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Two kittens that shut down a New York City subway line for more than an hour have been found and rescued from the tracks.

Kittens that brought New York subway lines to a standstill rescued

A kitten stands between the rails on subway tracks in the Brooklyn borough of New York Photo: AP

Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokeswoman Julie Glave says the kittens were discovered Thursday evening under the third rail of an express track in Brooklyn.

Glave says MTA workers and police officers removed the kittens from the subway tunnel in crates.

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Sandy: New York subway damage ‘devastating’

All seven subway tunnels running under the East River in New York City suffered salt water damage. Restoration will be gradual, a transit spokeswoman said. Above, caution tape covers entrance to the Times Square subway station.



NEW YORK — The giant storm Sandy wreaked havoc on the New York City subway system, flooding tunnels, garages and rail yards and threatening to paralyze the nation’s largest mass-transit system for days.

“The New York City subway system is 108 years old, but it has never faced a disaster as devastating as what we experienced last night,” Joseph Lhota, chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, said in a statement early Tuesday.

Seven Damaged Tunnels

All seven subway tunnels running under the East River from Manhattan to Queens and Brooklyn took in water, and any resulting saltwater damage to the system’s electrical components will have to be cleaned — in some cases off-site — before the system can be restored, MTA spokeswoman Diedre Parker said on Tuesday.

Lengthy Repairs

At dawn on Tuesday, emergency crews were assessing the damage to tunnels and elevated tracks. Restoring the system is likely to be a gradual process, she said.

“It’s really hard to say which areas will come back first,” Parker said, adding it will likely be a combination of limited subway and bus service. “It will come back gradually.”

The MTA said there was no timetable for getting subways, trains and buses back in operation. The agency dismissed reports on Twitter and other social media sites that subway service would be out for the rest of the week.

Serves 5.3 Million People

About 5.3 million people use the city’s subway system on weekdays. The system, which runs around the clock, comprises 21 subway routes linked by 468 stations, and stretches across 1,050 kilometres of track.

The MTA’s Metro North Railroad lost power on its suburban Hudson and New Haven lines, while there was flooding in an East River tunnel used by the Long Island Rail Road, the agency said.

The city closed down subway, bus and commuter train systems on Sunday night — a full day before Sandy, one of the biggest storms to ever hit the United States, made landfall on Monday night in neighbouring New Jersey.

Sandy was especially imposing because of its wide-ranging winds. The storm brought a record storm surge of almost 4.2 metres to downtown Manhattan, well above the previous record of three metres during Hurricane Donna in 1960, the National Weather Service said.


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Running amok: Film shows rat terrorising subway passengers as city official warns vermin scare tourists away

By Daily Mail Reporter

Vermin are running amok on New York City streets and in subway tunnels, a Manhattan city official warned today.

And as if to confirm the comments, a new video has emerged showing a rat running riot on a New York subway train.

The rat problem is so bad that it is threatening public health and driving tourists from the city, claimed Manhattan Borough president Scott Stringer.

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Threat to health and tourism: Rats on a New York City street (file photo)Threat to health and tourism: Rats on a New York City street (file photo)

‘They don’t want to come here and share their vacation with a New York City rat,’ he said.

He demanded $1.5million in ‘rat control’ be restored to the city’s Health Department budget.

The cut, he said, had forced the layoff of 57 pest control workers. That resulted in a spike of 1.5 per cent in complaints over the last year and damage to New York’s appeal as a tourist destination.

And, he said, the rampaging rodents are also a threat to public safety.

‘I find this to be unacceptable because rodents are very dangerous to children and the quality of life of the city,’ Stringer said.

He said the cut ‘makes no sense’ as the city’s pest control programme was collecting around $6million in fines each year from building owners for pest-related health violations.

Running: Terrified passengers raise their feet as a rogue rat runs through a subway carRunning: Terrified passengers raise their feet as a rogue rat runs through a subway car

Horror: Subway rider awakes to find the rodent inches from his faceHorror: YouTube video which emerged in January shows a New York subway rider awakening to find a rat inches from his face

‘Why would you make cuts to a programme that actually makes money for the city?’ Stringer said.

Unless the cuts are restored and the pest control force fortified, the rat control problem is only going to get worse, he said.

City health spokeswoman Susan Craig said the layoffs have ‘had no impact on the agency’s ability to respond to rat complaints’.

The city has adapted to the cuts by doing more comprehensive pest control sweeps of neighborhoods as opposed to responding to individual complaints, she said.

‘Our new approach has allowed us to become better at discovering rat problems, better at notifying landlords about infestations and better at getting properties near each other to treat rat problems simultaneously,’ she said.