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Disabled vet kicked out of Houston restaurant over service dog

by Drew Karedes / KHOU 11 News

Posted on February 27, 2014 at 9:54 AM

Updated Thursday, Feb 27 at 9:54 AM


HOUSTON — A U.S. Army and Navy veteran says he was told he had to leave a west Houston restaurant because of his service dog.

Aryeh Ohayon says it happened Tuesday at the Thai Spice Buffet II restaurant in the 2500 block of South Voss Road.

Ohayon called Houston Police and waited inside the restaurant.

He claims the officer who responded made him feel even worse.

“I told him what my disabilities were. That’s when he said, ‘you’re not blind’,” recalled Ohayon. “[He said] ‘I don’t see why you need the dog.’”

Ohayon served this country for 23 years.

He says the memories from his more than two decades of service have led to depression and PTSD, both of which his service dog Bandit is there for.

“He’s the alert if I start to have a panic attack or start to go into a flashback mode,” said Ohayon.


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Houston police kick out veteran with service dog from restaurant

Published time: February 27, 2014 20:24

Reuters / Richard Carson

Reuters / Richard Carson

A Houston, Texas, police officer allegedly kicked a US Army and Navy veteran out of a local restaurant for bringing in a service dog on the grounds that he wasn’t actually blind.

According to local news outlet KHOU, Aryeh Ohayon served in the US military for 23 years. Ohayon said his service dog, named “Bandit,” helps him deal with the lingering effects of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), especially if he begins to suffer from panic attack or a flashback linked to his prior experiences.

The incident began when Ohayon entered a Thai restaurant for dinner and was denied service by the manager. The veteran called police to clear up the situation, but he said the responding officer only denigrated his condition.

“I told him what my disabilities were,” Ohayon told KHOU. “That’s when he said, you’re not blind. [He said] I don’t see why you need the dog.”

“It feels like your service and experience that you’ve done to defend and uphold the Constitution and protect this country have been belittled,” he added.

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Stolen Cle Elum service dog, missing 5 months, found in Bellingham

Stolen Cle Elum service dog, missing 5 months, found in Bellingham

by SUSAN WYATT / The Pet Dish


Posted on February 22, 2014 at 12:43 PM

Updated yesterday at 2:32 PM

The dog named Lakota disappeared from Ken and Barb Toczek’s home on Oct. 9.Ken is a disabled diabetic.

A handler tracked the 4-year-old female Australian Shepard down Forest Service Road 3350 and determined she was picked up by a vehicle.

“We don’t know who took her,” Barb said. “It was hunting season at the time she disappeared. We speculate it was a hunter that came through.”

The Toczeks hired an international K-9 search unit to look for the dog and posted a notice on Craigslist.

Then, on Thursday, they got a phone call from the Whatcom Humane Society: “We think we have your dog.”

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Animal Advocacy

Animal Rescue Stories  :  Protection – Goodwill – Humanity

In Love Again

In Love Again

It’s happened again. I’m in love. It doesn’t matter that he is shorter and older than me. Or that he has a crooked jaw (obviously broken at an earlier time) or just one ear (after a botched ear cropping), I’m in love and love is blind. I was taking food to my local shelter and found him there waiting for me. He was in the bottom row with the other dogs that had been at the shelter too long, and headed to places unknown. All that matters is that Griff (Griff N. Doore) now lives with me. Happily ever after!

Lori Evans-Eldridge
Lake Orion, MI

Boo Boo

Boo Boo

I was walking along the beach with my 3 grandkids, and there was a group of older teenagers with a tiny, 1 1/2 pound chihuahua puppy at one spot. The kids wanted to pet her, and the teenagers informed me that they were there to “leave her where the fat cats live” because the owner’s mom wouldn’t let him keep her. This is an area by the beach where dozens of feral cats live. I picked her up and held her shivering body against my neck, and she licked my chin all the way home. Our terrier loved her and there was no question she was going to be ours. We have had her a year now and she’s definitely one of us, happy and healthy and totally hyper!

Toni-Jo Menasco
Port Hueneme, CA

Last Chance Juliette

Last Chance Juliette

Each of my fosters hold a special place in my heart. After transitioning to their forever homes I can only hope I will get to see a picture or receive an update from their loving families. In the case of Juliette, a young lab/retriever mix that was deemed “last chance” at a local kill shelter, I will have the honor and pleasure of following her progress for a lifetime. Juliette was tested and chosen to become a service dog for an amazing young girl with autism named Angelina.

A nonprofit organization, Dream Acres for Autism Inc., approached the rescue I foster for, Pet Rescue by Judy, seeking a potential service dog for Angelina. Juliette and a few others were selected, tested in skill and temperament, and considered as potential service dogs. When I received the call that Juliette was chosen, I was so excited! I spent the next few weeks with Juliette polishing basic commands, manners, and getting her adoption arrangements in place.

Placement day was something I will never forget. When Angelina met Juliette for the first time, it was love at first sight. It could not have been a better fit! Since that day, Juliette has been working towards her service vest with Angelina, her Grandmother Peggy, and her amazing trainer, Ellen. Last weekend I was fortunate to be able to attend Juliette’s Stage One testing and witnessed their hard work pay off. Juliette earned her Service Dog vest as well as the legal rights and protection given to these special canines in society. Juliette will now be appointed a trainer from Service Dogs of Florida, Inc. who will assist in training Juliette with skills specific to Angelina’s needs. Seeing how Juliette has touched so many lives makes all the hard work of fostering puppies worth every minute!

Patricia Infurchia
Astatula, FL

"15 dogs in 15 minutes" by Bill Foundation, CA

“15 dogs in 15 minutes” by Bill Foundation, CA

In August, a shelter volunteer notified Bill Foundation about a Rottweiler mix that had given birth at the shelter four days earlier. She and her 6 puppies were at risk of being euthanized because the shelter simply didn’t have the resources to care for them.

We set out for the shelter early the next morning. A block away from the shelter, we spotted a dog tied up in chains, covered in her own feces and urine. Someone had left her there knowing the shelter would ultimately find her. People often do this to avoid paying the $25 fee to surrender their pet. We freed her from the chains and agreed she would come home with us. And we named her Cassidy.

Once we arrived at the shelter, we told them we were there for the mama and her six 5-day day old puppies, but we were notified that the babies were only three days old. We realized we were talking about two different litters. A minute later, we met a young terrier and her six puppies. Knowing this family’s fate, we couldn’t leave them behind, so we promised mama we would come back later that day for her entire family.

Isabella, the Rottweiler mix, proved to be a gentle, loving soul. She, along with her 6 babies, and Cassidy left the shelter with us and headed to our vet to receive the care they needed while awaiting foster.

And we kept our promise to Willow, the young terrier, and her six puppies and returned for them later than day.

All 15 dogs are happy, healthy and awaiting their forever homes.

In 15 minutes we rescued 15 dogs… With your support, we can save 15 times more lives.

““It takes a village to save a dog””

Bill Foundation, Beverly Hills CA

Annie Hart
Beverly Hills, CA

Your Actions Here Fund Food And Care For Rescued Animals.