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Uploaded: July 6, 2013 ***You won’t find ‘HPFD Syndrome’ listed in any medical journal. We are documenting the long deserved acknowledgement of it’s existence here. Symptoms are listed from findings of sufferers and compiled data regarding the effects of high pressure infrasound and other frequencies over large areas of population simultaneously, on the human body.
Some symptoms are listed below***

Classic ‘HPFD Syndrome’ (High Pressure Frequency Debilitation Syndrome)

Some symptoms include… persistent vibrations, reverberations and tremblings in the body, especially noticeable when calming down to go to sleep resulting in inability to sleep. Torturous sensations of skin and flesh crawling, impending insanity, oppressive fatigue, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality changes, unexplained headaches, sinus swelling and/or excessive mucus, loss of cognition, loss of concentration, memory loss, visual disturbances, painful joints and muscles throughout body, unexplained swelling, odd buzzing – ringing or humming sound in the brain or ears reverberating even to the teeth at times, heart palpitations or racing…

TTA = Tesla Tech Array. TTA’s are part of the global Tesla Technology network. They emit most ranges of high powered frequency from ELF to EHF and everything in between, audible and inaudible. They’re found on Satellites, HAARP type arrays, military vessels and in field, handheld and mobile. My videos are full of them. There are many Hydroacoustic TTA’s. They are used for everything from creating and manipulating weather to inducing earthquakes. Even molecular Dissociation down to a fine mist.

Video Sources:

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Additional Sources:

Pictures from Bobby Mann, Jr. and RevMichelleHopkins
And various public domain sources

Near Real Time (Orbit Swath) Images…
Date: 2013/173 – 07/04/2013……

Google Earth Coordinates:
37°55’49.11″N 75°28’17.46″W

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