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many commit suicide when eviction day arrives

many commit suicide when eviction day arrives

‘Escrache’ in Spanish means a demo at the home of a corrupt person in power.

In recent weeks a wave of such demos has spread round Spain, protesting aginst politicians rejection of the proposed popular law to stop mortgage evictions (now running at over 500 a day).

The anti eviction campaign went viral and the PAH platform gathered over 1 million signatures to qualify for presenting a progressive new law.

But the politicians, themselves mired in a huge wave of disgusting money scandals, are rejecting it, to squeeze every penny possible to help their banker friends and feed the insatiable creditors.

They have even refused to abolish ‘dación en pago’ whereby you have to go on paying the mortgage, often for 40 years, even after you have been evicted and the house repossessed. This is so unjust that people are furious. Especially since the public now realise that the credit for loans is just ‘created’ by the banks, out of thin air (though in relation to their levels of our deposits).



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