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RFM/Smart Meter Issues…


Uploaded on Feb 8, 2013

Brenda Hawk did not want the electric company coming on to her property and replacing her analog electric meter with a “smart meter” on her house. One of the reasons being that it is a RFM (radio frequency meter), and would interfere with her pace maker. So, they turned off the power to her home at the electric pole, in the middle of the winter, with freezing temperatures, on a handicapped woman with a pace maker and breathing issues.


UPDATED: Handicapped Woman Refuses Smart Meter — Has Power Cut in the Dead of Winter

Feb. 9, 2013 2:31pm
The Blaze.com

UPDATE: Office of Ohio Governor Kasich intervenes. Details posted below.

A handicapped woman in western Ohio has to battle the freezing winter weather this weekend because she refused to allow the local power company to install a “smart meter” on her property.

Handicapped Ohio Woman Has Power Cut for Refusing Smart Meter for Health Reasons

Brenda Hawk has a pacemaker for her heart and because her brain was injured in a car accident, she requires a breathing machine in order to sleep at night. She does not want the new radio-frequency emitting meter because of the health problems these devices have been said to cause. But American Electric Power AEP-Ohio, the local power company, has persisted in their push to swap out Hawk’s analog meter and replace it with the new one.

TheBlaze spoke with Hawk on Saturday. At the time, she was using a kerosene heater to stay warm in the freezing weather. Hawk gave us a basic timeline on the story.

In October of last year, a utility worker arrived on her property and announced that he had removed her old analog power meter and replaced it with a new one. Hawk told him that she had not approved the meter swap and requested that the old one be restored. A series of phone calls between Hawk, the power company and the sheriff’s office was enough to get the new meter pulled out and the old one re-installed.

Fast forward to Jan. 24, 2013. A certified letter from AEP executive Ralph Rocca, Jr. arrived at Hawk’s home announcing that she would be getting a new meter or her power would be cut off. Her efforts to contact Rocca were not successful. All that Hawk wanted was a guarantee from the company that the new meter’s electrical signals would not interfere with her pacemaker. The company could not give her that assurance and it was her position that unless and until they did, no “smart meter” would be installed.

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U.S. Secret Service buys 26 devices to identify and collect wireless communication data

By Madison Ruppert

Editor of End the Lie

An electronics company out of Victor, New York has been awarded a $32,540 contract by the U.S. Secret Service to provide 26 shielded test enclosures known as “RF [Radio Frequency] isolation test products” in order to help the Secret Service identify and collect data from wireless communication devices.

The monitoring of wireless communications is nothing new, as we’ve seen the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) pour funds into projects like the so-called F-BOMB, a dirt cheap miniature spy computer which can be concealed in just about anything in order to crack wireless networks and steal data.

Ramsey Electronics, the company who received the contract, is slated to deliver the 26 devices by July 1, which is quite interesting because the original solicitation was posted on May 4.

If you know government contracts, you know that’s a pretty speedy turnaround, especially since the contract was actually awarded on June 7.

The Secret Service is seeking these RF isolation test products for use on 802.11 a, b and g, which usually means consumer wireless internet networks; Bluetooth; RFID and 3G signals.

According to the statement posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, part of the General Services Administration (GSA) – employees of which, oddly enough, have actually commented on an article on End the Lie in the past – this is a fixed firm price contract, although they could very well purchase more in the future if needed.

“Forensic investigation of cell phones, PDA’s, and other hand-held wireless devices specifically requires complete hands-on manipulation of the wireless device to identify and extract data while maintaining complete RF isolation from the outside world,” explains Ramsey on their official website.

Indeed, the contract even requires “RF Window & Gloves” in order to manipulate the devices, indicated by the inclusion of “Unit mush [sic] have a viewing window and gloved access.”

Interestingly, this is to be delivered to James Darnell, 2821 E 8th Street Tulsa, OK 74104, while the U.S. Secret Service’s headquarters is in Washington D.C.

The devices, which will be delivered to the Secret Service early next month, are designed specifically to enable individuals to test, troubleshoot and tune devices in an environment free of RF interference.

“Once closed, a large RF tight viewing window overlooks the entire working area within the enclosure,” explains Ramsey Electronics.

“Hands-on troubleshooting, tuning and access to the device under test are accomplished using specially designed, silver impregnated, ultra fine mesh gloves that offer excellent manual dexterity and hands-on access to the equipment under test,” they add.

While the model acquired by the Secret Service normally costs $1,495 per unit, they apparently reduced their selling price to $1,250 in coming to an agreement with the Secret Service.

The question remains: why does the Tulsa, Oklahoma Secret Service field office need a whopping 26 of these test devices?

One positive thing I can see is that ludicrous sums of money weren’t spent on this procurement, although this very well might just be the initial test purchase with much more to come.

I would love to know why they need these and what they will be using them for, but good luck getting a straight answer.

If you’d like to try, feel free to give April Delancy, a Secret Service contracting officer a call at her Washington, D.C. office at (202) 406-6808 or via email at april.delancy@usss.dhs.gov.