Earth Watch Report  –  Power  Outage

18.03.2013 Power Outage Solomon Islands Temotu Province, [Province-wide] Damage level

Power Outage in Solomon Islands on Monday, 18 March, 2013 at 11:14 (11:14 AM) UTC.

People are still living under temporary shelter without access to water or toilets in the capital of Solomon Islands’ Temotu province almost six weeks after the region was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami. The premier, Father Charles Brown Beu, says more than 100 people who lost their homes are under tents or tarpaulins next to the Lata soccer field, many of them from other islands in the province. He says he needs to know what the plan is for those people. “Where would people go and so on. The sea is too far from here. One of my major concerns now is there are no toilets in those camps. And stronger ones still go down to the seaside which is about almost, almost 20, 30 minutes’ walk from the huts, temporary shelter, to the sea.” Father Charles Brown Beu says one option is for people to move back to their seaside land but they need reassurance from a geological expert that they will be safe.

SIEA explains power outages

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 09:31

SOLOMON Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) yesterday explained the power outages experienced on Sunday and yesterday.
In a statement SIEA said it regrets the load shedding that has occurred over the last two days.

“This was a result of unexpected power outages caused by one of the generators.

“This came as a result of a problem with the Automatic Voltage Unit (AVU) that controls the supply of power coming from the generators onto the grid.”

SIEA said the AVU on one of the main generators, Watsila Gen set L7 has been experiencing outages over the last two days and as a result it had to be shut down a number of times.

Yesterday workers chose to shut down the L7 to allow electricians to work on a temporary fix to the issue.

“Replacement parts for the AVU are now on order.

“The issue with the AVU was that it normally controls to regulate load, but it was not responding and supply was inconsistent.

“Therefore a decision  to avoid any further complications was put in place, which was to shut down the system entirely for the period of time needed to fix this.

“Workers are now waiting to see whether they have successfully remedied the problem for the short term,” the statement said.

Power was believed to have returned yesterday afternoon barring further unexpected complications.

“Apologies are sincerely extended to the public and the industries affected by the power outages,” the company said.