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5 mind-bending facts about dreams

By Jeanna Bryner

When your head hits the pillow, for many it’s lights out for the conscious part of you. But the cells firing in your brain are very much awake, sparking enough energy to produce the sometimes vivid and sometimes downright haunted dreams that take place during the rapid-eye-movement stage of your sleep.

Why do some people have nightmares while others really spend their nights in bliss? Like sleep, dreams are mysterious phenomena. But as scientists are able to probe deeper into our minds, they are finding some of those answers.

Here’s some of what we know about what goes on in dreamland.

1. Violent dreams can be a warning sign

As if nightmares weren’t bad enough, a rare sleep disorder — called REM sleep behavior disorder — causes people to act out their dreams, sometimes with violent thrashes, kicks and screams. Such violent dreams may be an early sign of brain disorders down the line, including Parkinson’s disease and dementia, according to research published online July 28, 2010, in the journal Neurology. The results suggest the incipient stages of these neurodegenerative disorders might begin decades before a person, or doctor, knows it.

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In UK survey, doctors support denying treatment to smokers, the obese

By staff

A majority of doctors in a United Kingdom survey supported measures to deny non-emergency medical services to smokers and the obese, The Observer newspaper reported Sunday.

Although the survey by the networking website was a self-selecting poll, the site’s chief executive called the response “a tectonic shift” for the profession.

The results feed into a British debate about “lifestyle rationing” by the National Health Service, the Observer reported.

The survey by, which claims nearly 192,000 members, found that 593, or 54 percent, of the 1,096 doctors who participated answered yes to this question: “Should the NHS be allowed to refuse non-emergency treatments to patients unless they lose weight or stop smoking?”

Doctors who approved gave a few examples, The Observer said:

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Medical breakthrough? Inviting patients to be involved in their own care

By PF Louis, April 28 2012
(NaturalNews) A series of recent articles obtained from medical press releases all hailed a “new” concept just introduced into mainstream medicine: Allowing medical patients and clinical trial subjects to be more involved with their treatments. This is a new concept for the mainstream medical monopoly, but not for truly holistic medicine. Holistic was a term used in one of the articles, all of which are linked in the sources below. The term is a bit inappropriate considering that not one of the…


Holistic Health

Electromagnetic hygiene – Can qi really help us be healthier?

By Lloyd Burrell, April 28 2012
(NaturalNews) Personal hygiene has been a bulwark of health and well-being since the 19th century; it’s only now at the beginning of the 21st century that the importance of electromagnetic hygiene is beginning to be understood. Researchers are discovering that understanding qi, or chi, has a central role to play in our health and well-being. When qi is in a state of balance and harmony, the body is healthy. When this equilibrium is disrupted, so is the body. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) perturb…

Swiss government report declares homeopathy is ‘cost effective’ in treating patients

By Dana Ullman, April 29 2012
(NaturalNews) In a story akin to “the mouse that roared,” a major report from the Swiss government has determined that the very small doses commonly used in homeopathic medicine are both effective and cost-effective. Despite the impressive technological prowess of conventional medicine today, the Swiss government has determined that homeopathy is considerably more cost effective. My previous article on this website highlighted a remarkable report on homeopathic medicine conducted by and for the…


Pet Health

Fats and Oils: Good for Your Dog’s Health?

Brought to you by petMD in partnership with Hill’s® Science Diet Ideal Balance®

As you will notice while checking out MyBowl, fats and oils are a necessary part of a balanced diet for dogs. A diet that provides about 10-15 percent fat (for normal, healthy adult animals) is best to maintain health. The time when fat in the diet becomes a problem is when animals are allowed to eat too much fat and calories (such as from extra treats and table scraps), without getting enough exercise to balance things out.

Dogs never have to worry about cholesterol levels like humans do, as they won’t end up with the same types of health issues humans can from eating a high-fat diet. If fat levels are too low; however, dogs can develop dry, itchy skin and a dull coat. Other problems that can develop include a diminished immune system and other potential health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

What are Fats?

Fats are a concentrated form of energy that give your dog more than twice the amount of energy as carbohydrates and proteins do. Fats used in dog foods are highly digestible and are the first nutrients to be used by the body as energy, ahead of protein and carbohydrates.

Fats are made up of building blocks called fatty acids. Fatty acids are named according to their chemical structure and how they are bonded together. There are certain fatty acids that dogs require in their diet because the body cannot make them. These are known as essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are divided into two groups called the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Fatty acids in both these groups must be provided in a specifically balanced ratio in the daily diet.

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E. Coli infection in Dogs

Colibacillosis in Dogs

Colibacillosis is a disease caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli, commonly known as E. coli, which normally resides in the lower intestines of most warm blooded mammals, including dogs. Normally, the presence of E. coli is benign, and even beneficial, but in some cases it can cause a diseased condition, especially in newborn puppies.

E. coli infection is most commonly seen in puppies in the first weeks of life. In the first day after giving birth, bitches produce a watery milk that is rich in antibodies. This milk, called colostrum, plays a pivotal role in protecting a newborn puppy’s undeveloped immune system against various infections, as it coats the intestinal tract, protecting the puppy from most infections. In the absence of these antibodies, puppies are more vulnerable to a number of infections, including E. coli infection.

If the pregnant bitch is infected with E. coli, the bacteria can also invade a puppy’s blood supply while it is still in uterus, during birth, or the puppy can acquire the infection from feeding from its mother’s inflamed mammary glands.

Colibacillosis often leads to a condition called septicemia, or blood poisoning, meaning there is an dangerously high presence of bacteria in the blood. Though primarily a disease of young dogs, it can also affect older dogs. E. coli infection, when combined with other infectious agents, also increases the severity of parvovirus infection in dogs.

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Rescue Stories



this is Gideon…he was found in a box outside my place with 5 other siblings…mother was picked up right after having them..they were about 5 days old when i found them…decided to keep little Gideon and found homes for all his brothers and sisters..^_^ happy to report that they are all happy and healthy this day….and he has grown to be one big kitty…and the sweetest companion as well….God bless those who help our furry friends in need…He is only one of my many rescues…i now have two cats and two birds as well….^_^ will show the birds in my next story…keep sharing the love…<3

Baltimore, MD

Your Actions Here Fund Food And Care For Rescued Animals.

The Animal Rescue Site

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Positivity Mind and Body

The Science of Miracles Gregg Braden

Uploaded by on Jun 26, 2011

Full length Version. Fascinating watching. Science and spirituality coming together


Articles of Interest

Apple bans cellphone radiation detection app from ‘App Store’

By Ethan A. Huff, April 28 2012
(NaturalNews) An Israeli start up company known as Tawkon has developed a mobile application that provides visual readouts on the amount of radiation being emitted from mobile phones at any given time. But according to numerous reports, tech-giant Apple continues to refuse the addition of the “app” to its App Store, which means users must “jailbreak” their iPhones in order to download and use it. Concerns about cellphone radiation and its dangers to human health are growing, as reports continue…

Health Basics: 10 tricks to never eating meat again

By S. D. Wells, April 28 2012
(NaturalNews) What is the first question a meat-eater asks when you tell them you never eat meat? “Where do you get your protein from?” That protein myth has been dispelled for many years, in fact, there’s more bio-ready “available” protein in raw vegetables than in meat, and it only takes a few minutes for the body to break down the vegetables to access it, unlike meat, where the body must do a ton of work just to access the same “amino acids” for which the body is searching. Some of the greatest…

Killing ants naturally with ant exterminators from your pantry, garden and fridge

By JB Bardot, April 28 2012
(NaturalNews) It’s springtime and along with May flowers come infestations of every kind of ant, taking over house and yard. Many ants bite, and most are unwelcome visitors that are difficult to exterminate, such as carpenter and fire ants. How to get rid of ants without using toxic poisons around your home and garden? Natural ant control combines several natural products from your pantry and feed stores to create homemade ant exterminators. You must be persistent in your efforts to exterminate ants…


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Study: Polio vaccine campaign in India has caused 12-fold increase in deadly paralysis condition

By Ethan A. Huff, April 17 2012
(NaturalNews) The mainstream media has been busy hailing the supposed success of India’s polio vaccine campaign over the past few years, with many news outlets now claiming that the disease has been fully eradicated throughout the country. But what these misinformation puppets are failing to disclose is the fact that cases of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP), a much more serious condition than that caused by polio, have skyrocketed as a result of the vaccine’s widespread administration. A…


Holistic Health

Top 5 herbs and spices that help lower blood sugar

By Aurora Geib, April 17 2012
(NaturalNews) Fruit, bread, cereals and pasta are popular sources of glucose. Also known as blood sugar, glucose is a vital source of energy for the body. It is constantly required by our muscles and brain. For optimum performance, our brain must have a regular supply on hand because it is incapable of keeping a store for future use. Our muscles, on the other hand, need it for energy when we engage in physical activity. Carbohydrates are the main source of glucose but the body can also source…

Pump up your body with the Popeye vegetable – spinach

By Dr. David Jockers, April 17 2012
(NaturalNews) Spinach is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Popeye got it right with this powerhouse but it is too bad he ate it out of a can. Fresh, organic spinach is much more nutrient dense and contains far fewer environmental toxins than the canned stuff. Most children and adults like the flavor and texture of fresh spinach over the canned alternative. Be sure to pump up your body with spinach on a regular basis. Spinach is native to ancient Persia (Iranian regions). Arab..

Detox your dwelling and purify your indoor air with plants

By Paul Fassa, 
(NaturalNews) The air quality in an airtight home or office is usually worse than outdoor air. Since a good deal of time is spent inside one’s home and/or office space, then measures to improve that air quality are in order. Dwelling detoxIt’s important to be aware of mold, what it looks like, and the hazards it presents to your health. If black mold is spotted, get rid of it right away. Homes in moist or high humidity areas are prone to mold issues. Leaky roofs, windows, plumbing, and cellars…


Pet Health

Bird Feed Recalled Due to Vitamin D Level

Kaytee, a Central Garden & Pet brand, is recalling two products, Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Birds and Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Macaw, due to high levels of vitamin D.


The recalled products are used primarily by bird breeders for feeding baby birds. Baby birds being fed the formula may run the risk of kidney failure when ingesting the product.
According to the recall news release, an elevated amount of vitamin D was unintentionally added in an isolated mixing batch during manufacturing. Products manufactured before and after the recalled batch have been tested and are safe for feeding to baby birds.


Positivity Mind and Body

The Science of Miracles Gregg Braden


Articles of Interest

FDA Raids Herbal Distributor Over Cancer Remedies

Patrick Gallagher
Natural Society

FDA Raid

© Natural Society

It’s no secret that the FDA is responsible for some of the most vastly detrimental products on the consumer market, but did you know that they are capable of raiding and confiscating ‘potentially harmful’ substances that only they arbitrate as such for you and me?

Indeed, the FDA, known benefactors of big pharma, have been succeeding in their rampage across natural health remedy stores, and they could be coming to your town next. After an alleged complaint against the ‘Notion-n-things’ store in Missouri, the State department of Health and Senior Services managed to embargo the company’s herbal products. Only as recently as three weeks ago did the district judge sign the order for seizure of those products.

Remember, this is the same organization that has declared walnuts to be illegal drugs

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Can cooling explain ‘miracle’ baby found alive after 10 hours in morgue refrigerator

Madison Park

argentine miracle baby

© Canal 9

A premature baby – who was declared dead shortly after birth – was later discovered to be alive after spending 10 hours in a morgue refrigerator. How did this happen?

Doctors at the Perrando Hospital in northeast Argentina can’t explain how several doctors pronounced the child dead or how the premature infant born three months early survived for so many hours inside a chilly coffin. The baby, Luz Milagros Veron, was reported Friday in “very serious” condition after doctors detected an infection.

A similar case occurred in Israel in 2008. A baby was found alive in a morgue refrigerator after having been declared dead for five hours, according to the Jerusalem Post. An Israeli doctor suggested the premature infant’s irregular heartbeat could’ve eluded doctors and that placing the child in the cooler kept her in “suspended animation.” The baby later died.

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Red Cross calls for humanitarian drug policies that include decriminalization

By Ethan A. Huff, 
(NaturalNews) Recognizing the utter failure of the perpetual war on drugs to accomplish anything beneficial whatsoever in the world, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the world’s largest humanitarian network, has officially come out in open opposition to it, calling also for massive drug policy reform. Speaking on behalf of the organization, Dr. Lasha Goguadze, Senior Health Officer at IFRC, told United Nations (UN) policymakers at the recent 55th Session…


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