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Liability for Failure to Vaccinate

By Art Caplan

Harvard Law Blogs

Measles are breaking out all over Britain.  Getting fewer headlines is the fact that measles are back in the USA too.  In fact they are in our region.  A mini-epidemic is raging in Brooklyn.  Measles for cripes sake!  The disease that many of us over 60 had as kids that should never occur is back with a vengeance.  The reason for the diseases reappearance is simple—failure to vaccinate.  Maybe it is time to get tough on those whose choices put others at risk.

For decades, there has been a safe, effective vaccine that works exceedingly well against the measles–95% full protection for a kid who has been vaccinated– and nearly equally well at preventing transmission to others.  The more people have been vaccinated the tougher it is for measles to gain a foothold.

NY City health officials have reported 30 cases so far–26 in Borough Park and four more in Williamsburg.  The NY Daily News reports that the consequences of this outbreak have been dire:

“There have been two hospitalizations, a miscarriage and a case of pneumonia as a result of this outbreak,” a Health Department spokeswoman said. “All cases involved adults or children who were not vaccinated due to refusal or delays in vaccination.”

So far the outbreak has been among religious Jews some of whom shun getting the vaccine for their kids out of fear it causes autism Dr. Yu Shia Lin of Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park told The News.

Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn are not the only ones making poor, dangerous and sometimes fatal choices by avoiding vaccination.  20 people were sickened a few weeks ago in North Carolina when an unvaccinated person came back from India, attended two youth baseball games, and later, developed symptoms of measles having exposed many people.  An infant in Battle Creek, Michigan, whose parents traveled out of the country without vaccinating their child against measles likely exposed others to measles at a pediatric office and subsequently at the emergency room where their measles-infected child was taken.  And Britain is battling an enormous outbreak of measles directly attributable to non-vaccination

Pockets of measles spring up in places where parents choose for one reason or another not to vaccinate and then take an infected child on a bus, to an airport, to daycare, an amusement park, a church or other public places.

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Crack Down on Those Who Don’t Vaccinate?: A Response to Art Caplan

By Mary Holland, J.D.

Harvard Law Blogs

Mary Holland is Research Scholar and Director of the Graduate Legal Skills Program at NYU Law School. She has published articles on vaccine law and policy, and is the co-editor of Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health and Our Children (Skyhorse Publishing, 2012). 

Dr. Art Caplan recently posted an editorial, “Liability for Failure to Vaccinate,” on this blog. He argues that those who contract infectious disease should be able to recover damages from unvaccinated people who spread it. If you miss work, or your baby has to go to the hospital because of infectious disease, the unvaccinated person who allegedly caused the harm should pay. Dr. Caplan suggests that such liability is apt because vaccines are safe and effective. He sees no difference between this situation and slip-and-fall or car accidents due to negligence. Arguing that “a tiny minority continue to put the rest of us at risk,” he suggests that public health officials can catch the perpetrators and hold them to account through precise disease tracing.

Dr. Caplan’s assertions to the contrary, vaccines are neither completely safe nor completely effective. In fact, from a legal standpoint, vaccines, like all prescription drugs, are “unavoidably unsafe.”  [See, e.g., Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, 562 U.S. __ (2011).‎] Industry considered its liability for vaccine injury so significant that it lobbied Congress for the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, providing doctors and vaccine manufacturers almost blanket liability protection for injuries caused by federally recommended vaccines. [See Authorizing Legislation.] The liability risk was so serious that the federal government created a special tribunal under the 1986 Act, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, to pay the injured. Moreover, the Supreme Court in 2011 decided Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, prohibiting any individual from filing a civil suit for a defectively designed vaccine in any court in the country. Industry’s extraordinary protection against liability for vaccine injury does not correspond with glib statements, like those of Dr. Caplan, that vaccines are safe and effective. On the contrary, the law acknowledges that vaccines cause injury and death to some, with no screening in place to mitigate harm. Dr. Caplan notes that public health officials have “tried to debunk false fears about vaccine safety.” Yet the Institute of Medicine, one the country’s most prestigious health organizations, has acknowledged repeatedly that there are many known vaccine injuries, such as seizures from the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, anaphylaxis from the meningococcal vaccine, and encephalitis from the varicella vaccine. Even more troubling than the identified injuries is the number of potential vaccine adverse effect relationships for which the evidence is not sufficient to either prove or disprove causality. [Committee to Review Adverse Effects of Vaccines, Institute of Medicine, Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality (Kathleen Straton et al. eds., 2012).]

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No liability for failure to vaccinate? The case has not been made: A Response to Mary Holland

By Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, LLB, Ph.D.

Harvard Law Blogs

Dorit Rubinstein Reiss (LLB, Ph.D.) is Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of the Law. She has published articles on regulation and administrative law and teaches tort law. She is also a member of the Parents Advisory Board of Voices for Vaccines and writes the blog Before Vaccines. 

In a guest post on this blog, Mary Holland, JD, suggests that there are no grounds for imposing tort liability on parents for failure to vaccinate alone, even if it led to another person being infected. Holland’s post is courteous and matter-of-fact, and there are certainly arguments for that position, especially the argument that common law rarely imposes a duty to act. But Ms. Holland did not make that case.

A. Absence of a Common Law duty

Ms. Holland correctly identifies that courts are reluctant to impose a duty to act or rescue. Our legal system accords great weight to personal autonomy and therefore hesitates to require people to act. However, there are exceptions to this general approach, cases in which courts do impose a duty to act, so identifying that this is a duty-to-act situation is the start of a discussion, not the end of it. Duty is a legal determination by the court, not an objective, observable phenomenon independent of human will; “‘duty’ is not sacrosanct in itself, but only an expression of the sum total of those considerations of policy which lead the law to say that the particular plaintiff is entitled to protection,’ Dillon v. Legg, 68 Cal. 2d 728, 730 (Sup. Ct. 1968), quoting Prosser. Various courts have imposed a duty to act on a psychiatrist who knows of a threat a patient poses to others (Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California, 17 Cal. 3d 425, 551 P.2d 334, 131 Cal. Rptr. 14 (Cal. 1976)); on a host to protect social guests from defects on the premises (Rowland v. Christian, 69 Cal. 2d 108 (1968)); on friends on a “joint venture” to render assistance when the friend is injured (Farwell v. Keaton, 396 Mich. 281, 240 N.W.2d 217 (1976)). Legislatures, too, may impose a duty to act.

There are several ways to analyze duty. Using the traditional Rowland v. Christian, 69 Cal. 2d 108 (1968) factors, we balance, among others, “the foreseeability of harm to the plaintiff, the degree of certainty that the plaintiff suffered injury, the closeness of the connection between the defendant’s conduct and the injury suffered, the moral blame attached to the defendant’s conduct, the policy of preventing future harm, the extent of the burden to the defendant and consequences to the community of imposing a duty to exercise care with resulting liability for breach, and the availability, cost, and prevalence of insurance for the risk involved.” Out of all these factors, Holland’s analysis focused solely on the burden to the defendant, ignoring all the other considerations.

Holland’s arguments that the duty creates too high a burden are that the duty violates religious freedom – addressed in part B – and that vaccines are unsafe. To show vaccines are unsafe Holland refers to Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, 562 U.S. __ (2011), saying the court found vaccines “unavoidably unsafe”; note, however, the majority in that case actually rejected the application of that term to vaccine injuries: “
 there is no reason to believe that §300aa–22(b)(1) was invoking it. The comment creates a special category of ‘unavoidably unsafe products,’ while the statute refers to ‘side effects that were unavoidable.’” That the latter uses the adjective “unavoidable” and the former the adverb “unavoidably” does not establish that Congress had comment k (where the “unavoidably unsafe” language originates) in mind. “Unavoidable” is hardly a rarely used word. Nowhere does the majority say or suggest that vaccines carry a particularly high level of risk. The Court actually speaks positively of vaccines’ contribution to public health and sees them as “victims of their own success.”

Holland uses the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) as evidence vaccines are unsafe; if that is our measure of vaccine safety, vaccines are extremely safe. In the 24 years of its operation, since 1989, the program awarded compensation for slightly less than 3300 cases. As calculated elsewhere, this is less than 0.003% of the vaccine administered. The fatalities  – not injuries – from motor vehicle accidents (35,900) and accidents around the home (65,200) were much more numerous in 2009 alone. Children are safer being vaccinated than driven in a car or being home. And Holland completely ignores the benefits from vaccinating, i.e. protection of the defendant’s own children against preventable diseases. Like driving or being at home, vaccines are not completely risk free. But serious harms from vaccines are rare and they provide benefits to the person vaccinated.

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The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) believes “informed choice” is crucial in weighing health-treatment options — especially vaccinations.

As Richard Gale and Gary Null have written: “Vaccines are suspensions of infectious agents used to artificially induce immunity against specific diseases. The aim of vaccination is to mimic the process of naturally occurring infection through artificial means. Theoretically, vaccines produce a mild to moderate episode of infection in the body with only symptomatic, temporary, and slight side effects.”1


Vaccine yes_no

Therefore, ANH-USA:

  • advocates for the freedom of choice to be vaccinated — or not.
  • believes that no one — children, pregnant women, adults, the military, seniors—should be forced to be vaccinated.
  • believes that for individuals to make up their minds about vaccination, they need accurate and impartial information.
  • believes that informed choice is the best way to protect the right to decide about vaccination.

The vaccine industry owns a billion-dollar market but has meager proof of its products’ efficacy or safety. Consumers are entitled to know exactly what is going into their bodies — its benefits and risks — and how safe and how effective that substance is.


There is mounting evidence that many vaccines are unsafe due to harmful ingredients, such as thimerosal (mercury) and aluminum. We at ANH-USA are worried that some inoculations may do more harm than good, and are very concerned about the apparent lack of urgency among federal regulators when vaccinations result in disability or death.

As America’s infant mortality rate and the number of autistic and chronically diseased children rise, those responsible for inoculation schedules (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics and other organizations that are funded in part by vaccine manufacturers) fail to provide unbiased studies on the probable link between vaccines and illness in children. And yet, federal policy currently encourages — and in many cases requires — that all children receive up to 36 vaccines by the age of 18 months. We believe that parents have the right to refuse compulsory vaccinations and are entitled to make their own informed decisions about which inoculations, if any, they (and their children) receive.

Big Pharma drug companies get over $10 billion per annum from the vaccine industry. It is no surprise, therefore, that companies such as Merck and Eli Lilly are constantly developing new vaccines, fast-tracking them through safety checks, spending little or no time studying the long-term side effects and failing to investigate reports of injury caused by vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies treasure their bottom line above our health and the health of our children.

Why do the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, the CDC and other governmental agencies charged with protecting consumers allow drug companies to produce and distribute products that are tested inadequately and are sometimes even deadly?

The answer: Big PHARMA pays off researchers and top officials at the CDC. According to Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind.: “They routinely allow scientists with blatant conflicts of interest to serve on intellectual advisory committees that make recommendations on new vaccines.” Dr. Sam Katz, a CDC committee chair, was a paid consultant for most of the major vaccine makers and was also part of the team that developed the measles vaccine. Dr. Neal Halsey, another CDC committee member, worked as a researcher for the vaccine companies and also received honoraria from Abbot Labs for his research on the hepatitis B vaccine.

What’s worse is that the drug companies then lobby these same agencies to make their vaccine compulsory. For example, in 2007, lobbyists for Merck tried to get its Gardasil vaccine mandated for sixth-grade girls in every state, despite 15,000 adverse-event reports, 3,000 injuries, 48 deaths and speculation that its long-term effects could include infertility.

The presence of thimerosal in vaccines is also troubling. Although it has been removed from some vaccines, this deadly substance (which is 49.6 percent mercury by weight) still remains in others, including the flu shot. During the 1990s, after 11 more vaccines were added to the children’s immunization schedule, 70 million children were inoculated with vaccines containing thimerosal. At the same time, autism rates skyrocketed.

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Despite Doctor’s Order, School Bans Girl for Not Getting Chickenpox Vaccine photo DespiteDoctorrsquosOrderSchoolBansGirlforNotGettingChickenpoxVaccine_zpsd5d4a166.jpg
By Dr. Mercola

A story that should serve as a wakeup call to all American parents is currently making headline news: A Staten Island kindergartner has been barred from attending school because she hasn’t been vaccinated against chickenpox—even though her pediatrician refuses to vaccinate her on grounds that it may endanger the health of her baby sister.

Chickenpox is caused by the varicella zoster virus, which is a member of the herpes virus family and is associated with herpes zoster (shingles).

While highly contagious, it typically produces a mild disease characterized by small round lesions on your skin that cause intense itching that lasts for two to three weeks. Recovery leaves a child with long-lasting immunity.

The case of Frankie Wagner is a disturbing reminder of how far the US government is going in its illogical pursuit of maximizing vaccine adherence.

US public health officials say your child should receive 69 doses of 16 different vaccines before age 18. And, believe it or not, Big Pharma has 145 more vaccines in the pipeline.1

Many homeowners pay property taxes that are directly allocated for the public schools, but it is clear our government is clearly willing to take this money even though your children may not utilize these services if they don’t keep up with the medical procedures dictated – 69 doses of vaccines before they graduate!

Pediatrician’s Advice Ignored by Department of Education

According to Frankie’s mother, Elizabeth, the girl’s pediatrician does not administer live virus vaccines, like varicella zoster vaccine, to children in families with infants as they could contract vaccine strain infections. The Wagner’s other daughter is only 14-weeks old and her mother has good reason to suspect her baby daughter could have inherited an immunodeficiency disease . Elizabeth told NBC News:2

“I don’t care if it’s a one in 3 million chance. I am not willing to take the chance with my baby.”

The family requested a medical exemption from the Department of Education (DOE), which was denied even though Elizabeth herself has an immunodeficiency disease that her baby girl may have inherited. The disease would increase the baby’s vulnerability to contracting vaccine strain chickenpox from the live virus vaccine, but tests to determine if she’s inherited immunodeficiency cannot be performed until she’s one year old.

According to the DOE, the exemption was denied “after a thorough review with the parent and the student’s doctor.”

Wisely, the Wagner’s are arranging for Frankie to be homeschooled, but this case should really serve as a wakeup call to parents everywhere. Is forcing a child to get a vaccine to try to prevent a typically benign childhood disease really worth the risk to other vulnerable family members, and/or the child herself—especially when a child’s doctor has concluded that the vaccine’s risks are likely to be greater than the benefits?

This new form of discrimination and segregation is well underway.

Denying Education to Force a Non-Essential Vaccine

Merck’s chickenpox vaccine was approved for licensure in the US in 1995. At that time, what had always been regarded as a relatively benign childhood illness was suddenly reinvented as a life-threatening disease for which children must get vaccinated or face dire health consequences.

Before the live virus chickenpox vaccine was recommended for all children by the CDC and states started passing laws mandating that children get it to attend school, most children acquired a natural, longer-lasting immunity to chickenpox by age six. Before 1995, it was estimated that only 10 percent of Americans over the age of 15 had not had chickenpox.

For 99.9 percent of healthy children, chickenpox is a mild disease without complications. However, up to 20 percent of adults who get chickenpox develop severe complications such as pneumonia, secondary bacterial infections, and brain inflammation (which is reported in less than one percent of children who get chickenpox). Most children and adults who develop these serious complications have compromised immune systems or other health problems.

Still, it is because chickenpox can be serious in adults that it is often regarded as preferable to get it as a child, as opposed to later in adulthood. It is estimated there were about 3.7 million cases of chickenpox annually in the US before 1995,3 resulting in an average of 100 deaths (50 children and 50 adults). This hardly represents a dire, life-threatening childhood disease that requires mandatory vaccination of all children…

Why Mandate a Risky Yet Ineffective Vaccine?

The chickenpox vaccine is made from live, attenuated (weakened) varicella virus. Unlike the type of immunity acquired from experiencing the disease, the vaccine provides only TEMPORARY immunity, and that immunity is not the same kind of superior, longer lasting immunity you get when you recover naturally from chickenpox.

It’s important to realize that naturally recovering from chickenpox is the ONLY way you can establish longer lasting immunity that will protect you until you come in contact with younger children with chickenpox and are asymptomatically boosted, which will not only reinforce your chickenpox immunity but will also help protect you against getting a painful case of shingles later in life. Merck has developed and is marketing a shingles vaccine but that is an inferior solution.

Recent research has also cast major doubts on the effectiveness of the chickenpox vaccine, which is now also associated with a rise in the numbers of cases of shingles in older children and adults. As chickenpox vaccination coverage has increased in the U.S., so has the incidence of shingles increased—giving evidence for the risks associated with relying on vaccine-acquired immunity. A review4 of the American varicella (chickenpox) vaccination program, published just last year, concluded that the vaccine has:

  • Not proven to be cost-effective
  • Increased the incidence of shingles
  • Failed to provide long-term protection from the disease it targets―chicken pox―as vaccine efficacy was found to have declined well below 80 percent by 2002
  • Is less effective than the natural immunity that existed in the general population before the vaccine was used on a widespread basis in the U.S.

Yet despite such damning evidence, and the health risks for the Wagner’s youngest daughter, the DOE still believes vaccination is in the best interest of everyone involved… In the Wagner case, the infant may have inherited an immunodeficiency disease that would increase her susceptibility to the virus in the vaccine. And the chickenpox vaccine is already associated with adverse effects in one in 1,481 vaccinations.5

Between March 1995 and July 1998, the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) received 6,574 reports of health problems after chickenpox vaccination. Four percent of reported adverse events (about 1 in 33,000 doses) involved serious health problems such as shock, encephalitis (brain inflammation), and thrombocytopenia (a blood disorder), and 14 of the 6,574 chickenpox vaccine adverse event reports ended in death.

These are far higher odds of something going wrong than the one in three million chance Mrs. Wagner said she wasn’t willing to take… Furthermore, there are documented cases of accidental transmission of varicella vaccine strain virus from a vaccinated child to other household contacts, including transmission to a pregnant woman, so the concern the Wagner’s and their pediatrician have is a real one.

Sun Exposure May Help Stop the Spread of Chickenpox

Interestingly enough, according to research published in 2011,6 data from 25 studies on the varicella-zoster virus, which causes chickenpox, shows a clear link between UV levels and the prevalence of chickenpox. Chickenpox rates are much lower in the tropics where exposure to sunlight is common year-round. In temperate regions, chickenpox also tends to flare up more often in the darker, cold-weather months. The authors speculate that UV radiation can inactivate the virus, either within the lesions, or perhaps after the lesions rupture.

The effect is likely two-fold. Not only is sunlight able to destroy many viruses directly, it also enables your body to produce vitamin D, which gives you anti-viral and immune-boosting benefits. If your child has been exposed to chickenpox, a healthy dose of natural sunlight may be just what the doctor ordered. However, sunlight exposure to active lesions may result in permanent scarring, so it would be best to avoid sunshine during this phase.

Many are not aware that prior to the advent of antibiotics about 70 years ago one of the only effective treatments for tuberculosis was sunlight. In fact, many solariums were created specifically to treat TB with UV radiation. Today, researchers are looking into the possibility of replacing antibiotics with blue light therapy—especially for antibiotic-resistant infections.


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Americans who received swine flu vaccines are at risk for paralysis disorders



Wednesday, March 20, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The federal government has once again been exposed for lying about the safety of the infamous swine flu vaccine, also known as H1N1. According to a new study published in the journal The Lancet, people who received the swine flu vaccine during the 2009-2010 pandemic hoax were at an elevated risk of developing a potentially-deadly paralysis disorder known as Guillain-Barre syndrome, or GBS.

Based on data collected from six different adverse event reporting systems, including the core vaccine safety datalink and several new surveillance systems created by Medicare and the U.S. Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs, researchers found that among the 23 million people who were vaccinated during the scare, an additional 1.6 cases of GBS were observed per one million people vaccinated.

According to statistics presented by TIME.com, one in 100,000 people is said to develop GBS, which is a relatively small amount overall. But the widespread issuance of the H1N1 vaccine was responsible for triggering an additional 77 reported cases of the autoimmune disorder, some of which manifested up to 91 days after individuals received the vaccine.

The findings contrast sharply with false reassurances made back in 2009 by many so-called medical experts. Dr. Paul A. Offit, the infamous “vaccine expert” who outspokenly believes children can safely receive 10,000 vaccinations at once without issue, is quoted in a 2009 article in The New York Times (NYT) as doubting any link between the swine flu vaccine and GBS.

But the numbers speak for themselves, and they more than likely represent just a small fraction of the total number of vaccine injuries caused by the swine flu vaccine. After all, adverse event reporting systems are believed to represent as few as one percent of the total number of vaccine injuries that actually occur, the vast majority of which never get reported.


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Increased Risk Of Sleep Disorder In Children Who Received Swine Flu Vaccine

Article Date: 26 Feb 2013 – 16:00 PST

Medical News Today

Current ratings for:
Increased Risk Of Sleep Disorder In Children Who Received Swine Flu Vaccine

Results consistent with findings from Finland and Sweden, but may still be overestimated

A study published on bmj.com today finds an increased risk of narcolepsy in children and adolescents who received the A/H1N1 2009 influenza vaccine (Pandemrix) during the pandemic in England.

The results are consistent with previous studies from Finland and Sweden and indicate that the association is not confined to Scandinavian populations. However, the authors stress that the risk may still be overestimated, and they call for longer term monitoring of the cohort of children and adolescents exposed to Pandemrix to evaluate the exact level of risk.

In 2009, pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus spread rapidly, resulting in millions of cases and over 18,000 deaths in over 200 countries. In England the vaccine Pandemrix was introduced in October 2009. By March 2010, around one in four (24%) of healthy children aged under 5 and just over a third (37%) aged 2-15 in a risk group had been vaccinated.

In August 2010 concerns were raised in Finland and Sweden about a possible association between narcolepsy and Pandemrix. And in 2012 a study from Finland reported a 13-fold increased risk in children and young people aged 4-19.

But a lack of reported cases in other countries led to speculation that any possible association might be restricted to these Scandinavian populations.


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Swine Flu Vaccine Linked To Rare Paralyzing Disease

Editor’s Choice
Academic Journal

Article Date: 14 Mar 2013 – 0:00 PDT
Medical News Today

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Swine Flu Vaccine Linked To Rare Paralyzing Disease

A new study finds that the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine in the U.S., which was given out in 2009, was associated with a small increased risk of developing the rare paralyzing disease Guillain-Barré syndrome. However, the authors note that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.

Guillain Barré syndrome is a disorder which affects the peripheral nervous system, it is characterized as symmetrical weakness, usually affecting the lower limbs first and then progressing to other parts of the body.

The syndrome occurs when the body attacks nerves which are essential for movement and respiration. Although the condition is serious and can take months to recover from, almost 80% of patients end up making a full recovery.

The study, which was published in The Lancet, aimed to identify whether there was any link between the mass 2009 H1N1 vaccination programe in the USA and increased risk of developing Guillain Barré syndrome.

They gathered data from six different adverse event monitoring systems to evaluate the safety of the H1N1 vaccine. The researchers, led by Dr Daniel Salmon, of the National Vaccine Program Office, US Department of Health and Human Services, looked at the prevalence of Guillain-Bare syndrome among the 23 million people who were vaccinated.


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Published on Feb 28, 2013

The New World orders eugenicist program has gone into overdrive with the FDA’s approval of a new vaccine technology that uses insect cells to produce the ingredients needed for their toxic inoculations. Instead of using chicken eggs to grow the necessary viral components used in the vaccinators’ lancet the pharmacratic dictatorship have pumped massive amounts of taxpayer dollars into this exotic technology to ensure eugenicists reach their goal of population elimination on a global scale.
FluBlok is the latest concoction being created by Protein Science Corporation which was bailed out in 2009 by the United States taxpayers in order to continue the research and development of this new population reduction weapon. Pumping tens of millions of dollars into this eugenics corporation will help to further the advancements and profit margins of the pharmaceutical industries killing machines by creating more customers identified in trails as ‘severe adverse effects’. Clinical trials have shown that this insect-based influenza vaccination has caused cardiac problems respiratory disorders and in one case the death of a trial participant.
These medical Manchurian’s like to use double entendres to communicate their true objectives to the power-hungry elitists in charge. The name FluBlok would give you the impression that it blocks you from getting the flu but instead it really blocks your ability to fight the flu. Bill Gates has said on numerous occasions that if they can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of vaccinations they would be able to lower populations by 10 to 15% worldwide. The vaccines are designed to injured and damage your immune system making you more susceptible to bacteria and viruses encountered it in the wild.
We’re living on a modern-day ‘Island of Dr. Moreau’ injecting the populace with genetically modified medicines that create new allergies, diseases and illnesses while the media spin them as medical miracles. The world is being used as a giant petri dish with the goal of creating a constant state of pain and suffering which can only be alleviated through the use of their poisonous prescriptions called medications and vaccinations. The pharmaceutical corporations don’t care about people they only care about profits and the best way to ensure they make more profits is by turning people into patients and being alive into a diagnosis.

This  does  beg  the  question…..If  this  Fall Army  worm  is one of  the  pests  that   Round Up Ready  GMO  Corn  is  manufactured  to  fight  against.  Will  it  also  become immune  to the  pesticide?  And  as  such  will the  mutation  also  cause it  to carry  different DNA structured  that  could  prove detrimental to  people when  introduced as a  vaccine? 
~Desert Rose~


Fall armyworm generally feeds on foliage, but during heavy infestations, larvae will also feed on corn ears.  Foliar damage to corn is usually characterized by ragged feeding, and moist sawdust-like frass near the whorl and upper leaves of the plant.  Early feeding can appear to be similar to European corn borer damage; however European corn borer larvae bore into the stalk whereas fall armyworm larvae continue to feed on the foliage making larger more ragged holes.  Ear damage is similar to the damage caused by the corn earworm, chewed kernels and visible frass, except that fall armyworm tends to burrow through the husk instead of feeding down through the silks.

Fall Armyworm 44

Fall armyworm injury to corn plant. (Left) Fall armyworm larva damage on corn foliage. (Right)  Images by Eric Bohnenblust.


Fall armyworm larvae can be difficult to control due to the timing of infestation in Pennsylvania.  Corn plants often are too tall to spray with conventional ground rigs when populations are detected in Pennsylvania.  However, because populations are usually low applying insecticides is rarely profitable.  Therefore, insecticide control options should be attempted only in extreme situations (e.g., 100 percent of the plants are infested and they are less than 30 inches high).

Transgenic corn varieties are a more viable option for preventing/controlling fall armyworm.  There are several varieties on the market that suppress/control of fall armyworm and many other lepidopteran pests.  Be sure to follow refuge requirements associated with the use of Bt corn as different varieties have different requirements.  Also, adding to the importance of following refuge requirements, a field population of fall armyworm in Puerto Rico has been found to be resistant to the Cry 1F toxin in many Bt lines.  With proper management, resistance development is highly unlikely, but if refuge requirements are not followed serious consequences could occur.


Health Impact Daily News

Vaccine state bills JAMA Study: Kids With Fewer Vaccines Have Fewer Doctor and Emergency Room Visits

Health Impact News Editor

JAMA Pediatrics published a new study today looking at vaccination rates. The results of that study are making headlines throughout the “mainstream” media outlets, but none of them have headlines like ours. Yet, ours is probably the most factual headline representing the true facts of what this study found.

The title of the study is: A Population-Based Cohort Study of Undervaccination in 8 Managed Care Organizations Across the United States – You can read the abstract here. Rather than rely upon the press releases of the study which for the most part were bemoaning the fact that children were not following the national vaccine schedule and therefore representing a threat to the existence of the human race, I decided to spend the $30.00 and download the article to read for myself.

First of all, let’s look at the objective to the study as stated in the abstract:

To examine patterns and trends of undervaccination in children aged 2 to 24 months and to compare health care utilization rates between undervaccinated and age-appropriately vaccinated children.

So why study “patterns and trends of undervaccination” in children? The introduction to the study gives us a clue:

Immunization is one of the most significant public health achievements of the past 100 years. However, an increasing number of parents have expressed concerns about immunizations, and survey data1-5 have shown that more than 10% of parents report delaying or refusing certain vaccinations for their children. These concerned parents often request alternative vaccination schedules that either increase the time between vaccinations or reduce the number of vaccinations in a single well-child visit. Despite their concerns, however, the safety of alternative vaccination schedules is not known.

 Any chance of bias in this study? Is “Immunization is one of the most significant public health achievements of the past 100 years” a scientific statement that can be proven by facts and figures? Is there a chance that this study was conducted because the medical institutions represented by the authors of this study do not like the fact that parents are not bringing in their children to be vaccinated enough according to the government vaccine schedule?

The authors also included this disclaimer which may give us a further clue:

Disclaimer: Although the CDC played a role in the design and conduct of the study, collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of the data, as well as preparation, review, and approval of the manuscript, the findings and conclusions in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the CDC.

And then here are the “author affiliations”:


Read Full Article Here

Earth Watch Report  –  Epidemic  Hazards


5 11.01.2013 Epidemic Hazard Pakistan State of Sindh, Karachi Damage level

Epidemic Hazard in Pakistan on Friday, 28 December, 2012 at 04:53 (04:53 AM) UTC.


Updated: Friday, 11 January, 2013 at 03:52 UTC
At least four more children died of measles here on Thursday. The death toll now has risen to 29 in the city and its surroundings in the last 40 days. In Madaiji area, two children, Zaheer Ahmed and Abdul Rehman, died of the disease. Two minor girls, Shumaila, 03, and Rehana also fell prey to the deadly disease. The campaign of anti-measles vaccination will last till January 15 during which children will be vaccinated against measles. In this regard, special camps have been set up at basic health centres and dispensaries. Dr Imdadullah, EDO Karachi, said that during the campaign 2.1 million children will be vaccinated in the city for which 534 teams have been posted in camps while 694 teams will work in outskirt areas of the city.


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Official Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Study Finally Being Done

Parents say vaccines cause autism and autoimmune diseases and many other acute or chronic disease. The question is: is there any truth to this? How many kids have avoidable chronic illness as a result of vaccines?

One way to find out would be to compare vaccinated children with unvaccinated children. The pro-vaccine say of such a study, “it can’t be done,” for various spurious reasons. But is the bottom line that such a study could possibly bring the whole childhood vaccine schedule into question? If unvaccinated children were shown to be healthier, might vaccination rates fall?

Should a comparative study show that that the rate of autism in unvaccinated is significantly less than the rate among vaccinated children, might the Government have to pay a couple of billion to provide these injured people the compensation they deserve?

Those of us who have only been able to provide lip service can now support it, and help to make it happen. The study will look at several potential health differences, and if it is properly done and statistically sound, with results that show vaccinated children suffer the same mental and physical illness that the unvaccinated do, I will concede the argument.

If we all chip in to raise the million US dollars it will take to hire the personnel, do the distribution of questionnaires, analyze the data, and everything in between, the study can be completed.

The lead investigator and the creators of the questionnaire are highly qualified to conduct the study. The lead investigator is a visiting professor in the School of Health Sciences at Jackson State University, has MPH and DrPH degrees in epidemiology from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and an MA in sociology from the University of Essex (UK).

The study already has ethics approval and is ready to roll.

Here is a short radio clip discussing the lack of such a study thus far, and some other information on the childhood vaccination program.


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Epidemiologist Confirms Serious Outbreak of Chicken Pox, 97 Percent Who Were Vaccinated


Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease
Waking Times

Vigo County
 has now seen over 84 cases of the varicella-zoster virus (chicken pox) — marked by itchy blisters on the body, fever, stomach ache and headache — since September and the count is currently well over 100.

“Vigo County usually has less than 10 cases a year; however, since the end of September, Vigo County has reported 84 cases which would meet the definition of an unusual occurrence of disease,” Dr. Joan Duwve, M.D., of the Indiana State Department of Health, told the Tribune-Star. “Prompt identification, investigation and control of chickenpox outbreaks are important. Even mild cases can be contagious.”

To cover-up the wild increase for the disease, public health officials are blaming one unvaccinated child as the cause despite 97 percent of vaccinated children contracting chicken pox. More than 85 percent of those vaccinated received FULL VACCINATIONS.

The Indiana Coalition for Vaccination Choice reported on their Facebook page:

Placed another call to the Indiana State Department of Health. Was able to reach the epidemiologist working the chicken pox outbreak. There are a total of 92 cases so far. Only 3 were never vaccinated. 10 had received one vaccine and 79 were fully vaccinated. They are seeing fewer lesions in the fully vaccinated. Zero deaths. Possibly one hospitalization but not sure off the top of their head. Zero complications from chicken pox. We were told that only one chicken pox vaccine was supposed to provide lifelong immunity but this did not turn out to be the case. A booster was added and yet we are seeing a very high rate of fully vaccinated children contracting chicken pox. We asked if another booster will be mandated and told possibly. We asked about vaccine failures and were told this is not vaccine failure because the severity of lesions in the fully vaccinated was less than if never vaccinated and that no vaccine is 100% effective. We were told that if vaccines save one life they are worth it. We asked how many children died from chicken pox before the vaccine. This epidemiologist was unsure.

It’s just another example how vaccines fail the population. Why would any person agree to an injection of harmful chemicals for a claimed preventive measure that DOES NOT EVEN WORK?

Vaccinated populations contract some of the highest rates of disease and more evidence on whooping cough is coming forward to support this claim. Whooping cough, or pertussis, is spreading across the entire US at rates at least twice as high as those recorded in 2011 andepidemiologists and health officials are even admitting that the vaccines may be the cause.

Jane Seward of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia previously commented on case where an outbreak in 23 children also began with a child who had been vaccinated, contradicting the belief that such ”breakthrough” cases are not contagious, Seward noted.

Seward said she cannot yet explain why the vaccine may have been ineffective in specific groups of youngsters. “We’d like to really understand what factors came together to produce it,” Seward added. “We’re not dismissing it.”

The researchers evaluated an outbreak of chickenpox in New Hampshire. A total of 88 parents returned a questionnaire that aimed to gauge prior chickenpox illness and vaccination among the children. In all, 25 children came down with chickenpox between December 2000 and January 2001. The researchers sourced the outbreak to a 4-year-old child who had been vaccinated for chickenpox 3 years prior to contracting the illness.

The child infected about half of his classmates who had no prior history of chickenpox infection. At the time of the outbreak, roughly 73% of kids old enough for chickenpox vaccine had received it, the report indicated.

During an outbreak of chickenpox in Minnesota in the fall of 2002, more than half the children who became infected had been vaccinated with the varicella vaccine.

Dr. Brian R. Lee, at the Minnesota Department of Health in Minneapolis, and his colleagues investigated the outbreak that involved 55 children among 319 attending an elementary school in northern Minnesota.



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Some Hospital Employees Dismissed, Suspended After Refusing Mandatory Flu Shots


 BY WILLIAM WEIR, bweir@courant.com


This year, 19 of the 29 acute care hospitals in the state require that all employees get flu vaccinations. It’s a sharp increase from last year, when there were only five. State health officials did not name the hospitals.

There has been dissent from some employees.

At Waterbury Hospital, dozens of employees initially refused to get a flu shot, but after being threatened with unpaid suspension and possible dismissal, only two full-time employees had failed to get a vaccination or exemption by Wednesday. They have been suspended.

“There are a few hardcore people who are holding out, and that’s their prerogative,” said Steven Aronin, chief of infectious diseases at Waterbury Hospital. If those employees get the shot, he said, “they can come back immediately.”

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hospitals that require flu shots for employees had 95 percent compliance, while those that didn’t had vaccination rates of 68 percent.

Religious and medical exemptions are allowed at most hospitals that have mandatory vaccine policies. Employees with a history of adverse reactions to the shot, have certain allergies or have a compromised immune system can get the medical exemption. Religious exemptions vary. Children’s Medical Center requires a note from the person’s spiritual leader, explaining objections to the vaccines. At Hartford Hospital, the employee can write their own note explaining their objections. Those who do get exemptions must wear masks during flu season.

Earlier this year, the Connecticut Hospital Association adopted a statewide policy endorsing mandatory flu vaccination for hospital staff. Nationally, Nancy Foster of the American Hospital Association said more hospitals appear to be implementing mandatory policies. Her organization doesn’t specifically recommend mandatory programs, but noted that hospitals should do what’s necessary to get high vaccination rates.



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