North Sea Gas Leak/First Acid Rain Warning/UK/Amsterdam

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Fact Sheet
The Deadliest Manure Gas

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a colorless gas that smells like rotten eggs (from the sulphur). Often referred to
as “sewer gas,” hydrogen sulfide is highly poisonous. Usually, the poisoning caused by hydrogen sulfide is
through inhalation and has a toxicity similar to cyanide.
Rotting manure produces hydrogen sulfide (H2S), methane, ammonia and carbon dioxide. H2S is the most
Manure being moved or stirred up releases H2S. One or two breaths of air, with as little as 600 parts per
million (ppm) H2S, can cause a person to lose consciousness.
Deaths are not uncommon when people enter poorly ventilated spaces such as deep wells, underground
tanks or sewer systems. Since H2S gas is heavier than air, its concentration is highest near the bottom of enclosed

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National Ocean Policy is an executive power grab

….Just months after President Obama took office he formed a panel of federal bureaucrats and told them to create a “national policy” that would oversee oceans, coastlines, and the Great Lakes. Then, by executive order, the president launched a National Ocean Council which led to nine smaller panels. As the layers of federal bureaucracy pile up, so have the guarantees that the outcome – the president’s National Ocean Policy – will be another top-down, centralized plan that tramples the power of states and the rights of individual citizens.

Perhaps the simplest way to describe this policy and council is to envision a national zoning board for oceans and all of the inland communities and activities that might affect the oceans. You’ve probably dealt with a local zoning board that keeps order between residential neighborhoods and busy commercials areas. You may not always agree with their decisions, but we can all appreciate local control over such matters.

President Obama’s National Ocean Policy takes zoning to a massive scale, giving Washington pencil pushers more power to decide what activities are acceptable in the ocean zones they create. And when federal agencies are authorizing activities, the converse can be assumed: they will close off other activities, and limit authorized activities only to approved zones. The uncertainty that results will further limit economic growth……

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Cyber Space

Google patent application admits existence of spy technology that listens to your ambient noise to target ads

By J. D. Heyes, March 31 2012

(NaturalNews) Despite being labeled as conspiracy nuts, the prediction from a few voices in the wilderness that Google was planning to use the ambient background noise of a person’s environment to direct targeted advertising to them through technology has come to pass. According to Infowars.com, which warned readers about this very development some six years ago, the search engine and ad giant has filed a patent petition for “Advertising based on environmental conditions.” News of the patent…

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Psy – Ops

kids being put on buses and transported from school to “alternate locations” in Terror Drills

Kids All Over America Are Being Put On Buses And Sent To Alternate Locations During School Terror Drills

All over the United States, school children are being taken out of their classrooms, put on buses and sent to “alternate locations” during terror drills. These exercises are often called “evacuation drills” or “relocation drills” and they are more than a little disturbing. Sometimes parents are notified in advance where the kids are being taken and sometimes they are only told that the children are being taken to an “undisclosed location”. In the years since 9/11 and the Columbine school shootings, there has been a concerted effort to make school emergency drills much more “realistic” and much more intense. Unfortunately, the fact that many of these drills are deeply traumatizing many children does not seem to bother too many people. Do we really need to have “active shooter” drills where men point guns at our kids and fire blanks at them? Do we really need to have “relocation drills” where kids are rapidly herded on to buses and told that they must surrender their cell phones because they will not be allowed to call anyone? Our schools more closely resemble prison camps every single day, and it is our children that are suffering because of it.

It is also important to keep in mind that much of the time these drills are not the fault of local school administrators. Often, these drills are being mandated at the state level. Our politicians have become obsessed with “school safety” in recent years, and apparently their idea of “school safety” involves deeply traumatizing our kids.

Earlier today I was doing some research and I came across a forum where a parent was describing a relocation drill that would soon be happening at a school in Oklahoma. Well, I went to public schools all my life and nothing like this ever happened when I was growing up, so I wanted to do a little digging to see if this was actually happening around the country or if it was just an Internet rumor.

Unfortunately, what I found out was quite disturbing.

It turns out that “relocation drills” are being conducted at schools from coast to coast.

For example, the following is an excerpt from a letter to parents about a relocation drill that took place in Woodhaven, Michigan….

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Survival/Sustainable Lifestyle

How Much Food Can I Grow Around My House?


Articles of Interest

Call of Darkness: Earth Hour casts shadow over globe

Hour by hour, the Earth is plunging into darkness on Saturday. The dimming of lights is a symbolic gesture calling on the people to seek a better balance between humanity’s desire for consumption and the planet’s ability to sustain it.
­This year’s Earth Hour is the sixth consecutive event to take place. What started as a local affair in Sydney back in 2007 now unites 135 countries around the world. This year, the action is dedicated to the Arctic.

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Earth Hour 2012 Official Video

Uploaded by earthhour

This Earth Hour 2012: 8.30pm, Saturday 31 March, celebrate your action for the planet with the people of world by switching off your lights for an hour, then go beyond the hour.

From its inception as a single-city initiative — Sydney, Australia – in 2007, Earth Hour has grown into a global symbol of hope and movement for change. Earth Hour 2011 created history as the world’s largest ever voluntary action with people, businesses and governments in 135 countries across every continent coming together to celebrate an unambiguous commitment to the one thing that unites us all — the planet.

IRS wants 4,000 new agents, $300 million budget to enforce Obamacare

By Jonathan Benson,

(NaturalNews) More than quadrupling an estimate it put forth last year for new agents (http://dailycaller.com), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) now says that it will need more than 4,000 new agents to enforce the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. And in addition to these new agents, the IRS is also asking for more than $300 million in new funding to help fortify the infrastructure it will supposedly need to unconstitutionally force Americans to purchase government…

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Ninety-six percent of public says Obamacare is unconstitutional – Washington Post poll

By J. D. Heyes,

(NaturalNews) As the U.S. Supreme Court decides the constitutionality of President Obama’s signature healthcare “reform” law, the American public, for the most part, has already decided it isn’t. Granted, this online survey on the Washington Post website isn’t very scientific, but it does provide at least some measure of the law’s continuing unpopularity among the masses. “The court should strike down the law. It is about personal accountability. The system has major flaws that need to be addressed…

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