the¬† time to¬† re-blog¬† what¬† I have¬† posted¬† here¬† and they¬† have a broken link that leads to¬† no where on their¬† blog.¬† I¬† would¬† not¬† like¬† that¬† to¬† be the¬† case on¬† my¬† blog¬†¬† so¬† why¬† should¬† I¬† be ok¬† with it¬† happening¬† on someone¬† else’s?

Hopefully  everything   will be  back to  normal soon.  However, in the  meantime I will do   what  I  need to  do  to  ensure  that  what  your  re-bog  does indeed  show  up  on  your  pages the  way  it was  intended.

Thank you  for  your  time  and  attention. 

More than¬† anything¬† , thank you¬† for¬† your interest and¬† support¬†¬† ūüôā

~Desert Rose~

Crossroads News : Changes In The World Around Us And Our Place In It

Word  Press  Community

Today, George  of euzicasa ,a very  sweet dear man  nominated My  Echos From The Abyss blog  for the Tell Me About Yourself Award.  It was  a blog  I  first established  when  I first  came to Word Press.  It  was  more of  a purging than anything  else. As  I had  been  through so much in my life  and I  needed to  put  the words  out there  to give  them life somewhere   other than inside my head.  And then  I created  this  blog  to put to  work   a  promise I  had  made myself that  I   spoke about  in that   particular blog.  a  need  to  fulfill mission  I  had   given  myself. 

George  has been   so  kind and so   supportive of my  blog , he has been an  inspiration  with  his blog and  his  attitude towards life.  I am  truly honored and humbled.  Thank you   George.  Thank you very much. 

With  your indulgence I  would like to link this  here  as  this is  my  main  blog  now and  I  will post  a duplicate  on  the Echos From The  Abyss blog  as  well.

Thank you all for your kindness and support  it  has truly been  a wonderful and  educational experience as this is   the first time  I  have  ventured into blogging.  So please  bear  with  me and any faux pas I   may  commit in the process.

Ok now I¬†¬† have to comply¬† with¬† what¬† has¬† been¬† asked of me for the¬† process of¬† this nomination to be complete, lol.¬† yes¬† as if I¬† haven’t¬† talked¬† about¬† myself enough¬† in this post¬†¬† I¬† now have to¬† make a¬† list of other items I¬†¬† would share , lol

The rules for this award :

1.Thank the person who nominated you :  Thank you  so much George !

2.Tell Seven things about yourself that you haven’t shared yet :

1.¬† I am a¬† Capricorn,¬† stubborn, compassionate,,¬† very¬† patient and¬† obsessively organized (or¬† so says¬† my¬† daughter¬† ūüôā )

2. I  tinker with   Graphic Art

3. I am  working on  establishing a jewelry line based on Gaming images and symbols

4.¬† I am¬† working on¬† expanding my you tube¬† channel….the¬† trick is¬† making the time, lol

5.¬† I have¬† converted half my¬† backyard¬† into¬† an organic¬† garden¬† and orchard.¬† I couldn’t¬† convert the¬† entire¬† yard

because¬† my Son-in-law likes the lawn, so we¬† compromised¬† ūüėõ

6.  I have  made a pact with  myself to  strive to  make as much of our foods  as possible from  scratch.  I make my

own   breads,  jams,  sauces, jerky most  from ingredients   straight from  my  garden.

7.  I  would love  to  establish  an organization that  feeds the  hungry and  helps the  homeless.  Human and  animal alike.  I  know that requires  lots  of money , but I have  faith  that one  day I will achieve it .  A girl can dream right ???

Wow and I thought I had nothing else to add, lol

3. Nominate 7 bloggers.

1.¬† Mitch Santell¬†¬† –¬† afteramerica

2.  Tazein Mirza Saad Рtranscendingbordersblog

3. carinaragno –¬† Piazza della Carina

4.¬† Cristi M. –¬† Simple.Interesting.

5.¬† Jason Cole¬† –¬† No ‘Fries’ for 365

6.¬† Nicole Chamberlin¬† –¬† Health Advocation

7.¬† Ken Marteney¬† –¬† Potentially Disruptive

8.¬† Celi Camacho –¬† Writing‚Ķtherapy for the soul.

Congratulations  friends !

To my  beautiful sister  who did not  tell me she had started  her blog.   I  extend the nominations to   eight as  her  writing is so  beautiful and  full of  love  that I  cannot  help but  read   in wonder.  She  has  grown into   quite  a marvelous woman  and I  am proud to call her  sister  and   even  more  proud  to call  her  an Author.  I am humbled in the  presence of  her soft loving  spirit and   talent.

And Thank all for making my  blogging experience here on  Word Press a wonderful one .  Your  warmth and genuine friendliness are  awe inspiring. Your  blogs help me set a  goal for what I want  to accomplish.  

Thank you once  again  and Blessings to you  all!!

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