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Americans who received swine flu vaccines are at risk for paralysis disorders



Wednesday, March 20, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The federal government has once again been exposed for lying about the safety of the infamous swine flu vaccine, also known as H1N1. According to a new study published in the journal The Lancet, people who received the swine flu vaccine during the 2009-2010 pandemic hoax were at an elevated risk of developing a potentially-deadly paralysis disorder known as Guillain-Barre syndrome, or GBS.

Based on data collected from six different adverse event reporting systems, including the core vaccine safety datalink and several new surveillance systems created by Medicare and the U.S. Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs, researchers found that among the 23 million people who were vaccinated during the scare, an additional 1.6 cases of GBS were observed per one million people vaccinated.

According to statistics presented by TIME.com, one in 100,000 people is said to develop GBS, which is a relatively small amount overall. But the widespread issuance of the H1N1 vaccine was responsible for triggering an additional 77 reported cases of the autoimmune disorder, some of which manifested up to 91 days after individuals received the vaccine.

The findings contrast sharply with false reassurances made back in 2009 by many so-called medical experts. Dr. Paul A. Offit, the infamous “vaccine expert” who outspokenly believes children can safely receive 10,000 vaccinations at once without issue, is quoted in a 2009 article in The New York Times (NYT) as doubting any link between the swine flu vaccine and GBS.

But the numbers speak for themselves, and they more than likely represent just a small fraction of the total number of vaccine injuries caused by the swine flu vaccine. After all, adverse event reporting systems are believed to represent as few as one percent of the total number of vaccine injuries that actually occur, the vast majority of which never get reported.


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Increased Risk Of Sleep Disorder In Children Who Received Swine Flu Vaccine

Article Date: 26 Feb 2013 – 16:00 PST

Medical News Today

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Increased Risk Of Sleep Disorder In Children Who Received Swine Flu Vaccine

Results consistent with findings from Finland and Sweden, but may still be overestimated

A study published on bmj.com today finds an increased risk of narcolepsy in children and adolescents who received the A/H1N1 2009 influenza vaccine (Pandemrix) during the pandemic in England.

The results are consistent with previous studies from Finland and Sweden and indicate that the association is not confined to Scandinavian populations. However, the authors stress that the risk may still be overestimated, and they call for longer term monitoring of the cohort of children and adolescents exposed to Pandemrix to evaluate the exact level of risk.

In 2009, pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus spread rapidly, resulting in millions of cases and over 18,000 deaths in over 200 countries. In England the vaccine Pandemrix was introduced in October 2009. By March 2010, around one in four (24%) of healthy children aged under 5 and just over a third (37%) aged 2-15 in a risk group had been vaccinated.

In August 2010 concerns were raised in Finland and Sweden about a possible association between narcolepsy and Pandemrix. And in 2012 a study from Finland reported a 13-fold increased risk in children and young people aged 4-19.

But a lack of reported cases in other countries led to speculation that any possible association might be restricted to these Scandinavian populations.


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Swine Flu Vaccine Linked To Rare Paralyzing Disease

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Academic Journal

Article Date: 14 Mar 2013 – 0:00 PDT
Medical News Today

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Swine Flu Vaccine Linked To Rare Paralyzing Disease

A new study finds that the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine in the U.S., which was given out in 2009, was associated with a small increased risk of developing the rare paralyzing disease Guillain-Barré syndrome. However, the authors note that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.

Guillain Barré syndrome is a disorder which affects the peripheral nervous system, it is characterized as symmetrical weakness, usually affecting the lower limbs first and then progressing to other parts of the body.

The syndrome occurs when the body attacks nerves which are essential for movement and respiration. Although the condition is serious and can take months to recover from, almost 80% of patients end up making a full recovery.

The study, which was published in The Lancet, aimed to identify whether there was any link between the mass 2009 H1N1 vaccination programe in the USA and increased risk of developing Guillain Barré syndrome.

They gathered data from six different adverse event monitoring systems to evaluate the safety of the H1N1 vaccine. The researchers, led by Dr Daniel Salmon, of the National Vaccine Program Office, US Department of Health and Human Services, looked at the prevalence of Guillain-Bare syndrome among the 23 million people who were vaccinated.


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Food Safety

Governors Help BPI Wash Ammoniated Beef of “Pink Slime” Image

By Helena Bottemiller

Three governors – among them recent presidential candidate Rick Perry of Texas, two lieutenant governors, and the Under Secretary for Food Safety at the U.S. Department of Agriculture all went to bat for Beef Products Inc. in a press conference…

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No Sign of Oyster Recovery Two Years After BP Oil Spill

By Dan Flynn

With the second anniversary of the BP oil spill fast approaching, attention is once again returning to the damaged Gulf environment, especially to its greatly diminished oyster production. The worst man-made environmental disaster in U.S. history put 200 million gallons of…

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California Lifts Quarantine on Claravale Farm Raw Milk

By News Desk

California State Veterinarian Dr. Annette Whiteford lifted a statewide quarantine Thursday on raw milk produced by Claravale Farm, while the state Department of Public Health said it is still conducting an epidemiological investigation of reported clusters of Campylobacter infection associated…

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FDA Seeks to Stop CA Fish Producer, Cites Botulism Risk

By Gretchen Goetz

The U.S. Food and Drug administration is seeking an injunction against a California seafood company because of a risk of botulism and other food hazards in its fish and fish products.Government inspections determined that Fujino Enterprises Inc., which operates under…

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H1N1 Vaccine Tied to Spike in Narcolepsy

By Michael Smith, North American Correspondent, MedPage Today

Reviewed by Dori F. Zaleznik, MD; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston and Dorothy Caputo, MA, RN, BC-ADM, Nurse Planner

Cases of childhood narcolepsy spiked in Finland in 2010, and researchers there are suggesting the adjuvanted vaccine against the H1N1 pandemic flu might have been a trigger.

Two related studies, appearing online in PLoS ONE, found that the incidence of narcolepsy rose markedly in children and adolescents, while remaining unchanged in those 20 and older.

Most of the cases in children occurred after vaccination with the ASO3-adjuvanted flu vaccine Pandemrix, which was the only vaccine used in Finland during the pandemic.

The two studies, with overlapping research teams, used hospital discharge data and vaccination records to identify cases and estimate incidence.

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This Simple Hand Trick Helped Participants Melt Away Flab

By Dr. Mercola

According to novel research, obese women can exercise longer if they cool the palms of their hands.

Fat tissue is a very effective insulator, causing many who are obese to get too hot while exercising.

To investigate whether cooling the hands might help overweight women overcome fatigue and overheating while exercising, researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine tested a hand-cooling device already in use by some professional athletes.

According to MSN Health i:

“[Researchers] assigned the women to one of two groups: both held the cooling device in their palms, but only one group had cool water (60.8 degrees Fahrenheit) running through the device…

The cooling group shaved more than five minutes off their time for the 1.5 mile treadmill test…

Their exercising heart rate went up, too, 136 beats per minute to 154 beats per minute — a good thing.

The cooling group also took more than two inches off their waist by end of the 12-week study.

… Their blood pressure also went down, from 139/84 to 124/70. (Below 120/80 is the goal.)

In contrast, the comparison group didn’t show any substantial differences in any of the measures…”

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Holistic Health

G. Edward Griffin – A World Without Cancer – The Story Of Vitamin B17

Uploaded by manonfireb4u on Dec 27, 2010

Citrus May Reduce Stroke Risk, Study Finds

By Gretchen Goetz

A compound found in citrus fruits may reduce a woman’s risk of stroke according to a recent study.Researchers at Harvard University Medical Center and Norwich Medical School in the U.K. studied stroke rates in almost 700,000 women over 14 years…

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The conventional lie about Autism and other chronic diseases

By Jonathan Landsman,

(NaturalNews) Imagine your doctor telling you: “There is no known cure for this condition”. Sadly, there are a staggering amount of people victimized by this destructive (false) belief system. But, to make matters worse, millions of people are being systematically prevented from hearing the truth about how to effectively eliminate disease – naturally. Join us for an enlightening program – filled with practical solutions – with a true (medical) pioneer – visit: http://www.naturalhealth365.com and…

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Pet Health

A Dangerous Trend in Pet Health: Fat is the New Normal

By Dr. Becker

Well, the latest depressing results are in, and I’m sad to report U.S. pets continued to get fatter during 2011.

A survey of veterinarians conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) found that 53 percent of adult dogs and 55 percent of adult cats are officially overweight or obesei.

In terms of how pet owners view their overweight four-legged companions, not surprisingly, fat has become the new ‘normal.’

Fifteen percent of cat owners and 22 percent of dog owners view their too-heavy pets as being of normal weight.

Oddly, over 90 percent of pet owners are aware pet obesity is a problem, yet many don’t acknowledge the furry obesity statistic living under the same roof with them.

Dr. Ernie Ward of APOP considers a major contributing factor to be commercial pet food and treats.

He points out that a typical dog treat fed to a 20 pound dog is the equivalent of a human eating 2 double-stuffed fudge cookies.

A pig ear fed to a 40 pound dog is like a human drinking a six-pack of 12 ounce sodas.

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Castellini Company Recalls Jalapeno Peppers

By News Desk

Castellini Company is recalling certain jalapeno peppers distributed from its Wilder, Kentucky facility because they may be contaminated with Salmonella. A random test by the Ohio Department of Agriculture in a store in Ohio which revealed the presence of Salmonella in…

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Listeria Tests Prompt Recall of Halal ‘Kubba’ Beef

By News Desk

Mosul Kubba of Chicago, IL. is recalling approximately 1,100 pounds of stuffed, layered beef products due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced Thursday.The problem was discovered during routine…

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Allergen Alert

Allergen Alert: Cookies With Milk

By News Desk

Topnotch Cookies & Cakes of Westland, MI is recalling certain chocolate chip cookies because they may contain undeclared traces of milk, an allergen, in the butter and vanilla flavoring.The recall was initiated after it was discovered that the supplier of…

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Officials blame ‘mystery virus’ for widespread deaths of thousands of cattle

By Ethan A. Huff,

(NaturalNews) Thousands of lambs and cattle across Europe are bearing dead or severely deformed offspring, and the mainstream media and health officials are blaming a “mystery virus” for this inexplicable and worsening phenomenon. The U.K’s Telegraph reports that at least 74 farms across southern and eastern England, and many more in Germany and various other places across Europe, are being afflicted by what some are now calling the “Schmallenberg Virus.” Springtime is when many farmers’ flocks…

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Battle over fluoride warning intensifies in New Hampshire

By Doug Cragoe,

(NaturalNews) In 2006 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Dental Association (ADA) finally admitted what dental researchers had been saying for many years. If powdered infant formula is prepared with fluoridated water infants are put at increased risk of a developmental disturbance called fluorosis. This causes disfigured teeth with white spots, streaks, and occasionally brown stains that can affect a child’s appearance and self esteem. Fluorosis can be expensive to fix, and no…

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