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British Columbia Company Says
It’s Crafting Cloak Of Invisibility

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B.C. company says it’s crafting cloak of invisibility
Global News

Imagine if you could just wrap a piece of fabric around you – and you became invisible.

It may sound like something out of a Harry Potter movie, but a Maple Ridge, B.C. company is hoping to make this idea a reality.

Hyperstealth Biotechnology is in the midst of manufacturing a material using light-bending technology, branded “Quantum Stealth.”

“This is something they could actually fold up in their pocket, and bring it out when they need it. Or they could actually make it into their uniform,” company president and CEO Guy Cramer tells Global BC reporter Ted Chernecki.

The fabric, which works 360 degrees, “doesn’t operate on a power source, it doesn’t use cameras, it doesn’t use mirrors, and there’s no instruction manual for it. Put it on and it works.”

It’s not expensive or heavy either, according to Cramer, who says a two-pound cloak will wrap up a soldier, and make him or her under wraps.

Cramer says the fabric can render someone invisible by bending light waves around him or her. And it also removes the ability for thermal and infrared (night vision) sensors to detect the person.

Even the person’s shadow will mostly disappear – with only five per cent remaining.


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