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Shelter Me
February 28, 2014

Cindy, a four-year-old pit bull, was taken in at the East Valley Animal Care and Control facility in Van Nuys, Calif., on Jan. 2.

Cindy’s intake photo reveals her fear and uncertainty…finding one’s self at an animal control facility is good cause for anxiety.

Nobody ever came to the facility to free Cindy – if she had an owner, that person failed to show.

In the time that Cindy has been at the facility, she has shown herself to be outgoing, playful and friendly.

According to Cindy’s profile on Shelter Me:


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Saint Louis County Animal Care and Control
February 28, 2014

On Thursday, two juveniles in St. Louis County, Mo., were arrested after uploading a video to Facebook which showed a pit bull puppy being treated cruelly and today, there comes word of the young dog’s condition.

On Friday, the Saint Louis County Animal Care and Control posted the following update about the pup, who has been dubbed “Honor:”

Honor would like to say good morning and thank you to everyone that gave her a voice. She is doing great and still getting lots of love and attention. Honor would also like to thank Jamie Buehrle for giving her such an amazing new name and being so vigilant in her efforts to ensure her safety.

The animal control agency also stated:


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On Wednesday, Zeus, a young pit bull, was rescued from the Chicago, Ill., Animal Care and Control.

Zeus’ photo was posted on Facebook on Tuesday, along with a plea for help. Zeus’ family had left him at the animal control facility and he was heartbroken about being left behind.

Zeus was listed as “rescue only,” and there was great concern for his safety.

On Wednesday, I received the following email containing wonderful news:

I picked Zeus up this afternoon for CPR Fund K9 Rescue. He will be boarding at our vet’s office (Forest South Animal Hospital in University Park, IL) until his foster mom returns from vacation on March 7th. He’s a super sweet dog who loved the car ride and thoroughly enjoyed being scratched behind the ears. I have included a few pictures from his freedom ride.


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Soldier and the mysterious photo that was found in his collar
February 22, 2014

According to Friday’s ABC News, Soldier, the pit bull who was found with an old, black and white photo tucked into his collar has a new home with a woman who lives in Dryden, Va.in Greenville, S.C., has found a home.

Soldier was picked up as a stray in mid-January, and the mysterious photo discovered in his collar, which showed a man who appeared to be in a military uniform, generated a great deal of intrigue and interest. Thanks to that intrigue, his story quickly spread nationwide.

The initial hope was that Soldier’s true owner would be found and that the pair would be reunited, but that never happened.

Instead, Soldier has a new home with a woman who lives in Dryden, Va., who has experience with pit bulls. Soldier’s new guardian, Julie Hensley, a 50-year-old attorney, dog rescuer and “pit bull enthusiast.”

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Posted: 02/12/2014 12:52 pm EST Updated: 02/12/2014 12:59 pm EST

When Gator the pit bull was taken from an Oklahoma animal shelter at the end of January, he weighed just 27 pounds.

“A dog his size should’ve weighed about 70 pounds. So he was really underweight,” said Ashley Hodges, who took in Gator as a foster.

The Healdton, Okla. animal shelter was shut down in January amid allegations that six puppies had frozen to death in bare enclosures during the coldest part of the winter.

Gator was suffering from heartworm when he was found, and his penis had frozen to the shelter’s floor, Hodges says.

“We were really lucky he doesn’t have any long-term problems because of that,” she said. “We are still trying to figure out how it happened ourselves, and yes, people are outraged.”

Here is Gator with Hodges’ nephew, shortly after she agreed to foster him.

Police chief Tim Woodruff, whose department was reportedly responsible for the animals at the shelter, has resigned following allegations of abusive conditions at the facility.

In 2011, Woodruff, then an officer, was commended for helping to rescue 13 dogs from drowning at the city pound.

The city has promised an investigation into claims that the Healdton police department left dogs in unheated enclosures in freezing weather, and failed to feed the animals in its care, even while bags of donated dog food sat unused.


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A pit bull saved her family/NOT the dog from this story
Photo by Sebastian Artz/Getty Images

A Georgia family will be able to ring in the New Year thanks to their loyal dog who successfully alerted them to a devastating house fire, reported Thursday’s WRCB TV News.

On Sunday night, while Jennifer Ross and her family were sound asleep, fire crept throughout their Gordon County home.

The family’s intuitive pit bull, “Bella,” noticed the looming danger first.

Ross described Bella’s initial efforts to rouse her from sleep:

It sounded like she wanted to go out,”

I was like, ‘Bella, let me sleep and I’ll let you out in a little bit.'”

Thankfully, though Bella was initially given the brush off, she persisted in her efforts to wake her family.

Bella’s efforts escalated – she began to jump on the bed and then ran to the door – it was enough to alert her drowsy guardian to the danger.

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By Tyler Olsen, The Times March 27, 2013

Pint-sized Chihuahua helps save girl during pit bull attack

Jenna Desrochers, eight, was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull when her chihuahua Honey came to the rescue, distracting the pitbull long enough for Jenna to reach safety.

Photograph by: Kim Stallknecht , PNG

An eight-year-old Chilliwack girl who survived a vicious pit bull attack last week may have a tiny Chihuahua to thank for her life.

Jenna, a Grade 3 student, was looking for bunnies outside her grandparents’ east Chilliwack home last Tuesday when a neighbour’s pit bull escaped its enclosure and attacked her.

The dog took her down at the knees and clamped its powerful jaws on her face — resulting in serious facial injuries and hundreds of stitches. That’s when Honey, a four-year-old Chihuahua owned by Jenna’s grandmother Anne Marie Desrochers, intervened.

The small dog barked at the larger animal, distracting the pit bull from Jenna. The pit bull released the girl and pursued and briefly caught Honey before heading back toward Jenna. The pit bull was then collared by its owner, who had witnessed much of the attack and whose entry into the enclosure had provided the brief moment necessary for her dog to escape.

Honey’s barks brought Anne Marie to the door, where she saw Honey’s back covered in blood and spotted the neighbour with her granddaughter.

“My dog has bit Jenna,” the dog’s crying owner said.

Anne Marie ran over to her granddaughter and was shocked at the extent of her injuries.

“As soon as she moved her hand, I just screamed.”

Anne Marie rushed her granddaughter to Chilliwack General Hospital, where it took doctors three hours and hundreds of stitches to repair Jenna’s face. The girl faces more doctor’s visits and possibly plastic surgery if the initial repair job doesn’t hold.


 photo HoneythechihuahuahelpedsaveyoungJennafromapitbull_zps74a5c975.jpg

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Chihuahua who rescued Chilliwack girl from pit bull given award for being a hero

Chihuahua who rescued Chilliwack girl from pit bull given award for being a hero

Jenna, eight, was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull when her chihuahua Honey came to the rescue, distracting the pitbull long enough for Jenna to reach safety.

Photograph by: Kim Stallknecht , PNG

A tiny Chihuahua named Honey who took on a pit bull and saved a young Chilliwack girl’s life has been given an award for being a hero.

On March 19, eight-year-old Jenna was looking for bunnies near her grandparent’s house when the neighbour’s pit bull knocked her over and bit her on the head.

Jenna suffered serious facial injuries and required hundreds of stitches.

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Pit bull saves New York woman from burning home photo PitbullsavesNewYorkwomanfromburninghome_zps1cc98e26.jpg

View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.

A pit bull saved a woman from a fire in her Long Island, New York home on Friday, barking to alert her as the flames began to spread from the front to the back of the house.

Jackie Bonasera said she was drying her hair in an upstairs bathroom of the home on Gabriele Drive in East Norwich when she heard the dog barking. She ran downstairs and saw the flames on the side of her garage.

She was able to escape the house.

“I ran out of the house and my neighbors came running over, and then I thought about the dog – I’m like, ‘He saved my life, I have to save his,'” Bonasera recounted.
Pit bull saves New York woman from burning home b photo PitbullsavesNewYorkwomanfromburninghomeb_zpsdd7810d7.jpg
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Idaho Humane caring for 64 pit bulls seized from dogfighting compound

by KTVB.com and KING 5 Staff

Posted on April 9, 2013 at 8:06 PM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 9 at 8:19 PM

BOISE — A spokesperson for the Idaho Humane Society says one of the 64 pit bulls brought to Boise for care Monday night had to be euthanized.

The pit bulls were found at the scene of a triple murder in southeastern Idaho. They were loaded into trailers and truck beds Monday and taken to Boise.

Idaho Humane said the dogs are in very poor condition. The majority of the dogs are underweight and suffering from malnutrition. Many of the dogs had open lacerations and extensive scarring from old wounds. Many are suffering from skin, eye, and ear ailments resulting from neglect of their basic care. A few dogs have old injuries of broken bones that were left untreated.

Hannah Parpart, Idaho Humane Society, said one of the dogs was having seizures and was euthanized Tueday morning.

Despite their obvious neglect and poor treatment, the Idaho Humane Society found the majority of the dogs to be friendly and accepting of handling by people.

Investigators believe the dogs were part of a dog fighting operation at a rural ranch outside Holbrook in Oneida County.  Police discovered the bodies of two men and one woman at the property last Friday.  The search continues for the suspect.  Cash and several dozen marijuana plants were also found at the home.

Law enforcement requested the dogs be moved to the Idaho Humane Society in Boise because it is the largest Humane Society in the state.  Once the pit bulls arrive, veterinarians will begin administering any necessary medical treatment.

“Sixty-four dogs, kind of triaging them all at once and trying to assess all their medical needs at once, is going to be a challenge,” said Parpart.  “And then finding space to house that many dogs at once as well.”

Parpart says the Idaho Humane Society had to relocate most of its adoptable dogs to its PetSmart adoption center to make room for the 64 pit bulls.

“Our staff is well prepared for dealing with a large number of animals and processing them through and giving them the medical attention they need, it just takes some shuffling of resources,” said Parpart.

Through this Friday, the Idaho Humane Society is reducing its adoption prices for dogs and cats by 50 percent to try and free up some space at the shelter.

Once the pit bulls are healthy, they will be evaluated for behavioral issues.

“We’re being realistic with these dogs knowing their backgrounds, but we’re definitely going to look at each dog individually to see, assessing them for adoptability,” said Parpart.

If the dogs are determined to be adoptable, Parpart says it will likely be sometime before that can happen.

How to help

Make a donation

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11 pit bulls taken from Idaho dogfighting operation euthanized

Credit: Zach Stotland/ KTVB


Posted on April 27, 2013 at 1:09 PM

Updated yesterday at 1:20 PM

BOISE — Three of the 63 pit bulls rescued from a murder scene at a dog fighting operation in southern Idaho have been transferred to a rescue organization in California, according to the Idaho Humane Society.

The move marks the first step in moving the dogs into the care of people who can rehabilitate them, according to humane society staff.


Credit: Idaho Humane Society

Picture here are two of first three pitbulls to be transferred to a Los Angeles Pit Bull rescue organization in the wake of tragic

Spokesperson Hannah Parpart says pit bulls Helena, Hershey, and Granny are headed to Angel City Pit Bulls, a nonprofit rescue organization dedicated to creating a better future for the breed in Los Angeles.

Photo of enclosure  where dogs  were  found

Pilot Peter Roark with the nonprofit Dog is My Copilot organization was able to fly the pit bulls to Los Angeles on Friday.

Unfortunately, the future wasn’t so bright for several other dogs.

Parpart said 11 of the pit bulls had to be euthanized due to dangerous behavior.

“We knew right from the get-go that there was a group we’d have to euthanize,” Parpart said, describing their behavior as “hyper focused” on fighting other dogs, and saying staff felt they wouldn’t be safe in homes.

The good news: Parpart says the humane society is trying to clear about 11 to 12 dogs for local adoption, but most won’t be ready to go until next weekend.

“We’re still talking to people and doing the match-making business,” Parpart said.

Those who want to contact the humane society about the adoption should call: (208) 342-3508

In the meantime, the Idaho Humane Society is still trying to find rescue organizations throughout the United States to accept the remaining 40 dogs, which are expected to need further behavioral help and socialization.

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Published on Feb 7, 2013

A bull dog was shot twice but is expected to recover, and now Westfield Police are trying to figure out who the dog belongs to and who shot it.