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Retired K9 Spared From Likely Death After Community Rallies To Save Him

Let’s hope Rex gets the retirement he deserves.

A retired police dog who was likely destined for euthanasia has been spared after animal lovers condemned the police department’s decision to send him to a municipal shelter.

Facebook/Operation Save K-9 Rex

The 9-year-old Belgian Malinois, Rex, had served with the Albuquerque Police Department since 2013, and spent several years in the military before that, the Albuquerque Journal reports. Rex was present during the shooting of homeless man James Boyd that led to criminal charges for two APD officers, and appears in video of the incident.

When Rex’s handler, Scott Weimersckirch, retired, the APD said Rex was too old and too bonded to Weimersckirch to be transferred to another handler. But the officer couldn’t adopt Rex due to concerns that the dog would be a threat to his young child, APD spokeswoman Celina Espinoza told local news station KRQE.

A city shelter took Rex in, but the APD said Monday it was likely the dog would be euthanized, since his military and police background would make finding a suitable home difficult.


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All her life, Lola, an extremely friendly black Labrador retriever mix lived in one home; the only home she ever knew. Last Saturday, seven-year-old Lola was surrendered to the high kill San Bernardino County Animal Shelter because the dog’s owner just didn’t feel like fixing the fence where Lola played.

Now Lola cries in her kennel; she is just so lonely and misses her family. Sadly, they are never coming back for her.

Late last week Lola started coughing. Due to the limited funding at the shelter, upper respiratory infections often shorten the adoption alternatives. A volunteer is extremely worried about this sweet dog:

“Lola is getting sick, her sadness and disappointment put her immune system low and now she got sick. I am worried…she is older, fragile, and it will decrease her chances to be adopted. HELP!!!!!”

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Bentley, the unwanted dog

Meet Bentley, the three-year-old dog that nobody wants.

When Bentley was just a pup, he was surrendered by his owner to a shelter in Nassau County in Long Island, N.Y.

Bentley was one of a litter of pups surrendered that day, so many years ago – his siblings found homes, but he never was adopted.

Today, the now adult dog, continues to wait, and hope that at some point, someone might want to call him their own.


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Otto, aka Harley

According to Wednesday’s KTLA 5 News, a senior dog who was left at an animal control facility in Baldwin Park, Calif., earlier this month, will be reunited with his guardians.

The dog, named “Harley,” had been left at the animal control facility with a sad note from his heartbroken  guardians who were  unable to care for his medical needs.  Harley, who was later determined to actually be “Otto” did not die at the facility – he was saved by Toby Wisneski, the CEO and founder of Leave No Paws Behind.

Wisneski set out to find the elderly dog’s guardians and shortly thereafter, this comment was posted to the rescue agency’s Facebook page:

We asked his humans to please contact us AND I have just gotten off the phone with them!!! They sent me this picture with him where he is in the little shirt we found him in AND have given us the information on the vets that have taken care of Otto all his life!!!!

His name is ” Otto Wolfgang Maximus” and we can’t wait to let him know that we have located his loving mommy and daddy! We will have more information and there will be an updated story

The reunion is expected to take place on March 28.

Follow the rescue that saved Otto’s life here.


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Little Harley was left in a basket at a shelter with a note attached that his owners didn't have the money to help him.

March 9, 2014

Had it not been for Toby Wisneski of Leave No Paws Behind animal rescue in Sun Valley, Calif. a 13+ year-old dachshund may not have seen another day. Wisneski not only rescued the pooch, but even hopes to reunite the dog with the senior couple who left him in a basket at an animal shelter late last week reports cbs local.com.

In the basket was a handwritten note, which told the story of a senior citizen couple who lived on a very small budget. Their dog, a constant companion for his entire life, had started to present with bloody stools and vomiting.

The couple had no money to take their dog to the vet. His skin disease was bothering him too, and they wrote they didn’t even have the money to euthanize their friend. They asked the shelter to put their dog to sleep because he never lived a day without them.

Wisneski rushed the dog, she named Harley, to the East Valley Veterinary Clinic where Dr. Danielle Chapman has been caring for him. Harley is now being treated for a non-contagious mange, bad teeth, joint pain and arthritis. Dr. Chapman says that Harley loves to be cuddled.

As Wisneski stated, not everyone who surrenders their dog to a shelter is “bad.”

“I do not believe that all humans who surrender their loving companions are bad people. What I have come to realize is that some, and there are a few, fall on hard and difficult times, loss of jobs, senior and elderly folks who are sick and need help, loss of homes etc. etc. I also believe that they are not aware that there is help out there for their beloved pets and we are hoping to be able to get that message to them. If Harley’s humans come forward, we will speak with them, do our standard home check AND if we find that they are indeed loving, kind and genuinely care for sweet Harley, which we do believe, and the only issue is help with medical care and basic needs for him, yes, we will reunite them!”

Leave No Paws Behind is hoping someone might recognize this dog and inform the owners to come forward.

Sometimes older people have no idea where to reach out for help. For most animal lovers, they can not comprehend surrendering their senior pets.

On the organization’s Facebook page, one woman however, posted what may have been the heartbreaking truth about this situation:

“I too could never conceive giving up my little old man doxie or any pets. However, I do understand that situations are different for all people. After my mom retired well into her 70’s, I see first hand how it only takes one event to send you into financial crisis. And if you have no family or friends to lean on, I can understand the hopelessness someone might feel. A lot of the older generation is not used to assistance, this couple may be in need themselves, as they said in the note they are sick. I do hope they come forward, they have nothing to ashamed of. Besides saving just Harley, they too can be saved.”

If anyone recognizes this dog, please get in touch with Leave No Paws Behind, Inc.

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On Wednesday, Zeus, a young pit bull, was rescued from the Chicago, Ill., Animal Care and Control.

Zeus’ photo was posted on Facebook on Tuesday, along with a plea for help. Zeus’ family had left him at the animal control facility and he was heartbroken about being left behind.

Zeus was listed as “rescue only,” and there was great concern for his safety.

On Wednesday, I received the following email containing wonderful news:

I picked Zeus up this afternoon for CPR Fund K9 Rescue. He will be boarding at our vet’s office (Forest South Animal Hospital in University Park, IL) until his foster mom returns from vacation on March 7th. He’s a super sweet dog who loved the car ride and thoroughly enjoyed being scratched behind the ears. I have included a few pictures from his freedom ride.


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Dawn needs a home

February 21, 2014

A sweet, boxer mix pup is waiting for someone to notice her at the Brevard County Animal Services facility in Melbourne, Fla.

The dog, named “Dawn,” was taken in at the facility on Feb. 7 – at the time, she came in with another dog.

The day that Dawn’s owner showed up to the animal control facility should have been a joyous one…but it was not. The person took the other dog home and surrendered Dawn, leaving her behind, and at risk.

On Thursday, Coastal Boxer Rescue shared this about Dawn:

She’s a mix but looks more boxer in person. She is sooo sweet and just wants to crawl in your lap and bury her head. She’s terrified at the shelter and just wants to be with people. She is an owner surrender and is good with other dogs. She was found with a sibling but the owner took him back and left her!!

Please take a moment to network on Dawn’s behalf – she was betrayed by her former owner and deserves the chance to join a family who would never think of doing that to her again.


  • Petharbor link here
  • ID#A634707
  • (321) 253-6608
  • Said to be good with dogs and cats
  • Age approx. 1 year
  • Facebook thread here

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On Feb. 6, “Mikey,” was surrendered to the New York Animal Care and Control in Manhattan; his owner cited “personal problems” as the reason for leaving the senior dog behind.

More Photos

The ten-year-old Yorkshire terrier mix was not the only casualty of the owner’s personal problems…two other dogs were surrendered to the same facility as well.

Chuppi (A0991144), a nine-year-old poodle mix, and Milo (A0991147), also nine years of age and a poodle mix, are currently homeless as well.

Today, the three seniors are all in the “super urgent” album on the Facebook page, Urgent Part 2-Urgent Death Row Dogs.

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