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On Feb. 6, “Mikey,” was surrendered to the New York Animal Care and Control in Manhattan; his owner cited “personal problems” as the reason for leaving the senior dog behind.

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The ten-year-old Yorkshire terrier mix was not the only casualty of the owner’s personal problems…two other dogs were surrendered to the same facility as well.

Chuppi (A0991144), a nine-year-old poodle mix, and Milo (A0991147), also nine years of age and a poodle mix, are currently homeless as well.

Today, the three seniors are all in the “super urgent” album on the Facebook page, Urgent Part 2-Urgent Death Row Dogs.

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via NBC New York

Elderly dog abandoned in New York

Elderly dog abandoned in New Yorkvia NBC New York
February 11, 2014

According to Tuesday’s NBC New York News, an elderly, neglected dog was abandoned in the cold near a veterinary hospital in Manhattan, N.Y., on Sunday.

According to CBS New York, a security camera captured an image of the man who left the senior chow chow tied to a gate outside of a store; the dog was later retrieved and take to the Riverside Animal Hospital for care.

The abandoned 12-year-old dog is in poor condition – according to veterinarians at the hospital, the dog was emaciated, dehydrated and his coat so matted that it took hours to shave the fur away.

The dog is also confused; Georgia Weber, a veterinarian who treated the dog stated:

Then he was sitting crying in a cage here on Sunday just with me, not knowing where he was, not knowing what had happened to him,

“What he does know is he’s been abandoned.

Staff at the facility believes that the man who left the dog behind may have been at a loss over what to do with the dog, but they noted that there are much better options than what was done.

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Journeyman Pictures Journeyman Pictures


Published on Nov 4, 2013

Economic hardship in the world’s biggest financial superpower

For downloads and more information visit: http://www.journeyman.tv/?lid=66149&a…

The squeezed American middle class has been at breaking point for some time. Now with politicians reluctant to raise the minimum wage and food stamps being cut, the social consequences could be devastating.

Mike Doyle’s plummet into the ranks of America’s working poor is dramatic. He was a Wall Street trader – then the GFC clobbered his hedge fund and now he’s mixing drinks at night for $2.13 an hour. Every day he takes the dawn ferry to Manhattan to try – so far in vain – to resuscitate his financial career. “I think it’s a real big issue now. Every family I know, all of these people have two jobs”, he tells us. As renowned economist Joseph Stiglitz points out, he’s far from being alone. “Most Americans have seen their incomes stagnate or fall since 2008. Median income of a full-time male worker today is lower than it was 40 years ago.” Yet despite the grind, some refuse to give up, like young mother of one Tayzia Treadwell. She works as a security guard in one of the toughest neighbourhoods in America, while raising her child and studying at business college. “I want the good life that everyone dreams when you’re in school and you draw the little house and the picket fence and a dog. I just want a happy ending.” But without help it is difficult to see even those like Tayzia achieving their dreams. The land of opportunity? Not anymore.

ABC Australia

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Published on Aug 18, 2013

“When you restrict someone like Hector from running his business, when you hit him with fines and prohibitions, and you give him all these restrictions” says Sean Malone, the Creative Media Director of the Charles Koch Institute, “you’re not killing some big business. What you’re doing, in this case, is harming immigrant guys.”

Malone sat down with Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV to discuss his new online documentary, “No Vans Land.” It tells the story of Hector Ricketts, a Jamaican immigrant who settled in New York City and started a commuter van service. Ricketts’ vans catered to a neglected market: healthcare workers in the outer boroughs, far from Manhattan, who were underserved by public transportation. He offered fares that were lower than city buses, while receiving no subsidies from taxpayers.

As Ricketts’ business grew, he came into conflict with the city. The metropolitan transit workers union perceived his vans as a threat to their livelihood. The politically powerful union pressured the city to crack down on the entire commuter van industry, imposing restrictions and fines that made it difficult to conduct business.

With time, tenacity, and the assistance of the Institute for Justice, a libertarian law firm, Ricketts was able to take on the city bureaucracy, and win the right to stay in business.

Malone continues to make documentaries about the struggles of small entrepreneurs. His next project champions entrepreneurs in the hair braiding profession, who’ve created jobs in Mississippi by eliminating arbitrary barriers to enter the field.

Go to http://reason.com/reasontv/2013/08/16… for downloadable versions and subscribe to ReasonTV’s YouTube Channel to receive notifications when new material goes live.

Runs about 6:50.

Produced by Todd Krainin. Camera by Amanda Winkler and Krainin.

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 BREAKING NEWS – “Massive Fire” JP MORGAN gold depo!!!


Published on Jul 20, 2013

A journalist on scene on Wall Street filmed footage of a massive fleet of Firetrucks and ambulances in front of JP Morgan’s former headquarters at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, with fire-fighters stating they are responding to a COMMERCIAL VAULT FIRE IN THE BASEMENT of JPM’s headquarters at 15 Broad St!
With JPM’s gold inventory plunging 66% Friday to an all-time low of 46,000 ounces, and with reportedly over 502,000 ounces still standing against JPM for the JUNE gold contract, is the long anticipated force-majeure event in progress?

*UPDATE: FDNY tweet confirms fire is in a commercial vault!


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Mayor Bloomberg Says America Needs to Change the Constitution in Wake of Boston Marathon Bombing

Activist Post

NYC Mayor Bloomberg has shown he is often delusional when it comes to his role as a public servant. He has proven to be a far better servant of the elite and their police state measures every chance he gets.

As the Occupy Wall Street protests gathered momentum, it was Bloomberg who attacked activists with charges of undermining the economy and tourism. When police turned to pepper spray and beatings (caught clearly on film), no condemnation was forthcoming.

(Incidentally, a Manhattan court has just ruled that there will be no charges issued against these officers since, using force is “part of their job.”)

Rather than reign in his out-of control police, premeditated mass arrests ensued which drew lawsuits from protesters. Now, more than a decade after 9/11, New York currently stands as one of the most high-tech militarized cities on the planet, in addition to having carte blanche to impose a whole range of unconstitutional measures across the city. Nevertheless, Bloomberg apparently still feels restricted by that quaint document some know as the formative rule of law upon which citizens can depend for their safety. Rather, he suggests that it is he and his police state that should provide additional protection.

Bloomberg recently invoked 9/11, yet again, in order to echo concerns surrounding the Boston Marathon Bombings and the world in which we live. As Politicker reports:

“But we live in a complex world where you’re going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will. And our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.

“…we live in a very dangerous world. We know there are people who want to take away our freedoms. New Yorkers probably know that as much if not more than anybody else after the terrible tragedy of 9/11,” he said.

“We have to understand that in the world going forward, we’re going to have more cameras and that kind of stuff. That’s good in some sense, but it’s different from what we are used to,” he said.

More surveillance than what already exists? And who has been most responsible for taking away our freedoms? As highlighted by Deborah Natsios from Cryptome, the current NYC Ring of Steel has created a public domain which is a Threatscape – a full spectrum response system to all potential security risks – “the new utopia of an anonymity free city where each sovereign subject is identified and every outlaw is tracked in perpetuity.”


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Government-Media Complex Sneaks New Buzz Word on American Public: “LOCKDOWN” – aka Martial Law

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon government false flag, a new phrase has gained strength in the global government dictionary; a term used commonly in prisons is now being used in the United States to be imposed on Americans. ‘Lockdown’ is the new catch phrase the government-mainstream media complex has created to catch criminals that are ‘REALLY’ dangerous.

We all heard them announce the city of Boston was in ‘lockdown’ mode. No one seems to care that ‘lockdown’ is a full violation of the Constitution, the fundamental principles of freedom and America.

The underlying (subliminal) message being conveyed is that since there is a lock-down then this suspect must be really dangerous, and catching this suspect must be more important than the rights of the people. We are to think that suspects’ ‘danger-meter’ determines your degree of rights. We are to believe that the same government that has killed millions globally is so concerned for your personal physical safety that it feels obligated to violate all your God-given and Constitutional rights to catch one suspect.

Dissecting the Deception:

First let us consider the duties of a police officer. Police have a job to do and that is to fight crime and enforce the law by handing out tickets (I suppose) and arresting people that commit crimes. They carry guns in the rare case they need to defend themselves in the process. A police officer’s basic job description would also involve investigating cases and looking for people. So when you hear that police are “looking for” someone, that (by definition) is an ordinary job task. Police have been looking for suspects since the beginning of time. This is what they do. There has never been a time period when police have not been looking for suspects. This is the most ordinary thing that police can ever do.
So then why are the police using the new phrase ‘lockdown’ when they are looking for a special suspect? And why is the Police-Media-Government Complex using this phrase? Because it is martial law in disguise. Martial law has officially arrived in America. As long as the American public allow them to toss this term so easily, the Police-Government-Media complex have set up the stage for martial law. Now they need only create a story in order to ‘lockdown’ the next city of their choice.

Some basic questions:


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7 Location Ideas for Apartment and Urban Gardens

Uploaded on Jan 22, 2012

Since a lot of apartment dwellers are renters as well, we need to take into consideration the costs involved and what our landlord will allow.

It ain’t no thang though because here are seven (7) spaces where you can start your apartment garden.

For more information, please visit http://www.UrbanOrganicGardener.com


Daisy Luther

The  Organic Prepper

March 7, 2013

There really are very few “perfect” locations for a prepper.  A very common excuse that some people give as to why they cannot prep is their current location.  People say, “Well, once we are able to get moved to our farm in two years I’ll start prepping hardcore.” Another favorite is “I’m saving the money for moving instead of using it for preps.” Or even worse, ”Oh, there is no point in prepping here, because if the SHTF I’ll be dead.”

Stop this kind of thinking RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Sometimes, to borrow an old saying, you just have to bloom where you’re planted.

There are many things you can do to increase your preparedness wherever you happen to live.  Apartment dwellers at the top of a city high rise, folks in the middle of the desert, and people in HOA-ruled suburban lots all have to examine their situations, figure out their pros and cons, and work towards resolving what they can.  With some pre-planning, there is a lot you can overcome if you have the right mindset.  I suspect there are just as many (and probably far more) preppers living in the ‘burbs than there are living in perfect rural locations, with a lake, 10 acres of cultivated farmland in an off-grid house.

Money is tight all over.  It’s very easy for people to say, off-the-cuff, “Oh, you should move.”

But just picking up and moving isn’t that easy.  It took me nearly 4 years to be able to do that.  People have obligations and ties that some Joe-Blow on the internet shouting out advice can’t even begin to understand.  Some in the prepping community have a complete disconnect with the realities of everyday people.  There are reasons like:

  • Not enough money to leave
  • A good job (very hard to come by these days)
  • Family members in the area that you don’t want to abandon
  • No work opportunities where you want to go
  • Custody orders that require you to remain in a certain area
  • A spouse who is not on board
  • A house that won’t sell or with an upside-down mortgage

The list goes on and on.  There are as many reasons to remain in one place as there are people living in cities.  And yes, I could sit here and refute each and every reason a person has chosen to remain, but it wouldn’t do one bit of good.  People are sometimes alienated by the prepping movement when it seems that everything is black and white or like their personal decisions are somehow less valid than the decisions of some random person on the internet.

That’s why it’s important to take your current situation, warts and all, and work with it.  This doesn’t mean that you should abandon your plans for a better location some time in the future if such a move is warranted.  But it means that you shouldn’t put off important preparedness steps until after that move is made.

Assess Your Situation

You don’t know where to go if you don’t know where you are.  The first and most vital step is an honest assessment of your current situation.  The situation that you have right now, this very minute, not the one you will have in a month or in a year. Assess your needs regarding the following in a SHTF scenario or disaster:

  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Food/Cooking
  • Heating
  • Security
  • Light

Once you know exactly where you are with these things, you can begin to look for solutions that will work for you, today.  Dig in and make a plan for the survival of your family.

And a little note to those who say, “It doesn’t matter, I’m in downtown Manhattan. I’ll die anyway.”

No, you won’t.  You won’t be that lucky. You will be absolutely thoroughly miserable, breathing foul unhealthy air.  You’ll be thirsty enough to drink unsanitary water, which will cause bowel issues to worsen problem #1.  You’ll be hungry, but not hungry enough that you die of starvation.  You will be at the mercy of thugs better armed than you.  And you won’t die, not right away.  You will live like I just described, and it will be horrible.  Look at the residents of Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy.  They didn’t die but they were absolutely miserable, they were terrified, they were eating from dumpsters,  and much of it could have been avoided with some basic preparedness.

Survival in a Population Dense Area

Before I relocated to my little cabin in the woods I lived in a very metropolitan area.  I was lucky in that I had 1/10th of an acre.  I did everything I could come up with to make my little house as sustainable as possible should the poop hit the oscillating device before I could get out.  A disaster in the city IS survivable.

I planted every inch of the back yard and grew enough food that the home-canned and frozen produce lasted until Christmas.  I stockpiled groceries.  I had plywood cut and pre-drilled to cover each window of the house. I had printed official looking quarantine signs to hang on the door of my house as a deterrent. I put together a little outdoor fireplace in the backyard behind my fence.  I got  a big dog.  I collected rainwater from downspouts at each corner of the house.  I purchased an antique oil heater in good working order, and stockpiled heating oil.  I had enough seeds to plant for the next 4 years.  I located nearby sources of water, wood, and nuts.  I got a wagon for hauling stuff if the transportation system was down.

In short, I did everything possible to make the best of a potentially terrible location.  It wasn’t perfect, but we would have outlasted most of the other people in our residential neighborhood and done so under the radar.

The Priorities

Let’s take a look at each of the major challenges that we face in a SHTF situation.  Obviously different disasters offer different challenges.  These lists aren’t meant to be comprehensive.  They are meant to be a starting point to get your wheels turning on how you and your family can best survive, exactly where you’re planted right now.


You can only survive for 3 days without water (and you’ll be weak and suffering way before that) so that should put water preparedness at the very top of your list.  Some ideas:  1 month supply of drinking water stored (plan on a gallon per day, per person and pet), non-electric water filtration system (with spare filters), buckets along with a sled or wheel barrow depending on the season for transporting water, a water catchment system, water purification supplies (bleach, pool shock, tablets), system for catching gray water to be reused for flushing, washing, etc.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New York, it was reported that people were defecating and urinating in the hallways of apartment buildings once the sewer system stopped working.  Lack of sanitation is not only unpleasant, but it spreads disease.  Some ideas: portapotty, buckets lined with heavy duty trash bags, kitty litter, water for flushing if you have septic, learn how to shut off the main valve so that city sewage cannot back up into your house or apartment, supplies to build an outhouse, lime, baby wipes,antibacterial wipes, white vinegar, bleach,  hand sanitizer, extra toilet paper.


Most preppers have a food supply, but have you considered how you’re going to prepare all those beans if your stove doesn’t work?  Some ideas: Minimum of 1 month of food for each family member and pet;  alternative cooking methods indoors like a fondue pot, a woodstove, propane stove, or fireplace; outdoor cooking methods like a barbecue (beware of tantalizing smells and hungry neighbors), outdoor fireplace or firepit, rocket stove, or sun oven; and foods that don’t require cooking or heating.

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How to Make Your Own Vertical Garden – Less than $15.00


Published on May 15, 2012

This is a video response to all the people asking me how to make a vertical garden that is based on the phytopod. I go through all the steps and supplies that you will need in order to build your own vertical garden.


Growing Vertically in Small Spaces – Examples of Vertical Gardening Trellis Methods


Uploaded on Mar 29, 2010

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com visits a local community garden and shares with you some examples of vertical trellis methods. Watch this video to get ideas on how to grow vertically when using Square Foot Gardening SFG or not.


Patio Gardening Tips


Published on Apr 7, 2009

Award winning garden expert Steve Brookes shares great fun and informative gardening tips. These tips are about patio gardening.

Bruce Golding
NY Post
Thu, 24 Jan 2013 14:41 CST

© Image via AP/OKCupid via DNAinfo

Prosecutors want jurors at the upcoming “cannibal cop” trial to learn about defendant Gilberto Valle’s computer chats with an online pal who told him that the taste of human flesh “isn’t quite like pork, but very meaty anyway.”

Court papers say Valle’s would-be dining partner — who used the screen name “Moody Blues” — boasted that he’d feasted previously on “a black woman and a white child.”

“I’ve not had a young white woman. Looking forward to it,” Moody Blues added.

Valle — who said he hadn’t eaten anyone before — replied, “Excellent,” according to the Manhattan federal court filing.

Prosecutors also cited the following exchange:

Moody Blues: “If we get someone…and we finish the meat early, would you go for another?”

Valle: “Yeah. I think we would have to give it time though.”

Moody Blues: “Why? Go for a completely different type. I’d love to eat another child.”

In addition, court papers say Moody Blues noted: “I also love roasting whole pelvises, mind you only did with the little one so far.”


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Greenwich Village Couple Arrested After Investigators Find Explosive Powder, ‘Terrorist Encyclopedia’


Suspicious Substance

Three buildings in Greenwich Village were evacuated after a suspicious powder was found in an apartment. (Credit: Monica Miller/WCBS 880)


Morgan Gliedman is awaiting her court appearance. Her boyfriend, Aaron Greene, was held without bail after he appeared in state court in Manhattan on Sunday. Both were arrested Saturday as police executed a search warrant at their apartment.

Three buildings in Greenwich Village were evacuated Saturday, after police found a substance that looked like explosive powder.

Police Detective Martha Barrera reported that a plastic container containing a white powdery substance known as HMTD was found in the living room. The substance is highly explosive.

A police spokesman said the NYPD warrant squad went to the home to look for a woman Saturday morning in a building on 9th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, and spotted the white substance in an ashtray.

It was removed to a police firing range for analysis.

Police said investigators also found a shotgun and two magazine clips for handguns.

“They had improvised and modified firearms, deadly homemade weapons, a do-it-yourself sub-machine gun – how to make it,” NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly said on Monday.


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Earth Watch Report –  Storms- Disaster Management





ON SATURDAY, DOZENS OF RESIDENTS, CONCERNED CITIZENS AND OCCUPY ACTIVISTS RALLIED, SANG SONGS AND MARCHED TO BRING ATTENTION TO THE SLOW PACE OF RECOVERY IN THE ROCKAWAYS, A GROUP OF BARRIER ISLANDS THAT SUFFERED EXTENSIVE FLOODING DUE TO SUPERSTORM SANDY. MORE THAN 7,000 ROCKAWAY PROPERTIES ARE TOO DAMAGED FOR AUTHORITIES TO RESTORE POWER. COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS SAY MANY ARE STILL ARE LIVING WITHOUT HEAT AND WATER.SINGING: “My neighbor got no heat, my neighbor got no lights// think about Far Rockaway, when you sleep tonight.MANY, LIKE 12 YEAR OLD ROCKAWAY RESIDENT KEKELI HOR SAY THERE’S BEEN A LACK OF RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO LOCAL RESIDENTS COMPARED TO MORE AFFLUENT AREAS AFFECTED BY THE STORM.Kekeli Hor, Rockaway resident”People should be fixing up people’s houses right now, some people have houses and they have mold, some people have been without electricity for like 2 months and so on, and they are not doing anything about it. In Manhattan right now, everything is fixed, they fixed the power lines in Manhattan, and everything, why can’t they do the same thing for Far Rockaway?”RESIDENTS ARE ALSO CONCERNED ABOUT THE HARMFUL MOLD GROWING IN FLOOD DAMAGED HOUSES. RESIDENT VIRGINIA DEER, WHO WORKED WITH OCCUPY SANDY TO ORGANIZE THE DAY’S ACTION , SAYS SHE’S BEEN PERSONALLY AFFECTED.Virginia Deer, Rockaway Resident”Our home right now actually, the entire first floor is completely just gutted out and there is still mold there I mean, they tell us what to do in order to remediate the mold, but it doesn’t work so then what are we supposed to do after that, when we don’t have enough information about what to do, we don’t have enough resources or manpower to actually do what needs to be done.”DEER’S HOME HAS HAD ITS POWER RESTORED, BUT SHE CONTINUES TO LIVE WITH RELATIVES IN A TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT WITH 9 OTHER PEOPLE. LIKE MANY OTHER RESIDENTS, DEER IS UNSURE WHEN IT WILL BE SAFE TO RETURN HOME. ACTIVISTS SAY THEY HAVEN’T SEEN ANY GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR TESTING FOR MOLD.Virginia Deer, Rockaway Resident


Read  Full Transcript Here