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Published on Jan 21, 2014


In this exclusive interview for the Boiling Frogs Post Eyeopener report, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds discusses her recent article, “Turkish PM Erdogan: The Speedy Transformation of an Imperial Puppet.” We talk about Erdogan’s falling out with Fethullah Gülen and the CIA, and how serviceable puppets are discarded by their shadow government masters when they reach their “expiration date.”



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Published on Jan 11, 2014


Alternative to what and independent of whom? These are the questions that are seldom asked of the pseudo-alternative, foundation-funded and establishment-dependent “alternative” media. Today on the BFP Roundtable, Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins, Guillermo Jimenez and James Corbett discuss the meltdown of the dinosaur media paradigm and how the establishment is using the pseudo-alternatives to continue to forward their agenda. We also discuss ways of counteracting this and positing real solutions to the problems we are facing.

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Published on Nov 30, 2013

Peter B. Collins, Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett of present the latest BFP series, the BFP Roundtable. In this pilot edition of the series the panel discusses the latest “reporting” on Guantanamo by 60 Minutes, the truth about the Iranian nuclear deal, and the importance of open source journalism. Stay tuned to for future editions of this series.

Sources cited:
How Many Secret Files Did Snowden Get?
Processing Distortion: “Lara Logan Isn’t the Only Problem at 60 Minutes”
Talking Turkey & The Possible Machiavellian Angle in the Latest Developments on Iran
Open Source Journalism

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Anthony Hilder

Uploaded on Aug 6, 2011

A rcoones video:
Amazing testimony of ex CIA Asset Susan Lindauer. 5 years of legal troubles, 1 year in prison for daring to tell the truth. During the Bush era the top controllers of the governmental mechanics of Defense and national Security wanted to have a war with Iraq. They got their wish and anyone who got in the way were dealt with severely no matter if they violated a law or not. Not brought to trial she was jailed under the “Patriot Act” which amounted to summary punishment outside a Verdict in a court of law. She was punished in jail without a Trial at all This is part of her story that is just unfolding now. She has waited 10 years to tell this story.


Sibel Edmonds & Susan Lindauer on Truth Jihad Radio – May 25th, 2012 – 9/11 Whistleblowers Special


Published on May 27, 2012

Sibel Edmonds & Susan Lindauer on Truth Jihad Radio with Kevin Barrett. Recorded on May 25th, 2012


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Establishment vs. Rebels

TheYoungTurks TheYoungTurks

Published on Jun 12, 2013

“In the old days it used to be Democrats versus Republicans, now that’s not really the paradigm anymore when it comes to big government apparently most of the Democrats and Republicans love it either way. And if you dare to strike back against big government well they will strike against you” Cenk Uygur ( host of The Young Turks discusses the response by the establishment and rebels to the Snowden leak.

Is it More Treasonous to Violate the Constitution or to Expose Those Violations?

Freda Art

Eric Blair
Activist Post

In a free society the government is supposed to be open and transparent while the citizens enjoy privacy. What, then, do you call a society where the government is ultra secretive and all citizens are spied on by the state?

Establishment pundits are frantically attempting to make the NSA spy scandal story about whether the whistleblower is a hero or a traitor instead of debating the real issue — whether broad government spying on U.S. citizens violates their Constitutional rights.

This divide-and-distract strategy has long been used to protect the real criminals to a free society. Some officials are taking the extreme position that the NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, committed treason by releasing proof of what most Americans already suspected, that their every move is being spied on by their government.

These officials, like Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), also happen to be the staunchest advocates for destroying the Bill of Rights, the Fourth Amendment in particular. Snowden broke a corporate disclosure contract; these officials broke their oath to the Constitution. Who are the real traitors here?

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Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs

Pardon Me for Taking Offense with Your ‘Pardon- Seeking’ Petition

Tuesday, 11. June 2013

Do Not Mix Up Criminals with WhistleblowersSomeone had the gall to send me this pathetically misguided, ignorant, and demeaning petition requesting a Governmental Pardon for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

I say pathetic because I believe this was a genuine attempt to support this courageous whistleblower, but instead became an establishment-supporting, insulting and self-defeating petition due to the authors’-organizers’ ignorance.

I say misguided because this is a case where the criminals who have violated our Constitution and laws are the ones who should be seeking forgiveness and pardon from the people. The executive branch is the party which has violated the Constitution and broken the supreme laws of this nation, thus in need of repentance and pardoning. Not the courageous whistleblower who took his oath to protect the United States Constitution seriously and actually exercised it.

I say demeaning because it misrepresents and insults the guardians of the United States Constitution, and reduces these truth-telling whistleblowers to criminals-to those who have committed illegalities. Not only that, it simultaneously raises the status of a criminal government to those of kings and emperors who can do no wrong. When the kings engage in criminality they call it ‘the king’s given rights.’ When an irate minority dares to expose the kings’ criminality they are declared a criminal-to dare to challenge the kings.

The insulting ignoramuses who drafted this pathetic petition are giving the president and the executive branch of the United States of America the status of absolute kings and emperors.

Here we have a case where there is a president and his entourage who see themselves as the absolute and untouchable kings of the United States, and break with reckless abandon the supreme law of the United States, the Constitution. They do so repeatedly; with arrogance and impunity.

We have a case where a conscientious citizen of the United States does what his citizenship demands of him: he stands up and protects the Constitution of the United States by exposing the kings engaged in its violation and destruction.

So what do we have so far? Please repeat after me:

We have the United States Executive Branch which has suspended, violated and destructed the United States Constitution and its citizens’ rights.

We have the United States Legislative and Judicial Branches which have abdicated their responsibilities under the United States Constitution, and instead of overseeing and holding accountable the President and his cabinet, who in this case have been violating and destroying the United States Constitution, they have been protecting and collaborating with them.

And we have a true American, a citizen who has taken his US citizenship and citizen responsibilities that go with it very seriously-as demanded by the United States Constitution. He has courageously come forward to inform and warn his country of its rulers’ criminality.

Now please tell me who should be seeking a pardon here? The conscientious citizen who is protecting the mother-of-all laws of his nation-the Constitution? Or the kings who have suspended, violated and broken the laws of this nation? Or the Judiciary and Legislative Branches who have abandoned their responsibility to the people of this nation and their oath to the Constitution?

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Published on Apr 23, 2013


FBI whistleblower and editor Sibel Edmonds joins us to discuss the recent Boston bombing hysteria and the potential geopolitical implications of the American public’s “discovery” of Chechen terror. We discuss Sibel’s work exposing the US/NATO roots of so-called Chechen terrorism, and what the FSB’s involvement in this twisted tale might mean in terms of future Russian-US relations.

Health and  Wellness Report

Californians Have No Right to Know Anything Crucial

Food Freedom News


by Andrew Baker
The California Right to Know campaign focused on passing Prop 37, an initiative to get genetically engineered food labeled so people would be able to know what is going in their own and their children’s bodies.  The corporations involved in producing and selling GMOs poured millions into stopping the initiative, putting out stunning lies to do so.
But Californians haven’t noticed another area involving their children and the corporations in collusion with the state of California, in which they are not even allowed to know that something has entered their child’s body.  The information is kept secret from them.
Sibel Edmonds, a respected whistle blower, has written a devastatingly direct piece on what has occurred in California around this other, even more serious, “right to know” and its even greater removal of the right to know.  For at least with food, people can investigate or figure out whether there are GMOs, but in this second area, the information is kept secret from the parents.
“I just came across the following information on elimination of parental consent and knowledge as a  prerequisite to vaccinating children in California. I checked the date and went, ‘why in the world didn’t I hear about this?’ The information is several months old, but I decided to post it as a quick note for those who happened to miss this development on the police state front, thinking, if as an avid reader and news researcher I missed this, probably many others must have too.  Here are a few excerpts on this issue:

“The state of California has just passed bill AB499, which will permit minor children as young as 12 years old to be vaccinated with sexually transmitted disease vaccines like Gardasil without parental knowledge or parental consent. This means that if you live in California, school or medical personnel would be allowed to vaccinate your child against an STD without your ever knowing it.  [Emphasis added.]  ….

“The article goes on to list the major role played by the pharma industry and their octopus-like lobby:

“Pharmaceutical and medical lobbyists were heavily involved in pushing AB499 through the state legislature. After all, by stripping parents of their right to make informed decisions about medical procedures that could harm their children, they have tapped a new market for their Gardasil vaccine.  ….


“Not only does AB499 remove a parent’s right to give their informed consent, but parents will not even have the right to be informed if their child is vaccinated. As Age of Autism recently reported, this could be disastrous for the child’s well-being …


Edmonds doesn’t waste time on “vaccine issues” but goes straight for the political heart of things.

“My daughter is now 3, and I have less than two years to get her out of here, to a place where I won’t be forced to relinquish my parental rights and responsibilities to the State.  My child ain’t gonna be no police state’s youth, and she ain’t gonna be raised in any state’s bosom; cosmetic differences and brand-names don’t make a difference: whether Hitler’s youth or Mussolini’s youth, whether under the fatherland or motherland brand, whether from the US Department of Homeland Security or Department of Education, whether in the name of national security or national health… “

And she includes a photo of what such extreme state control over children signifies to her.  Here.

But whether it is those opposing vaccines because they consider them dangerous, or Ms. Edmonds opposing the state’s taking away parents’ right even to know whether vaccines have been given to their child, neither has noticed what may be the most important information possible around vaccines – all the new vaccines are GMO vaccines.  While they are called “DNA vaccines,” the vaccines shoot patented GMOs into the child, and the hope is for “DNA uptake.”


So parents in California (1) aren’t allowed to know what they are feeding their children, and (2) they are not allowed to know if their 12 year old or older children have been vaccinated at all.  And though most California parents are upset having no right to know about GMOs in their food, they don’t realize that all the vaccines being shot into their children are also GMOs.  And the Gardasil vaccine, the main one being given secretly, may contain a new chemical of untested toxicity , and does contain viral HPV DNA fragments.

And while the California Right to Know Campaign focused on food companies and biotech companies like Monsanto, the reality is that it is pharmaceutical industry that produces GMOs.  They are the source for both GMOs contamination of food and for all the new vaccines, which are designed to permanently alter human DNA with patented GMOs.  And they pay the lobbyists who have pushed through laws removing parental rights to even know their children are being injected with vaccines at all, and they are certainly not telling parents, their children, from birth on, are being injected with patented GMOs of many kinds, meant to be taken up by the children’s DNA.

This article is useful in beginning to understand who is behind the GMOs in food and vaccines, and what are they doing.


“At the end of WWII the allies split up IG Farben into companies that are now the top pharmaceutical concerns on earth among them Bayer, Hoescht, BASF, the Agfa-Gevaert Group and Cassella AG. Many of Wall Streets favorite pharmaceutical/chemical companies behind the proliferation of genetically-altered foods, transgenic animals, human cloning, dangerous psychiatric drugs, deadly vaccines and pesticides-such as Aventis-are subsidiaries of these same companies. ….
“Why is it significant that many of Bush’s staff and cabinet appointees are former pharmaceutical company executives as was GW’s father, former President George Bush? These corporations are voraciously patenting the earth’s life forms-its plants, bacteria, viruses, animals and even human genetic lineages. Reproduction of plants, animals and humans may eventually be totally controlled by these corporations, genetically-altered, recombined into chimeric life forms and exploited for profit.
“The Human Genome Project, as it admits on the very first page of its website – – , is derived from the eugenics movement in the US and Nazi Germany during the first half of the 20th century. The Eugenics Records Office at Cold Springs Harbor NY – where American eugenics started-was built by the Harriman family – the Bushes’ Wall Street business partners in funding Hitler. This is the new frontier of colonialism in the 21st century – the total domination and exploitation of the earth and everything on it [that apparently includes children]- the New World Order both former President Bush and Adolf Hitler so frequently called for.”
[Emphases added.]

Californians are not allowed to know what they are feeding their children or if vaccines are being given to their preteen and teen children.  But while Californians on their own have learned what it means to genetically engineer seeds and the terrible impact of eating crops grown from them, they have not looked into these new vaccines and do not realize that a method similar to that used to alter seeds is being employed when GMO vaccines are injected into a child.  Gene guns are used for the seeds, and are sometimes used to give the vaccines as well.

From Wikipedia on methods of delivery of DNA Vaccines:

“The two most popular approaches are injection of DNA in saline, using a standard hypodermic needle, and gene gun delivery. … Injection in saline is normally conducted intramuscularly (IM) in skeletal muscle, or intradermally (ID), with DNA being delivered to the extracellular spaces. This can be assisted by electroporation; by temporarily damaging muscle fibres with myotoxins such as bupivacaine; or by using hypertonic solutions of saline or sucrose. Immune responses to this method of delivery can be affected by many factors, including needle type, needle alignment, speed of injection, volume of injection, muscle type, and age, sex and physiological condition of the animal being injected.

“Gene gun delivery, the other commonly used method of delivery, ballistically accelerates plasmid DNA (pDNA) that has been adsorbed onto gold or tungsten microparticles into the target cells, using compressed helium as an accelerant.

“Alternative delivery methods have included aerosol instillation of naked DNA on mucosal surfaces, such as the nasal and lung mucosa, and topical administration of pDNA to the eye and vaginal mucosa. Mucosal surface delivery has also been achieved using cationic liposome-DNA preparations, biodegradable microspheres, attenuated Shigella or Listeria vectors for oral administration to the intestinal mucosa, and recombinant [genetically engineered] adenovirus vectors.”


Jeffrey Smith at the Institute for Responsible Technology has warned repeatedly that the method of genetic engineering, including the gene gun is very crude.  He is more than right.  The article, Murdoch and Vaccines, reports that while the “DNA vaccines” depend on DNA uptake, ….”[t]his phenomenon has not been the subject of much research, so the actual mechanism of DNA uptake is not known.”  (The article, relating to the MMR vaccine and Glaxo Smith Kline, includes information on the bankers’ involvement in the vaccines, the same bankers who were involved in stealing from the country.  The article, however, predates the fact that GSK was recently found guilty in the largest health fraud settlement in US history.)


It does not take much logical thought to appreciate what this means and there is no nice way to put it:  American children’s DNA is being genetically altered.

This is true though parents have no idea the vaccines mandated to their children are different from previous vaccines and that they include patented material that will permanently alter their child’s DNA (and without those who created these vaccines knowing how that works), and affect that child’s basic code of life as well as all their future offspring.  Thanks to the vaccines, for the first time in human history, the child’s organic genetic line from its mother and its father, now has the addition of synthetic genetic material from pharmaceutical industry, the specifics of which are unknown and untested but are patented.  In addition, all liability has been removed from these companies as to any physiological or medical harm that might befall the children after corporate tampering with the fundamentals of their life code.  The pharmaceutical industry  is contaminating children’s previously “organic” DNA by injection, just as Monsanto has contaminated organic fields by pollination.


Monsanto makes claims on the fields it contaminates.  Should parents expect intellectual property claims over their children’s blood, organs, bones, stem cells, etc?  As patented GMO material is forced into children’s DNA and as it increases with each vaccine, what rights might corporations claim in relation to the children?


What is certain is that children are being experimented on and that laws are being broken.  More, no parent has been asked to sign a release either for this vaccine experiment on their child or for the release of their children’s intellectual property rights over their own unique DNA.  In addition, given that it is now clear via UK FOIAs that the vaccines themselves are a hoax, the foisting of any vaccines on children should be pulled out of any medical frame of reference entirely and the use of disease scares to promote vaccines (that do not prevent diseases) to legislatures, to doctors, or to parents, might be considered a deceptive trade practice.  (See the CDC’s outrageous behavior around an H1N1 false “pandemic”, its refusal to respond to FOIA requests from CBS,  its urging of the vaccine on pregnant women, leading to a 2440% increase in fetal demise in 2009).  Deceptive trade practices or any lawsuit based outside of medical harm, might get around the pharmaceutical industry’s removal of its own liability, which, incidentally occurred within two weeks of Monsanto removal of all its own liability, shifting it onto farmers.

There is another area of commonality between GMOs in food and GMO vaccines.  Both of them are related to infertility.  And it is quite clear that the richest of the rich, and including those involved in GMOs and vaccines, are interested in a dramatic reduction in world population.

Californians have a right to know anything they desire about what may affect their own or their children’s health.  But the pharmaceutical industry is the industry that put Hitler into power in the 1930s, and is 20 times bigger now.  It has done a stunning job of trampling the Nuremberg Code – informed consent – which was put in place specifically to prevent a repeat of its Holocaust horrors.  The state pandemic laws set up for a repetition. They were put in place under George Bush, whose family made their fortune in Nazi Germany and whose father, GHW Bush, is closely connected to pharmaceutical industry.


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