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As the Syrian civil war continues to rage and Islamic State maintains its foothold in the region, Virginia state Senator Dick Black told RT that “if the US stopped training jihadists and arming jihadists, the war will end.”

In a lengthy interview, the Republican state senator connected the crisis in Syria to the actions of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who he said have armed extremists like Islamic State militants that are fighting against the Syrian government. He also blamed US meddling in the Middle East for the rise of terror groups like Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL).

It is my hope and prayer that the United States wakes up and says it is time to end this slaughter. It is time to stop trying to topple regimes, bring order to the Middle East [and] stop the bloodshed. If we stop training jihadists and arming jihadists, the war will end.

The US has been criticized for its efforts to thwart IS, particularly its plan to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels to battle the extremists. US Central Command said Friday that it learned that the commander of a Syrian rebel group trained by the US to fight Islamic State had “surrendered” a quarter of his unit’s military supplies to the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front in exchange for safe passage.


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I find this  very  interesting.  First the  Administration and politicians like McCain and  Graham ,as well as others, are defending the Syrian rebels.  Praise and  no mention of  Al Qaeda being involved  in spite of  reports being made that  the rebels indeed  have  embraced Al Qaeda.

DHS had already  labeled returning  vets as potential terrorist threats.  Everyone  knows  that  even though they  claim  no  boots on the ground  there  is  CIA  involved in  Syria.  Now  they are  telling us  that  Al Qaeda is  recruiting and training US Soldiers.

Chances are these Americans are there  at the  behest and  recruitment of  CIA  not  Al Qaeda.

Cannon fodder for the  DHS’ agenda against the  American  people and the implementation  of  NDAA, anyone ?

~Desert Rose~



Published on Jan 10, 2014

January 10, 2014 CNN




Al Qaeda Now Controls More Territory In The Arab World Than Ever Before



Remember this?



This was the neo-conservatives’ victory lap when they supposedly achieved one of their main stated goals: to discover and neutralize terrorist organizations, primarily al Qaeda.


Well, things have changed.


In what can be described a truly ironic event and a major failure for America’s stated mission (because one can’t help but wonder at all the support various Al Qaeda cells have received from the US and/or CIA) of eradicating the Al Qaeda scourge from the face of the earth, we learn today that al Qaeda appears to control more territory in the Arab world than it has done at any time in its history. According to a CNN report “from around Aleppo in western Syria to small areas of Falluja in central Iraq, al Qaeda now controls territory that stretches more than 400 miles across the heart of the Middle East, according to English and Arab language news accounts as well as accounts on jihadist websites.”


The following recent map from Jane’s shows just how extensive Al Qaeda’s influence has grown in recent years.



And nowhere is the surge of Al Qaeda more visible than in recent events in Iraq. From CNN:


The focus of al Qaeda’s leaders has always been regime change in the Arab world in order to install Taliban-style regimes. Al Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri acknowledged as much in his 2001 autobiography, “Knights Under the Banner of the Prophet,” when he explained that the most important strategic goal of al Qaeda was to seize control of a state, or part of a state, somewhere in the Muslim world, explaining that, “without achieving this goal our actions will mean nothing.”


Now al-Zawahiri is closer to his goal than he has ever been. On Friday al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq seized control of parts of the city of Falluja and parts of the city of Ramadi, both of which are located in Iraq’s restive Anbar Province.


Anbar is home to predominantly Sunni Muslims, who feel that that the Shiite-dominated Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki treats the Sunnis as second-class citizens.


Sectarian tensions in Anbar recently burst into several all-out revolts against the government, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as the al-Qaeda affiliate there is known, quickly seized the opportunity to notch some battlefield victories.


Government forces increased their presence around Falluja in response and on Tuesday tribal leaders issued a statement urging people who had fled the city or stopped reporting to work to return.


America’s escapade in Syria – where it was merely a puppet for Qatari nat gas oligarchs – has also backfired.




ISIS is also operating in Syria, where it has established a presence in many areas of the Aleppo and Idlib Governorates in the northwest. In August, ISIS launched a propaganda series on video highlighting their activities in Syria, which includes interviews with fighters; the “graduation” of a group of mujahedin “cubs” (aged about 7 to 10 years old) from training, and sermons at local mosques preaching al Qaeda’s interpretation of Islam.




The al-Nusra front has claimed to control parts of at least a dozen Syrian towns. Those include sections of the ancient city of the Aleppo in the northwest, where fighters have been filmed running a community fair and preaching al Qaeda’s values to crowds of children. The group has also released videos on jihadist websites claiming that it is providing services to the people of several towns in the governorate of Idlib, which borders the Aleppo Governorate to the west. Al Nusra claims that it is a quasi-government and service-provider in the towns of Binnish, Taum, and Saraqib.


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Eretz Zen Eretz Zen·

Published on Nov 18, 2013

This video from the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) shows an American whose alias is Abu Dujana fighting Jihad in Syria before he got killed by the Syrian Army in the town of al-Hamra in the Hama province. The Wahhabi American expresses his desire to fight the Kuffar (infidels) and to kill anyone standing in the way of his terror group, which subscribes to Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism.

Source: Syria Tube

Warning: Some footage might be graphic (18+, not for shock, for documentation of war crimes by anti-government militants in Syria)


Tawhid Brigade Suffers Heavy Blow after Syrian Air Force Kills its Leader and Intelligence Chief

Eretz Zen Eretz Zen·

Published on Nov 18, 2013

One of the main anti-Syrian government terror groups operating in the Aleppo province is Liwa’ al-Tawhid (Tawhid or Monotheism Brigade) just suffered a major blow after having its leader and its intelligence chief both killed by airstrikes of the Syrian Air Force.

The group leader, Abdul Qadir Saleh (aka Hajji Mareh), was one of the most prominent terror leaders in the Syrian crisis, leading like-minded Salafi insurgents to turn Aleppo into a city of destruction and desolation. The group intelligence chief, Youssef al-Abbas (aka Abu al-Tayyib), also died in an airstrike.

Source: Press TV


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Like the proverbial best-laid plans that come unstuck, the US and its Western and regional allies, flooded Syria with terrorism while lining up a government-in-waiting in the form of careerist exiles and political opportunists. The political puppets were to have moved in when the government in Damascus had been cleaved from the general population through the terrorism of the death squads. But it didn’t work out like that.




by Finian Cunningham





Senator John McCain became the highest ranking US officials to meet with Gen. Salem Idris, the leader of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army.The Daily Beast reported.


US policy on Syria could be described as «a comedy of errors» if the consequences for human suffering were not so brutal. Having largely created a quagmire of terrorism and lawlessness in Syria through covert insurgency operations over the past two and half years, the US government looks like a hapless Doctor Frankenstein who has lost control of the beast, or should we say beasts…


The creation from the laboratory of American regime change has many forms, from savage death squads on the ground to effete exile political groups ensconced in five-star Persian Gulf hotels.


But none of these creations seem to respond to the supposed master. The situation is evidently out of control and the US appears to the world like a mad, impotent fool.


First, Washington repeated calls this week on its manufactured Syrian opposition, the Syrian National Coalition, to attend the Geneva II political talks. But the SNC flatly rejected the admonition.


Then, a joint statement by the motley crew of foreign mercenary militias in Syria turned around again this week and issued a terse repudiation of the Syrian National Coalition or any other political group.


In a released video, the statement representing some 70 militant brigades said:


“Having seen the failure of the political groups that claim to represent the opposition and the revolutionary groups… we leaders of the military groups in the southern provinces withdraw our recognition from any political group that claims to represent us.”


This was the second slap in the face for the Western-lionized so-called National Coalition. Last month, some 13 insurgent organizations in the northern Syrian provinces also issued a blunt statement rejecting the coalition as having any legitimacy as a political representative. 


Significantly, among those latter groups repudiating the SNC were the Al Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat Al Nusra and the Free Syrian Army. The Western governments claim to support the FSA, led by General Salim Idriss, because of its supposed «moderate» credentials and non-association with the extremist Takfiri networks, such as Al Nusra.



According to Le Figaro, the first group of specially trained militant fighters, commanded by American special forces, crossed the border into Syria on August 17 along with a number of CIA operatives. A second group joined them two days later, the report said.


Awkwardly for the Western propagandists, the FSA does not seem to be reading the memos, and has publicly aligned itself with «the extremists». In other words, there is no separation of «moderates» and «extremists», or «good rebels» and «bad rebels».


That putative distinction is seen more than ever as merely a propaganda fiction that the Western governments have concocted in order to give themselves a political and moral cover for fomenting a criminal war of aggression in Syria – by hiding behind the pretense that they are supporting pro-democracy, freedom-loving good rebels. Shamefully, the Western mainstream so-called journalism industry has assisted in contriving this preposterous façade, instead of rigorously investigating and ripping it apart.


The reality is that the Western governments have unleashed a wave of terror on Syria since March 2011, under the guise of the Arab Spring, for the geopolitical objective of regime change. That wave of aggression to destabilize the government of President Bashar al-Assad is comprised of hundreds of mercenary groups of varying extremist tendencies, most of whom originate from as many as 30 countries, including Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Russia, as well as Western states such as Australia, Britain, France and Canada.


The illusory Western dichotomy of «moderates» and «extremists» was blown away during the massacres carried out in Syria’s Western Latakia Province during August. Even Human Rights Watch, which is normally dutiful to the pro-Western political agenda, reported hundreds of atrocities against civilians during the raids on villages in Latakia. These atrocities included the kidnapping of over 200 women and children, whose whereabouts remain unknown. There are credible reports that the victims may have been brutally slain for the purpose of fabricating the East Ghouta chemical gas attack on 21 August. During the Latakia offensive, the Free Syrian Army commander General Idriss was filmed on the ground proclaiming the success of the campaign under his leadership.


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‘Liars, all of them’: Syrian rebels slam US, Gulf states following intl peace efforts


Published time: October 19, 2013 16:32



Syrian government’s tanks on the streets of the mostly-Christian settlement of Maaloula. (Still from RT video)

Syrian government’s tanks on the streets of the mostly-Christian settlement of Maaloula. (Still from RT video)


The Free Syrian Army soldiers admit they won’t be able to claim capital Damascus without foreign support, but their aren’t counting on it anymore as the US and the Gulf states are “liars,” RT’s Maria Finoshina reports from rebel-held area in Syria.


The Russia-US deal has led to cancellation of US airstrikes against the targets of Syrian government and the Arab states holding back on their aid to the opposition forces.   

But not everybody in the country wants a peaceful solution to the 2.5-year-long civil war as the rebels have accused their foreign backers of not keeping their promises.  

“The security belt that the regime created around Damascus is huge and to target it we need many fighters and advanced weapons, and to be honest we don’t have such kind of weapons,” Oraba Idriss, who defected the government forces to become the 1st Maghaweer brigade commander for the Free Syrian Army, told RT. “But what we can do – is launch operations here and there to release the pressure of the regime.”  

Last month’s attack on Maaloula, in the south-west of the country, could’ve been part of that strategy as the ancient, mostly-Christian settlement, remains the only obstacle preventing the fighters from two large Syrian battlegrounds uniting.

The village, which is loyal to the Syrian authorities, lies in a valley surrounded by mountains on the way from Homs to Damascus and is surrounded by villages held by the Free Syrian Army (FSA).


Free Syrian Army militants, Abu Mohammad, who was injured during a battle for Maaloula. (Still from RT video)

Free Syrian Army militants, Abu Mohammad, who was injured during a battle for Maaloula. (Still from RT video)

FSA fighter, Abu al Hasan, said the rebels have the road leading to Damascus in their sight, but they “can’t reach it because of Maaloula”.

The militants can hold back the government troops, but they seem unable to make their own advances. In order for that to change the opposition needs more money from Gulf countries and American military aid, Abu Mohammad, an FSA fighter, who was injured in Maaloula, claims.

“If they [the US] strike with just ten rockets the regime of Bashar al Assad will fall by itself,”
he said.  

The US had considered “limited military action” on Syrian military bases over August’s chemical attacks they blamed on the forces of president Bashar Assad, but changed track after Russia pushed Washington to agree on a peaceful way forward.

Moscow proposed to hand the Syrian chemical weapons arsenal to international inspectors for destruction, with the initiative receiving full backing from the country’s authorities.


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Nobel Prize part of West’s propaganda fog

Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:6PM GMT
By Finian Cunningham

Nobel Peace Prizes and Western human rights groups may sound innocuous. But they are a central part of the Western propaganda machine, as much as MI6, CIA, Mossad, the Pentagon, Whitehall and the panoply of Western news media outlets with august titles, such as BBC and New York Times.”

The Nobel Peace Prize should be renamed the Nobel Propaganda Prize, after this year’s ever-so contrived award to the UN-approved chemical weapons team sent to disarm Syria.

Other dubious winners of the “illustrious” prize include the accused war criminal, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who oversaw the genocidal carpet-bombing of Indochina during the 1970s.

More recently, another accused war criminal, US President Barack Obama, is among the honorees of the award despite his ongoing use of assassination and murderous aggression in multiple countries, including Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen and Syria.

A Norwegian-based committee of seemingly Scandinavian neutrality makes the award every year as it has done for more than a century ever since 1901. The prize was the creation of Alfred Nobel, a major armaments manufacturer. That in itself speaks volumes of the institution’s contradictory nature.

Last year, the winner of the Nobel Prize was yet another disgrace to morals and commonsense in the form of the European Union. How can a bloc of governments be remotely considered peaceful when it is wiping out basic social welfare for millions of its citizens in the service of criminal banks and elite private wealth? Or when it is lifting a weapons embargo on extremists running amok in Syria? Or colluding in the enforcement of crippling economic sanctions on Iran – based on nuclear calumnies cooked up by Western military intelligence – sanctions that are killing women and children from the lack of basic imported medicines?

While there have been a few deserving winners of the Nobel Peace Prize down through the years, nevertheless it is best to treat this institution with skepticism, if not derision. The meritorious aspects of the award can serve to give credence to the dubious and deplorable associates. In that way, it is more Propaganda Prize than Peace Prize.

This year’s recipient, the inspection team belonging to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, have only begun their work last week to dismantle stockpiles in Syria. This is part of the arrangement that Russia proposed last month to avert an illegal war of aggression being planned by the Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama. The Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad has fully signed up the disarmament process.

However, it is precocious, to say the least, to award the OPCW with the Nobel prize, just like it was for the Oslo-based committee to give the award to Obama in 2009, only within months of his first election and before he went on to prove himself one of America’s most warmongering presidents since World War II.

How do we know that the OPCW will be effective in disarming the chemical weapons of the Western-backed mercenary groups fighting to overthrow the Assad government? How do we know that the OPCW will not mischievously misuse its remit and Nobel Laureate status to advance the Western propaganda narrative against the Syrian government?

The awarding of a peace prize based on no track record conjures suspicion that the institution and its benign connotations are being used to inculcate a reprehensible political agenda.

The same insidious propaganda formula of supposed virtue concealing vice can also be seen in the report this week by the New York-based Human Rights Watch group on massacres carried out by foreign-backed militants in Syria.

That report accuses up to 20 Al Qaeda-linked groups, including Al Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Shams, of killing scores of civilians in Syria’s western Latakia Province during early August.

Such apparently damning testimony from a Western human rights organization may seem like a positive development.

But, as with the Nobel Peace Prize, there is a very real danger that the HRW report is merely acting as a whitewash of Western government crimes.





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Eretz Zen Eretz Zen

Published on Sep 29, 2013

As fighting continues in Syria, 43 Islamist groups have united to form a joint “Army of Islam.” The groups have agreed to act under the joint leadership of Sheikh Muhammad Zahran Alloush. The Army of Islam’s creation was officially announced in a ceremony on Sunday, September 29, 2013.

Al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra, along with ideologically similar groups such as ‘Ahrar al-Sham’ (Free [Men] of the Levant), did not join the “Army of Islam”, despite sharing its goal of toppling President Bashar Assad and instituting Sharia (Islamic law) in Syria.

At the same time, the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is working to reunite its leadership after several commanders disassociated themselves last week from its leadership.

Thirteen militant brigades announced that they reject the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) and the FSA under the leadership of Salim Idriss. The groups’ commanders called to unite under an Islamist umbrella group.


The Long War Journal

Free Syrian Army units ally with al Qaeda, reject Syrian National Coalition, and call for sharia

Some of the largest Free Syrian Army brigades teamed up with an al Qaeda affiliate and other large Islamist groups to reject the Western-backed Syrian National Coalition and call for the establishment of sharia, or Islamic Law, throughout Syria. The move is a major blow to the US-backed Syrian National Coalition and Free Syrian Army, which the West has held up as the moderate faction of the Syrian rebellion.

Abd al Aziz Salamah, the leader of Liwa al Tawhid, announced that 11 rebel groups, including al Qaeda’s Al Nusrah Front for the People of the Levant, signed a statement that called for sharia, denounced the Syrian National Coalition, and urged all groups to unite. Salamah’s video announcing the development was posted on Sept. 24 on YouTube. A translation of his statement was obtained by The Long War Journal.

“The mujahideen militant factions and forces that have signed this statement convened, consulted with each other, and concluded the following,” Salamah said, listing four points of agreement.

“These forces and factions call on all military and civilian organizations to unite under a clear Islamic framework, set forth by the magnanimity of Islam, operating on the basis that Sharia is the arbiter of governance and making it the sole source of legislation,” he said.

He said that only those serving on the front lines are able to represent the Syrian people, and that “all formations established outside the country without consulting those inside do not represent them and are not recognized by them ….”

“[T]he Coalition and the would-be government under the presidency of Ahmad Tu’mah [the leader of the Syrian National Coalition] do not represent the factions and are not recognized by them,” Salamah continued.

Additionally he called on “all militant and civilian organizations to unify their ranks and words, eschew division and discord, and put the interests of the Ummah [the global Muslim community] over that of any single group.”

Salamah then named the 11 groups that signed the agreement. The groups include the Al Nusrah Front, one of two official al Qaeda affiliates operating in Syria; three large Islamist groups that fight alongside al Qaeda — Ahrar al Sham, Liwa al Islam, and Al Fajr Islamic Movement; and two large Free Syrian Army formations — Liwa al Tawhid and Suqur al Sham Brigades – which also fight alongside al Qaeda [see a list of the groups below]. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, al Qaeda’s other affiliate that operates in Syria, did not sign the statement.

Syria’s insurgency becomes more radicalized

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Syrian opposition splits after Islamists push for sharia state

Western hopes of building a moderate Syrian opposition to President Bashar al-Assad have been set back after the Islamist militias which dominate the rebel movement said they were “going it alone” and intended to establish a sharia state.

Children make their way to school in Aleppo as Western hopes of building a moderate opposition to Bashar al-Assad suffer a set back Photo: JM LOPEZ/EPA

Western hopes of building a moderate Syrian opposition to President Bashar al-Assad have been set back after the Islamist militias that dominate the rebel movement said they were “going it alone” and intended to establish a sharia state.

The new Islamist alliance includes Jabhat al-Nusra, a jihadist group that has sworn loyalty to Ayman al-Zawahiri, the head of al-Qaeda, Ahrar al-Sham, a hardline militant group, and a string of other brigades from across the country.

Representatives of secular forces in the opposition blamed President Barack Obama’s decision to hold off from air strikes against the Assad regime following the chemical weapons attack on east Damascus last month, and the West’s wider failure to arm the pro-democracy opposition.

“If there is no international intervention in Syria it will become a second Afghanistan, a second Somalia,” said Fahad al-Masri, a spokesman for the Free Syrian Army, the broadly secular movement founded largely by army defectors.

The Islamists are funded and supplied by donors in the Gulf, many linked to militant causes.

The breakaway coalition includes major groups such as the Liwa Tawhid, the strongest opposition group in Aleppo. It had previously been loyal to the Syrian National Coalition, the “exiled leadership” backed by the West.

A statement agreed on Tuesday night said that the rebel leaders in question would no longer have anything to do with the SNC.

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 Tell me  again how  different the  Republicans are  from the  Democrats…….


The American Dream

Islamic Terror Groups Are Killing Christians All Over The World And Obama Wants Us To Ally With Them

2013 Westgate shopping mall terrorist incident in Nairobi, Kenya - Photo by Anne KnightOver the past couple of days, we have witnessed some absolutely horrific examples of Islamic terror groups specifically targeting Christians and those from other non-Muslim religions.  Sadly, this is not a new phenomenon.  Radical Islamic jihadists are constantly attacking churches and slaughtering Christians all over the planet.  The recent events in Pakistan, Kenya and Egypt may have taken this persecution to a new level, but this is just the continuation of a trend that has been building for years.  Unfortunately, Barack Obama does not seem too concerned about Islamic terrorism.  In fact, he specifically directed that “all references to Islam” be removed from terrorism training materials that the federal government uses.  If that wasn’t bad enough, now Obama is actually supplying weapons to the radical jihadist rebels that want to take over Syria, and he appears to be very ready to use the U.S. military to attack the Assad regime directly if “negotiations” with the Syrian government fail.  In essence, Obama wants the United States to be allies with psychotic jihadists that have the exact same radical philosophy that those who are killing Christians in Pakistan, Kenya and Egypt have.

Is Obama insane?

In Pakistan, the Taliban (a very close cousin of al-Qaeda) has already claimed responsibility for the worst church bombing in the history of that nation.  The attack left 85 dead and nearly twice that many wounded.  To say that this was a horrific attack would be a massive understatement…

The attack on All Saints Church, which also wounded 140 people, underlines the threat posed by the Pakistani Taliban at a time when the government is seeking a peace deal with the militants.

The attack occurred as hundreds of worshippers were coming out of the church in the city’s Kohati Gate district after services to get a free meal of rice.

‘There were blasts and there was hell for all of us,’ said Nazir John, who was at the church with at least 400 other worshippers.

‘When I got my senses back, I found nothing but smoke, dust, blood and screaming people. I saw severed body parts and blood all around.’

Who would do something like that?

In Kenya, a team of Al-Shabaab gunmen stormed a shopping mall in Nairobi and murdered at least 62 people.

What makes that attack even more disturbing is that the terrorists specifically targeted non-Muslims.

In fact, hostages were given a test by the terrorists to determine whether or not they were actually Muslims.  Those that failed the test were executed

The reason the Islamists targeted the Westgate shopping centre was clear from the moment they stormed inside brandishing AK-47s and grenades. Anyone who was not a Muslim, or could not prove that they were, was immediately targeted. Reports from separate floors of the building in the first hours of the assault told how the attackers, speaking rough Swahili and English, shouted at Muslims to identify themselves.

Many people came forward. They were ordered to speak in Arabic, or to recite a verse from the Koran, or to name the Prophet Mohammed’s mother. Those who passed this test were allowed to flee. Those that did not were executed, including children.

You can find some very graphic pictures of the attack right here.

Are you starting to understand why I use words such as “psychotic” to describe these terrorists?

And all over the world these radical jihadists seem to have a particular hatred for Christians.

Just consider what has happened in Egypt over the past few months.  After the Egyptian military removed the Muslim Brotherhood from power, radical Islamists responded by destroying more than 80 Christian churches

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McCain, Graham: Leak about al Qaeda intercept tips off the enemy

Photo by Astrid Riecken/Getty Images

U.S. intelligence analysts were able to intercept rare communications by al Qaeda leaders who were openly discussing possible terror plots, CBS News learned Monday. The public acknowledgement of the interception, however, could very well tip off terrorists and prompt them to refrain from engaging in such discussions again, two senators warned Tuesday from Cairo, in an interview with CBS News’ Clarrisa Ward.

“I’m very worried about leaks to the media of classified information because it warns the enemy,” Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., told Ward. “That’ll be the last intercept of that kind, of means of communication that we intercept.”

Added Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., “If we compromise our ability to find out what these guys are up to and stop them before they act, we’ll pay a heavy price. They’re not deterred by dying. They embrace dying. They just want to take me and you with ’em.”

McCain and Graham are currently in Egypt, where they have urged the military-backed government to release political prisoners and move toward an open democracy.

While the U.S. is aiming to help settle the unrest in Egypt, it’s also monitoring al Qaeda activity in Yemen, where al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is based. Sources confirmed to CBS News that the intercepted electronic conversation occurred between the top leadership of core Al Qaeda in the tribal areas of Pakistan and the head of AQAP. The intercepted communications prompted the U.S. to close nearly two-dozen embassies and consulates around the world and order non-emergency staff of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen to leave the country.

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McCain Sneaks Across Syria Border, Joins Al-Qaeda

Sen. John McCain, chewing on the raw heart of a Syrian soldier

by Kevin Barrett

According to unconfirmed reports, former Republican presidential candidate and current Senator John McCain has joined al-Qaeda.

Informed sources report that McCain slipped across the Syrian border last night and joined the al-Nusra front, an Israeli-supported al-Qaeda affiliate that is waging war against Syria.

McCain issued the following statement explaining his actions: “In the name of Yahweh, the benevolent, the merciful, I hereby declare allegiance to Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri and to the Zionist entity he represents. I have always wanted to grow a beard, cut off some heads, and devour the raw internal organs of my victims, especially since I had a bad experience in a POW camp, so this represents the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I am grateful to Sheikh al-Zawahiri, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Adam Gadahn, and the other heroic mujewhideen who have made this possible.”

According to terror expert Daniel Pipes, McCain is the highest-level American politician ever to have joined al-Qaeda: “This is a real coup for al-Qaeda. But it wasn’t  unexpected. Now that the State of Israel has openly merged with al-Qaeda, and is bombing Syria on behalf of al-Qaeda operations, I believe we will be seeing more well-known American statesmen follow in the footsteps of Senator McCain.”

Another leading terror expert, Steve Emerson, explained: “More and more US Senators are competing to see who can humiliate themselves the most obsequiously as they grovel at the feet of Israel and Netanyahu. What better way to show your devotion to Israel than by joining its favorite false-flag militia and blowing yourself up?”

Meanwhile, McCain’s colleague Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced a resolution (S. Res 65) supporting al-Qaeda’s right to self-defense, and committing the US to go to war to defend al-Qaeda if it should decide to attack any nation, including the US.

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“AL QAEDA NEEDS OUR HELP!” Senators McCain And Graham


Published on Jun 14, 2013

June 13, 2013 C-SPAN


Neocon John McCain Ripped on Syria at Town Hall

djgabrielpresents djgabrielpresents·

Published on Sep 6, 2013

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) faced a tense town hall on Thursday in Phoenix, with angry constituents opposing U.S. intervention in Syria.


The Al-Qaeda Executive President Obama.

laroucheyouth laroucheyouth·

Published on Dec 13, 2012

Jeff Steinberg of E.I.R. gives an interview to LPACTV where he details the Obama administration’s cover up of the British-Saudi Empire role in orchestrating the 9-11 attacks which are the same forces affiliated with the Al-Nusra militia fighting in Syria against Bashar Al-Assad’s army.


Barack Obama will strike al-Qaeda targets in Pakistan

AntiConformist911 AntiConfor


Uploaded on May 17, 2008

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama said on Wednesday the United States must be willing to strike al Qaeda targets inside Pakistan, adopting a tough tone after a chief rival accused him of naivete in foreign policy. Obama’s stance comes amid debate in Washington over what to do about a resurgent al Qaeda and Taliban in areas of northwest Pakistan that President Pervez Musharraf has been unable to control, and concerns that new recruits are being trained there for a September 11-style attack against the United States. Obama said if elected in November 2008 he would be willing to attack inside Pakistan with or without approval from the Pakistani government, a move that would likely cause anxiety in the already troubled region. “If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won’t act, we will,” Obama said. The Illinois Democrat is trying to convince Americans he has the foreign policy heft to be president after a rival candidate, New York Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton, questioned his readiness to be commander in chief.


Media Admits Obama Now Openly Siding With Al-Qaeda In Syria

Anthony Gucciardi·

Published on Aug 28, 2013

Even mainstream reports now are confirming what was considered ‘conspiracy theories’ several months ago regarding Obama’s support for al-Qaeda and the Syrian rebels.

We see this in mainstream media pieces:



Does Obama know he’s fighting on al-Qa’ida’s side?

‘All for one and one for all’ should be the battle cry if the West goes to war against Assad’s Syrian regime

If Barack Obama decides to attack the Syrian regime, he has ensured – for the very first time in history – that the United States will be on the same side as al-Qa’ida.

Quite an alliance! Was it not the Three Musketeers who shouted “All for one and one for all” each time they sought combat? This really should be the new battle cry if – or when – the statesmen of the Western world go to war against Bashar al-Assad.

The men who destroyed so many thousands on 9/11 will then be fighting alongside the very nation whose innocents they so cruelly murdered almost exactly 12 years ago. Quite an achievement for Obama, Cameron, Hollande and the rest of the miniature warlords.

This, of course, will not be trumpeted by the Pentagon or the White House – nor, I suppose, by al-Qa’ida – though they are both trying to destroy Bashar. So are the Nusra front, one of al-Qa’ida’s affiliates. But it does raise some interesting possibilities.

Maybe the Americans should ask al-Qa’ida for intelligence help – after all, this is the group with “boots on the ground”, something the Americans have no interest in doing. And maybe al-Qa’ida could offer some target information facilities to the country which usually claims that the supporters of al-Qa’ida, rather than the Syrians, are the most wanted men in the world.

There will be some ironies, of course. While the Americans drone al-Qa’ida to death in Yemen and Pakistan – along, of course, with the usual flock of civilians – they will be giving them, with the help of Messrs Cameron, Hollande and the other Little General-politicians, material assistance in Syria by hitting al-Qa’ida’s enemies. Indeed, you can bet your bottom dollar that the one target the Americans will not strike in Syria will be al-Qa’ida or the Nusra front.

And our own Prime Minister will applaud whatever the Americans do, thus allying himself with al-Qa’ida, whose London bombings may have slipped his mind. Perhaps – since there is no institutional memory left among modern governments – Cameron has forgotten how similar are the sentiments being uttered by Obama and himself to those uttered by Bush  and Blair a decade ago, the same bland assurances, uttered with such self-confidence but without quite  enough evidence to make it stick.

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Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda

Mona Alami, Special for USA TODAY 9:04 a.m. EDT June 14, 2013

BEIRUT — A Syrian rebel group’s April pledge of allegiance to al-Qaeda’s replacement for Osama bin Laden suggests that the terrorist group’s influence is not waning and that it may take a greater role in the Western-backed fight to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The pledge of allegiance by Syrian Jabhat al Nusra Front chief Abou Mohamad al-Joulani to al-Qaeda leader Sheik Ayman al-Zawahri was coupled with an announcement by the al-Qaeda affiliate in Iraq, the Islamic State of Iraq, that it would work with al Nusra as well.

Lebanese Sheik Omar Bakri, a Salafist who says states must be governed by Muslim religious law, says al-Qaeda has assisted al Nusra for some time.

“They provided them early on with technical, military and financial support , especially when it came to setting up networks of foreign jihadis who were brought into Syria,” Bakri says. “There will certainly be greater coordination between the two groups.”

The United States, which supports the overthrow of Assad, designated al Nusra a terrorist entity in December. The Obama administration has said it wants to support only those insurgent groups that are not terrorist organizations.

Al Nusra and groups like it have seen some of the most significant victories against Syrian government forces in the course of the 2-year-old uprising in which Assad’s forces have killed about 80,000 people. Rebels not affiliated with al-Qaeda have pressed Washington for months to send weaponry that will allow them to match the heavy weapons of the Syrian army. They’ve urged the West to mount an air campaign against Assad’s mechanized forces.

President Obama refuses to provide any direct military aid. Foreign radical Islamists streaming into the fight from the Middle East and Europe are making headway with the Syrian population by providing services and gaining ground in battles.

Tamer Mouhieddine, spokesman for the Syrian Free Army, a force made up of Syrian soldiers who have defected, said the recent announcements would not change his group’s attitude toward al Nusra.

“The rebels in Syria have one common enemy — Bashar Assad — and they will collaborate with any faction allowing them to topple his regime,” he said.

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Obama authorizes secret support for Syrian rebels

Syrian rebel fighters pose for a picture in Hama July 20, 2012. REUTERS/Shaam News Network/Handout

By Mark Hosenball

WASHINGTON | Wed Aug 1, 2012 9:04pm EDT

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for rebels seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government, sources familiar with the matter said.

Obama’s order, approved earlier this year and known as an intelligence “finding,” broadly permits the CIA and other U.S. agencies to provide support that could help the rebels oust Assad.

This and other developments signal a shift toward growing, albeit still circumscribed, support for Assad’s armed opponents – a shift that intensified following last month’s failure of the U.N. Security Council to agree on tougher sanctions against the Damascus government.

The White House is for now apparently stopping short of giving the rebels lethal weapons, even as some U.S. allies do just that.

But U.S. and European officials have said that there have been noticeable improvements in the coherence and effectiveness of Syrian rebel groups in the past few weeks. That represents a significant change in assessments of the rebels by Western officials, who previously characterized Assad’s opponents as a disorganized, almost chaotic, rabble.

Precisely when Obama signed the secret intelligence authorization, an action not previously reported, could not be determined.

The full extent of clandestine support that agencies like the CIA might be providing also is unclear.

White House spokesman Tommy Vietor declined comment.


A U.S. government source acknowledged that under provisions of the presidential finding, the United States was collaborating with a secret command center operated by Turkey and its allies.

Last week, Reuters reported that, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey had established a secret base near the Syrian border to help direct vital military and communications support to Assad’s opponents.

This “nerve center” is in Adana, a city in southern Turkey about 60 miles from the Syrian border, which is also home to Incirlik, a U.S. air base where U.S. military and intelligence agencies maintain a substantial presence.

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Eretz Zen Eretz Zen

Published on Sep 22, 2013

The macabre culture of beheadings and body mutilations that the Syrian “revolution” has brought with it has rubbed off on little children, who seem to be simulating ‘rebel’ beheadings of their enemies while shouting Allahu Akbar (Allah is greater). This footage was taken recently in the town of Ras al-Ayn in Syria’s northeastern al-Hasakeh province.

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How the Ancient & Mostly Christian Town of Maaloula was Invaded by al-Qaeda & the FSA

Eretz Zen WarVids Eretz Zen WarVids

Published on Sep 21, 2013

This video shows excerpts from the planned attack on September 4, 2013 by the foreign-backed insurgents led by al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) and assisted mainly by John McCain’s “moderate rebels” from the ‘Revolutionaries of Bab Amr’ Brigade of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) on the ancient and mostly Christian town of Maaloula, the only town in the world where Aramaic is still spoken by its inhabitants. The town retains a highly symbolic importance in Christendom not only due to “Jesus’s language” that is still spoken there but also due to its ancient Christian heritage and monasteries.

The invasion of the town was carried out by means of a suicide bomber with the alias of Abu Musaab, whose accent in Arabic indicates that he is most likely from Saudi Arabia, and who blew himself up at the checkpoint situated at the ancient town’s main gate. The rhetoric of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, as seen from this footage, reveals how their Saudi Wahhabi doctrine ingrains in them a deep hatred of anything that does not conform to their strict and narrow-minded way of life.

The last portion of the video is a report from Russia Today (RT) showing the suffering of the citizens of Maaloula at the hands of these militants who think that they are advancing a divine cause by killing people.

Sources: Abu Jihad al-Hamwi, RT


Syrian Christian village in crossfire as govt forces try to squeeze out Al Nusra rebels

Published time: September 07, 2013 14:57
Edited time: September 07, 2013 20:15

A Syrian rebel fires a heavy machine gun mounted on the back of a vehicle in Maaloula, a suburb of Damascus, in this image taken from a September 4, 2013 video footage obtained from a social media website (Social media website via Reuters TV)

Download video (28.47 MB)

Maria Finoshina @MFinoshina_RT

“Reinforcement” is 5 or 6 packed buses.Army officers say up to 300 rebels in Safir hotel + hundreds nearby pic.twitter.com/QBOYNuq4pK

Heavy fighting between rebels and regime forces continues in Syria’s predominately Christian village of Maaloula, which was earlier partially destroyed by Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels.

“There are clashes just inside the town in the western district between Popular Committees (militia) and rebel forces,” director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdul Rahman, told AFP.

“There are also clashes between soldiers backed by militias and rebel fighters around the area of one of the entrances to Maaloula,” he said.

State television citing a military source reports several rebels have been killed and their weapons destroyed as the army targeted a hotel and surrounding positions on the outskirts of Maaloula, north of Damascus, where a group of rebels were stationed.

Maaloula – a mountain village of 2,000 residents, 60km northeast of Damascus – is home to some of the most ancient Orthodox Christian relics and is a major pilgrimage destination. It’s also one of the very few places in the world where people still speak Aramaic, a biblical-era language that Jesus is believed to have spoken.

An RT news crew traveled to the site, but was not allowed to enter the city for safety reasons.

“The militants, around 300 people, hide [sic] in Safir hotel, there are ancient caves there under the village – they use them as well. They watch us – and we watch them, but if we start moving – they’ll attack us. But unlikely before the sunset,” a Syrian army soldier told RT’s Maria Finoshina.

However, the opposition Syrian National Coalition said members of the Free Syrian Army had withdrawn from Maaloula earlier this week, after destroying army posts at Maaloula.

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McCain had secret meetings with Al Nusra and AlQaeda fighters


Published on Jun 1, 2013

McCain had secret meetings with Al Nusra and AlQaeda fighters


The New York Times

McCain Travels to Syria to Meet With Rebel Forces

WASHINGTON — Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican who has called for the United States to intervene militarily in Syria, traveled to Syria on Monday to meet with rebel forces fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, according to a spokesman for Mr. McCain. It was the first time that a United States senator had gone to Syria to meet with the rebels since the conflict there began two years ago.

Mr. McCain entered Syria from southern Turkey, according to his spokesman, Brian Rogers, who added that the senator had been in the region to attend the World Economic Forum meeting in Jordan over the weekend.

In 2011, Mr. McCain traveled to Libya to meet with rebel forces there while they were fighting Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, and made similar calls for the United States to provide military aid to the rebels. The United States did ultimately provide military support, along with several European countries, and Colonel Qaddafi’s regime was toppled.

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McCain dismisses study that says Syria rebels are extremists

Senator John McCain (R- AZ.)

Senator John McCain (R- AZ.)
Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:4AM GMT

Charles Lister names the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as the most “extreme” groups of the insurgency in Syria which together command an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 fighters, scattered in at least 11 of Syria’s 14 governorates.

Senator John McCain (R- AZ.), a staunch advocate of US military strikes on Syria, dismisses as “not true” a study that asserts “extremists” increasingly make up the opposition in the Arab country.

The study, released this week by defense consultancy IHS Jane’s, found that the insurgency fighting against the Syrian government is now “dominated” by extremist groups.

Speaking to an audience at The Council on Foreign Relations, McCain stated, “Not true, not true!”

“There’s about 70 percent still who are Free Syrian Army,” said McCain who has previously met with militant leaders in Syria.

The Jane’s study found that only around 30 percent of insurgents are not extremists.

In an article published by the Foreign Policy magazine early in September, Charles Lister, the study’s author, gave his assessment of the militant groups in Syria.

“Groups on the more extreme end of the spectrum, particularly those affiliated with al Qaeda, have proven remarkably adept at spreading their military resources across large swathes of territory, joining battles at the pivotal moment, and exploiting their superior organizational structures to establish political control and influence over territory.”

Lister named the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as the most “extreme” groups of the insurgency in Syria which together command an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 fighters, scattered in at least 11 of Syria’s 14 governorates.


Al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels force Christian to convert at gunpoint: ‘He’s one of ours now’

By Jessica Chasmar

The Washington Times

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels who seized the ancient regime-held Christian town of Maalula last week forced at least one person to convert to Islam at gunpoint and executed another one after he refused, residents said Tuesday, Agence France-Presse reported.

“They arrived in our town at dawn on Wednesday and shouted ‘We are from the Al-Nusra Front and have come to make lives miserable for the Crusaders,’” an Islamist term for Christians, a woman, who identified herself as Marie, told AFP in Damascus.  Thousands headed to the capital Wednesday to attend the burial of three Christians from the village who have been killed.

“Maalula is the wound of Christ,” mourners chanted as they marched through the streets, AFP said.

Clashes first erupted on Wednesday, when an al-Nusra fighter blew himself up at a regime checkpoint at the entrance to the village. The rebels eventually seized the checkpoint and disabled two tanks, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

On Tuesday night, “the Free Syrian Army said rebels had withdrawn from Maalula to spare its people and heritage, but only on the condition that the regime kept its forces out as well,” AFP reported.

Recalling the events from last Wednesday, 62-year-old Adnan Nasrallah said he saw “people wearing Al-Nusra headbands who started shooting at crosses.”

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By Desert Rose

According to Syrian Truth’s Facebook page, the above photo is of a toddler living in the Deir ez-Zor Governate in eastern Syria, bordering Iraq. She was tied up by members of the U.S.-supported “Free Syrian Army” — which is dominated by foreign, Sunni jihadis — and made to watch as her mother and father were killed for being Shia. Here is how the Obama administration is using your tax dollars — mockingly in the name of “freedom.”


America what in the hell is going on here?

June 26th  ,   2013


This  photo is  being  circulated as an  example of the  cruelty  of the   Syrian  Rebels being  perpetrated  upon the   Syrian  People.  Far  be it  from  me to   defend  the   Rebels  as  I  believe they  are  murderers  and  terrorists.  Just as  I  believe  the western Countries  funding  them and  arming them  are  murderers  and terrorists.

This photo is  also making the  rounds with  captions insinuating that   it is a  Palestinian  child  being  abused  and  used  by   Israel.  While it  is  extremely  important   for us  to  get the  word  out  and  make  available  all the news  we  are  able .  So  as  to   afford  the   People  an  opportunity  to  understand  all of the truth  , not  just  the part  the   government  and the   MSM  media  would have  them believe.  To use  and  manipulate a  heart  wrenching  photo   for  the  purpose of  furthering an  agenda that has  nothing to do with the  original  photo.  To  use  the   obvious  pain and  suffering this  child  has  had  to  endure captured  so painfully in this  photo.  To  use  this  for  a  personal  agenda  belittles  the  suffering  this innocent  has  had  to   endure.  Thereby,  making the  person  utilizing  the  image,  for   a  personal  agenda,  as   guilty  as  those who abuse  her.  How  dare  you  utilize  her  pain and  suffering  to further  whatever  personal  agenda  you  may  have!

You  are  no better than the scum that has  done this to  her.  To  distribute  this  photo without  the truth  behind her  suffering.  Without   so  much as  offering an inkling of information as  to what has  happened  to  her.  Anyone  who  has  obtained  this  photo  from  legitimate  sources  would  have  that  information and  would be  able  to  present it.  So far  I  have  found  no one giving  credit  to  the  photographer.  Nor have  they  presented   background  information  on  the   child or  her whereabouts.

Shame on  you  for  using  her  suffering.  Shame on  you  for abusing  the  hearts  of all those  reading  your entries  as if  they  were  truth.  Their  kindness and  humanity  being   twisted  into   knots  with  horror  and  disgust to  serve  your  agenda.  Making  you  lower  than the  scum that has  perpetrated  this crime  against  an  innocent.  What kind of  low life’s  are  you ?????

I  know  that  there  are  some  of  you  out  there  getting the  message  out .  Looking at this  photo  ,   wrenching  at  your  heart and  you  are  doing  it  for a  good  reason.  To  help,  to  get the  word  out .  However,  we  need  the  truth.  We  need  to  know  the true  source  and the true cause  of  this  pain and  suffering  so that  the perpetrators  can  be  called to   task.  Please   vet  your  sources  as  carefully  as   you  possibly  can.  Doing otherwise  could  very  well  be causing  you  and  anyone  else   who does  so  to be  playing into the  hands  of  the  manipulators who are  using  this  to further their  own twisted purposes.

Please  vet  your  sources  and  make  sure  that  the  photos are  accredited  to their  creators.  There  are  too many  that are more than  willing to  exploit   these poor  innocents  for  ratings  and  for the  advancement of t heir  sick  agendas.

Be  Informed!

Be  Discerning!

Demand Truth!

Demand Proof!

Condemn Lies!

Condemn Depravity!

Always  Ask  Questions!

Never, Never Accept and  Unsubstantiated Claim Without Legitimate Sources!

Ask for the  truth  so that  the  bastards  responsible  for  this  heinous  act  and others like it can  be  held  accountable!!

Please  Let’s Do This Little One  and Others  Like  Her  Justice!!!  Please!!!

Who is  she ?

Where is  she ?

What  has  become  of  her ?

Who took the  photo?

Who  tied  her  up?

Why is  she  crying?

All  goodhearted  people  who  view  this  photo  will have  these questions  and  to  do  her  justice  they  must  be  answered.  Anyone  with  any  information  about  this photo ,  the   little   girl or  sources  to the  original information of  the  photo  would be   appreciated.


#الحقيقةالسورية | #صورة | #ديرالزور : قام أفراد ما تسمى بـ “هيئة الرقابة المالية” التابعة لـ “#جبهة_النصرة ” الإرهابية باعتقال هذه الفتاة وربطها بهذه الطريقة المجرمة في محافظة #دير_الزور ثم قاموا بقتل والديها أمام عينيها لاسباب طائفية .
— with Mohammad W. Lahfi.

According to Syrian Truth’s Facebook page, the above photo is of a toddler living in the Deir ez-Zor Governate in eastern Syria, bordering Iraq. She was tied up by members of the U.S.-supported “Free Syrian Army” — which is dominated by foreign, Sunni jihadis — and made to watch as her mother and father were killed for being Shia. Here is how the Obama administration is using your tax dollars — mockingly in the name of “freedom.”

June 21st  , 2013


Israel Tortura de niños palestinos y los usa como escudos humanos, dice la ONU


(Israel tortures Palestinian children and  use  them as  human  shields says the  UN

El Comité de la ONU sobre los Derechos del Niño el jueves acusó a las fuerzas israelíes de maltratar a niños palestinos – incluyendo la tortura de los detenidos, y el uso de otros como escudos humanos.

Translation :

(A UN Human Rights  Committee for  Children  Thursday accused Israeli forces of  mistreatment of Palestinian children – Including the  torture of  detainees and the use of  others  as  human  shields)

June  22nd  ,  2013


Israel tortura crianças palestinas e as usa como escudos humanos, afirma a ONU

 Translation :
(Israel tortures Palestinian  children and uses  them as  human shields ,  affirms the  UN)

Comitê da ONU sobre os Direitos da Criança acusou nesta quinta-feira as forças israelenses de maltratar crianças palestinas — inclusive de torturar aquelas sob custódia, além de usar outras como escudos humanos.

Translation :

(A UN Human Rights  Committee for  Children  Thursday accused Israeli forces of  mistreatment of Palestinian children – Including the  torture of  detainees and the use of  others  as  human  shields)

June  22nd ,  2013


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Evacuation signals growing concern in Moscow about conflict between ally Bashar al-Assad’s regime and rebels

Russian deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov

Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, said the defence ministry ‘does not have a single person in Syria’. Photograph: Denis Balibouse/Reuters

Russia has evacuated the last of its personnel from Syria, including from its Mediterranean naval base in Tartus, in a move that appears to underline Moscow’s mounting concerns about the escalating crisis.

Russian media reported on Wednesday that they had confirmed the evacuation with officials in the country’s military and foreign ministry. But there was no official confirmation of a claim from rebel Free Syrian Army sources that a Russian plane had been shot down and its pilot captured in the western Aleppo area.

The effective closure of the Tartus base would be a significant loss, though a 16-ship naval task force is still in the eastern Mediterranean. The base is Russia’s only foothold in the Middle East.

Neighbouring Cyprus has, however, made its ports available to the Russian fleet. Cypriot media have reported that the government may allow Russia to use its base at Paphos to host military aircraft.

News that Russian forces had pulled out of Syria came in an interview with Mikhail Bogdanov, the deputy foreign minister, in an interview with the newspaper al-Hayat last week.

“Today, the Russian defence ministry does not have a single person in Syria,” he said. He described Tartus as a “technical facility for maintaining ships sailing in the Mediterranean.”


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