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Amy Rossi

Philadelphia Animal Welfare Examiner

Cookie, waiting for a forever home
Cookie – The Forgotten Dog FB page

There is nothing wrong with Cookie, who was dumped at Yonkers Animal Shelter at just six months old and spent the next six years of her life there.

The only thing that is wrong is that she remained homeless all of these precious years instead of enjoying life as a loving family member.

Cookie, now seven, was lucky to land at Yonkers, where she was given all the time she needed to find her match. Unfortunately, the shelter admits to having very little foot traffic in Cookie’s younger years.

So there she sat, waiting. Safe, not urgent, and overlooked.

And there she remained, hoping the right person would come along to take her home.


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All her life, Lola, an extremely friendly black Labrador retriever mix lived in one home; the only home she ever knew. Last Saturday, seven-year-old Lola was surrendered to the high kill San Bernardino County Animal Shelter because the dog’s owner just didn’t feel like fixing the fence where Lola played.

Now Lola cries in her kennel; she is just so lonely and misses her family. Sadly, they are never coming back for her.

Late last week Lola started coughing. Due to the limited funding at the shelter, upper respiratory infections often shorten the adoption alternatives. A volunteer is extremely worried about this sweet dog:

“Lola is getting sick, her sadness and disappointment put her immune system low and now she got sick. I am worried…she is older, fragile, and it will decrease her chances to be adopted. HELP!!!!!”

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At first glance, rescuers thought they were dealing with an aged chihuahua who had lost his teeth because of neglect. Tragically, the pooch has been rushed to the veterinarian on Saturday evening; his rescuers state this dog is less than two-years-old.

Rescuers believed tiny little Nemo has been badly abused and his teeth have been knocked out.

“Only a monster would knock the teeth out of a helpless little chihuahua,” stated Kathleen Godwin of Ithaca, New York. “It’s beyond horrible to think of what this poor little one must have suffered and the pain he must be in now.”


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According to San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA), a senior Chihuahua is in dire need of emergency care at an animal control agency in Texas.

The non-profit organization shared the following information about the 9-year-old dog in need on Saturday:

This sweet ol’ guy just came in to ACS and he needs a hospice foster. He is a medical emergency. He will need to have his eye enucleated and SAPA will provide his medical care for a foster or adopter.

He is a sweet and gentle 9 yr old Chihuahua and he has been through hell and back and is very emaciated and has a painful Upper respiratory infection (like havinga bad cold). He is contagious to other pets for the next 7 to 10 days but he is so tiny and east to keep separated.

Chewy needs a warm space away from the others until he is feeling better. He weighs approx 8 lbs. This sweet little man just needs to be comfortable and loved for the short time he has left. Please email if you can help him.


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Bentley, the unwanted dog

Meet Bentley, the three-year-old dog that nobody wants.

When Bentley was just a pup, he was surrendered by his owner to a shelter in Nassau County in Long Island, N.Y.

Bentley was one of a litter of pups surrendered that day, so many years ago – his siblings found homes, but he never was adopted.

Today, the now adult dog, continues to wait, and hope that at some point, someone might want to call him their own.


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Hempstead Animal Shelter

March 20, 2014

At twelve plus years of age, and mostly blind, Athena is no longer considered to be a “highly adoptable” dog – a fact which her prior owner discovered she attempted to secure a new home for the elderly dog.

Though Athena’s former guardian loved her beautiful senior dog, she was no longer able to care for her, and after attempts to find Athena a new home failed, that person reached out to the Hempstead Town Shelter in Wantagh, N.Y., to have the dog put down.

The shelter staff went to retrieve Athena and promised the dog’s owner, who is disabled and had fallen ill, that they would try to find a home for Athena before euthanasia was considered.

The shelter posted this statement on Thursday:

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On Thursday morning, a plea was issued for a senior Labrador retriever named “Manny,” who was surrendered to the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control in Lancaster, Calif., on March 10.

The image of his bewildered face, coupled with a video of him quaking on his bed, spurred thousands to network on his behalf.

Manny is now safe…the elderly dog, who was given up by his former family, has been pulled from the animal control facility by the rescue organization, A Purposeful Rescue.

The rescue agency stated:

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Original Story



An elderly, golden Labrador retriever was surrendered to the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control in Lancaster, Calif., on March 10, and today, he spends his days crouched on his bed, shaking in terror.

Apparently, the nine-year-old dog was left at the animal control facility because his prior owner was getting “new, younger dogs.”

The senior, named “Manny,” is confused and depressed…at first glance, he appears to be sleeping on the cot in his kennel run…upon a closer look, you can see that instead, his eyes are closed and he is shaking in terror.


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The shelter staff named this seven-year-old Shih Tzu “Peek A Boo” because no one could even see his little face beneath the mats. And yes, that is the way this poor blind and nearly deaf special needs dog arrived at the Baldwin Park.

This neglected, little guy is terrified. One can’t even imagine what he must be thinking unable to see or hear much in an unknown environment.

Follow Peek A Boo’s tragic plight on Facebook as volunteers and animal lovers try to spread the word about this dog.

Please refer to A4683120. Telephone: (626)-962-3577 or (626)-430-2378.

For adoption information, please click here.


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Shelter Me
February 28, 2014

Cindy, a four-year-old pit bull, was taken in at the East Valley Animal Care and Control facility in Van Nuys, Calif., on Jan. 2.

Cindy’s intake photo reveals her fear and uncertainty…finding one’s self at an animal control facility is good cause for anxiety.

Nobody ever came to the facility to free Cindy – if she had an owner, that person failed to show.

In the time that Cindy has been at the facility, she has shown herself to be outgoing, playful and friendly.

According to Cindy’s profile on Shelter Me:


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