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By Joe Rosato Jr,

Carlos and Barbara Landeros only wanted a little Valentine’s Day romance.

So last Thursday, the Vallejo, Calif., couple decided to drive to San Francisco for a swanky romantic dinner. And of course no romantic outing would be complete without a pre-dinner trip to the Golden Gate Bridge.

But as soon as they pulled into Vista Point, Barbara spotted a black camera bag without an owner in sight.

With tourists running to and fro, she stood guard over the bag in hopes the owner would soon return.

“We wait about 45 minutes before we picked up the bag,” said Barbara Landeros at her Vallejo home. “Because we didn’t know who it belongs to.”

With no one returning for the bag, Barbara eventually decided to take a peek inside. At first she saw a camera lens, then credit cards, then an envelope of cash — lots of cash.

“I got nervous at first, it could be drug money,” she said. “I was scared.”

They finally decided the thing to do was take the bag to San Francisco’s Hall Of Justice to turn it in to the police.

“He said, ‘Good for you guys,'” she recalled of the policeman who took the report. “‘I’m proud of you.'”

It turns out that wad of cash inside the bag was no small sum.

It totaled $11,060.42. Police used the credit cards to trace the bag to a visiting Chinese tourist called Mark in San Francisco.

Mark, who didn’t want his last name used, said he was excited to get the call from police. “When the officer give me everything, and he said, ‘happy Valentine’s Day,'” said Mark who was in the last day of vacation before returning to China.

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He said he was carrying the cash for several families who were traveling together, and that he forgot the bag after posing for family photos on the bridge.

He said the bag’s finders were “very, very kind in heart.”

Mark said he tried to call the Landeros family to thank them, but had the wrong phone number.

So he piled his family into a rental car and drove out to their Vallejo home to thank them personally. Only they weren’t home.

He said he finally reached them by phone and was able to thank them. He also put a check in the mail with a reward.

It seems Mark’s Valentine’s Day ended a lot better than the couple’s. After spending hours making a police report, they hit rush hour traffic heading back to Vallejo. Valentine’s Day dinner ended up being a snack at McDonald’s next to the police station.

Still, Barbara said she believes in karma, and was happy not to invoke any of the negative kind. And she figured she and Carlos at least got a few photos and a story out of their day.

“So my heart is rested now because the people got their money and their bag,” she said.


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By Michael,


Nine out of  ten people we’ve met who expressed an interest in being a survivalist or prepper,  frankly, did not know their own mind.  Like at the poker table, to win you must either be all in, or don’t bother playing.  You can’t get to home plate if you keep one foot on third base.

Often the problem comes in not with someone’s own head, but with the heads of people they are attached to –  wives, children, mothers, fathers, pets, friends, bosses, mild acquaintances. We could recount endlessly the amount of times we met people who were conflicted by others, who vainly labored at – or sought others to labor at – convincing their son, daughter, dog, cat, minster, rabbi, imam, boss, wife, husband that they should join in the bug-out.

Truth is, everyone of the aforementioned entities has a strong vested interest in keeping you in the system. It is like asking a butcher if it’s good to eat meat. If you discuss with people your desire to drop out of society –  those entrenched in society, even those at the lowest echelons of society –  it gives them permission to validate their own choices through you.  And believe me, they will do everything in their power to prove you wrong so that they can validate their own decisions – or because they are too afraid of the changes coming to admit that their comfy life may not be around tomorrow.

And in case you feel a need to give it a try, don’t bother trying to convince anyone else that your decision is right, either.  It won’t work and it will only lead to hard feelings with what once were your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

If you seek Nirvana, you seek to know yourself.  Your “self” is a solitary, singular word. If you are fortunate enough to have a significant other who agrees with you on the need to get to a survivable location and live a neo-primitive lifestyle, you are very lucky. But most personal set backs by those trying to achieve this lifestyle are related to family relations. So we’ll take it on face value that you are reading this  to find out how YOU can achieve this lifestyle.

First and foremost, be honest with yourself and others who may be considering going with you. Countless times we have seen a wife who wanted to do this and hoped by some miracle that didn’t necessarily involve them actually doing anything that her husband would suddenly be on the same page as she was. That is a pipe dream. If you feel strongly a certain way (and in this case that way is to become a neo-primative survivalist) then for God’s sake please discuss it honestly with your spouse.

Innumerable times a wife or husband would schedule a visit (when we were offering parts of our ranch as survival retreats) in the hopes that we would somehow convince their reluctant spouse. Every time we have been asked to do that for someone, we have flatly refused. On the face of it, it’s dishonest. This lifestyle is hard and any problems you had in the outside world, vis a vis, your honesty with each other, will become intensified when you have no outside distractions to mask them. A lack of honesty will turn into outright visceral resentment. This is also true of any other shortcomings your relationship may suffer from. So having a heart-to-heart with whomever you plan to have join you and coming to terms with it is your first step. You notice I am not convincing you that you need to do this. We presume you understand that. Your biggest bug-a-boo is who you bring with you, not what.

In this circumstance, it is all about compromises. If two people really care for each other, then in any discourse there is give and take. Find your happy medium and create an intention that it be successful, then take action to see to it that it is.

To be fair, it is also a consideration towards those relationships that you are better off without. I can’t tell you what they are, but deep down inside of you, you already know. The real question you have to ask yourself is, “Is this relationship worth dying for?” Of course this presupposes that you do not see a good end for this current world manifestation in the near future.

These are questions that will help you know your head and find your center.  It is also a rational decision to stay in the outside world with those you love knowing that you may very well die there.  You will get no greasy-eyed looks from me about it…I salute you. It takes balls to make either decision. To decide to stand with those whom you love is admirable. For them to decide to live with you is also admirable.  But make a decision – one way or the other – and then make that reality.


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