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Thriving economy abandons cash for commodities

With the Western world rocked by economic turmoil, we explore an alternative financial system that’s secure, stable and has stood the test of time. In Vanuatu, a different approach to money is thriving.

According to the UN Vanuatu is one of the world’s least developed countries, but no one goes hungry there. When they need money they simply make their own. “The only thing we need money for is to pay for salt, soap and kerosene.” School fees and medical bills are paid in exchange with local produce, woven mats and pigs.”Pigs tusks can hold their value against any other form of currency.” On the island of Pentecost the bank accepts deposits of pig tusks and claims to have reserves of $1.4 million. As the world frets about the fragility of its financial system, “Vanuatu is ready to teach all the other countries the road to a good life.”

A Film By SBS
Distributed By Journeyman Pictures
May 2012

Earth Watch Report -Landslides

Today Landslide American Samoa Eastern Region, [Between Afono and Vatia] Damage level

Landslide in American Samoa on Saturday, 22 December, 2012 at 04:28 (04:28 AM) UTC.

In American Samoa, a massive landslide early this morning has cut off access between the villages of between Afono and Vatia. Police say the landslide was reported just after one this morning, and public works crews are there now now to clear the debris. One local told KHJ News it is the biggest landslide he’s seen, and it looks like a large area of the mountain side slid. He says it would probably take 3-4 hours to clear the road. He added people should avoid the road to and from Vatia as they will be stuck for some time.