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Published on Dec 26, 2013


Things got heated when MSNBC anchor Kristen Welker cited critics who’ve accused Greenwald of “crossing a line” in his defense of Edward Snowden. “What do you say to your critics who say you’ve become more of a spokesman for Edward Snowden?” she asked.

“I think that’s ludicrous is what I say to that,” Greenwald shot back. “Every journalist has an agenda. We’re on MSNBC now, where close to 24 hours a day the agenda of President Obama and the Democratic Party are promoted, defended, glorified, the agenda of the Republican Party is undermined. That doesn’t mean the people who appear on MSNBC aren’t journalists, they are.”

He said that every journalist has a “viewpoint” and he doesn’t hide the fact that he finds Snowden’s decision to expose the NSA’s surveillance programs “heroic.”

I think the point is not so much about MSNBC and what happens here,” Welker said in defense of her employer, “but more that sometimes when you talk about Edward Snowden you do defend him, and some people wonder if that crosses a line.”

“Sure, I do defend him just like people on MSNBC defend President Obama and his officials and Democratic Party leaders 24 hours a day.” When Welker pushed back that “not everyone on MSNBC does that 24 hours a day,” Greenwald conceded that it’s “not everybody, but a lot of people do.”

After comparing Snowden to figures like Chelsea Manning and Daniel Ellsberg, Greenwald said, “I absolutely do defend what Edward Snowden does and I don’t pretend otherwise.”





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GLENN GREENWALD TO MSNBC: I’m Defending Snowden Like You Defend Obama ’24 Hours A Day’



Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who has been at the forefront of the National Security Agency leaks from Edward Snowden, defended his ties to the former agency contractor on MSNBC Thursday.Greenwald was asked by MSNBC anchor Kristen Welker to respond to critics that have charged Greenwald has “crossed a line” in defending Snowden and has become a “spokesman” for him.

Greenwald sniped back by blasting the network, charging that its own bias lies within its “24-hour” defense of President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

“I think that’s ludicrous — that’s what I say to that,” Greenwald said.

“Every journalist has an agenda. We’re on MSNBC now, where, close to 24 hours a day, the agenda of President Obama and the Democratic Party are promoted, defended, glorified, [and] the agenda of the Republican Party is undermined. That doesn’t mean that the people who appear on MSNBC aren’t journalists — they are.”


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He  fails to discuss the fact that the majority of the constituents  in those  Republican  governed  States agree  with their States  decision.  They  want  nothing to do  with  Obamacare…….But that  would  not  fall into the  sweet  little  package  being  used  by  both  sides of  the  aisle.  That  little topic   he  loves  to  use  at  every turn,  claiming  that  the other side  is  playing  politics.  How  convenient for  him.  The  truth is this is not   a fight  for the  good of  the  People  or  the  Nation.   But  rather  a fight  to  control  the  flow  of all those  taxpayer   and  corporate  lobbyist  dollars.  A  political  game  of Tug-of-War  if you  will.  

Partisan BS at  it’s finest!

He  also  fails to  address something  aside from  the fact that  while  those  who do not  have insurance may be  his  concern because  those who already have  insurance have  seen the  changes  and  the  added  cost that  have been  implemented  by the  healthcare  program.  There  has  been  no  adequate  discussion on the repercussions to   middle  class Americans  who are  having to make  due with smaller paychecks  and the ever rising  costs  associated  with the  financial  rot that  is  affecting  this  Nation.  Yes  those  who qualify  will be  able to receive free healthcare or State  sponsored  healthcare.  What  about  those  who make   just  enough  to  keep their  bills paid  and  food on the table?

What  about  those  barely  able  to  eek  out a living with what  little  they  make and  still be able to  put  gas in the  car  to keep  going  to that  underpaid job?

Who is  going to help them  when the  time  comes  to  get  this   insurance  exchange,  that  is  being  touted  as  the answer to all our  ills ( pun most  definitely intended),   is more than they  can  possibly  afford  and still feed their  children?

The fact is that those  who cannot  afford  insurance because  they   literally cannot afford  to , even , take  their  kids  to  a  burger  king for a  cheap meal just as a treat,  something once  taken  for  granted by  mainstream  families  everywhere in this  Nation. 

They  cannot  afford  a kid  meal’s worth  out  of  their established  budget and   yet  they  will be  expected  to pay  for insurance? 

Adding insult to injury they  will be  found   to not  qualify  for  the  financial  assistance necessary to  receive discounted  or  free  healthcare  because  they  make  more than is allowed  according to the  bean counters  that  established  the criteria, from their   cushy  offices in  Washington.  The  simple  truth is  they  will either  have  to  pay  for an  insurance  they  cannot  afford   or they  will have  to  pay  a  fine that they  still cannot  afford.  Either  way   the  middle  working  class pays out the  nose  , like it  or  not .  

After all  ,  with all the  homeless  American  families  now  eating in  soup  kitchens  and   sleeping in cars  or  in shelters,  what’s a few  more  right ? 

They  won’t lose  any  sleep  over it that  much  has  been made painfully  obvious.  As  they are  so  far  removed  from the  everyday   struggle that   Americans  have  to  simply  survive. The truth being that they  are unable to  fathom  what  it is  like going to bed  at  night hungry  because  the  only  food  in the  house  has  been  set  aside  to make  sure  the  children  have  something to  eat.

Either  way  we  don’t get  to  choose  because  this  legislation  has been  jammed   down   our throats  and  now they are  worried  about  their  2014  campaign?

Yes, well  we  already  know that the only  thing  politicians  care about  is  being  re-elected  so they  can  keep  filling  their  pockets  with their  ill gotten  gain  from  selling the  American  people  down the  river.  That  however,  does  not a proper  and  just program  make of the  Healthcare program  that  has  now  been made  law against the  will and to the  detriment of  the PEOPLE!!

~Desert Rose~


Obama defends health law as Democrats fret over 2014 elections

By Sam Baker 05/10/13 03:29 PM ET

President Obama on Friday sought to quell Democratic worries and public misconceptions about his healthcare law, months before its biggest provisions are set to take effect.

Members of Obama’s own party have relentlessly criticized the administration for not doing enough to sell the public on ObamaCare, especially as new coverage options are about to come online. Some Democrats fear a rough rollout could cost them in the 2014 midterms.

“Undoubtedly, there will be some mistakes and hiccups” as major pieces of the law fall into place later this year, Obama said Friday.

But he said the law’s supporters “have an obligation to now make sure that full implementation moves forward the way it needs to.”Most of the law’s biggest provisions will take effect between Oct. 1 and Jan. 1, 2014.

“I’m here to tell you, I am 110 percent committed to getting it done right,” Obama said.

Public polling shows the healthcare law remains unpopular — just 35 percent of those polled in the most recent Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll said they have a favorable opinion of the law, while 40 percent had an unfavorable view.

That’s a major concern for Democrats ahead of a midterm election that historically goes against the president’s party. Republicans are hoping to add to their advantage in the House, and to retake the Senate.

Obama, for his part, is hoping to buck history. If Republicans gain congressional seats next year, his years as a lame-duck president are likely to begin immediately. But by gaining seats — and especially by winning back the House — Obama could give himself a chance to add to his record in the last two years of his term.

A senior administration official downplayed the bad polling Friday, saying reactions to the health law break along partisan lines and that internal polls look slightly better for the White House.

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Poll: Many Americans uninformed about health care overhaul, some don’t know it’s law

A Tea Party member reaches for a pamphlet titled “The Impact of Obamacare”, at a “Food for Free Minds Tea Party Rally” in Littleton, New Hampshire October 27, 2012. REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

President Barack Obama reflects on the status of the Affordable Care Act while speaking Tuesday at the White House.

As the Obama administration girds for “glitches and bumps” along the path to full implementation of the health-care law, a new poll indicates many Americans are still unclear about the details of the new law and, in some cases, unaware it’s actually law of the land.

A whopping 42 percent of Americans do not know that the Affordable Care Act is, in fact, law. Included in that 42 percent — 12 percent believe it has been repealed by Congress, 7 percent think the U.S. Supreme Court overturned it, and 23 percent are unsure of its status, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll.

For the record, no portion of the law has been repealed; and the Supreme Court upheld it last summer in a 5-4 decision. The law continues to be viewed more negatively than positively, with just 35 percent saying they have a favorable view and 40 percent saying they have an unfavorable one. But the prolonged implementation, complexity of the law, and messaging by opponents has aided in the confusion. The administration is starting to push back, beginning with the president.

“It’s still a big undertaking,” President Barack Obama acknowledged Tuesday in a press conference at the White House. “And what we’re doing is making sure that every single day we are constantly trying to hit our marks so that it will be in place. … Even if we do everything perfectly, there will still be glitches and bumps. … And that’s pretty much true of every government program that’s ever been set up.”

The poll comes as the administration Tuesday took one step to streamline the application process for health insurance for the uninsured, unveiling a shorter, three-page application form rather than the earlier, 21-page version that was criticized. Enrollment begins Oct. 1 for insurance that would take effect Jan. 1.

Nearly half of all Americans – 49 percent – say they still do not have enough information about the law and how it will impact their families. There are plenty of people happy to try and fill in the gaps.

Republicans, for example, have begun mounting a messaging campaign against the law’s implementation, hoping it can help them in the 2014 midterms and potentially hand over control of the Senate to the GOP, which needs to net six seats to accomplish that goal.

They have seized, in particular, on retiring Democratic Sen. Max Baucus’ comment at a hearing earlier this month that implementation of the law will not just see “glitches and bumps,” but said it will be a “train wreck.”

“I urge my friends on the other side to join with Republicans and stop this ‘train wreck’ before things get even worse,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, up for re-election in 2014, said on the floor of the upper chamber.

Views of the law have gotten worse since the presidential election, sliding from 43 percent favorable to 35 percent. Democrats are mostly responsible for the drop, as pre-election partisanship begins to fade and details of implementation begin to come into focus.

But on Tuesday, President Obama –  in his most extensive defense of the implementation of the law so far –  said, “Despite all the hue and cry and ‘sky is falling’ predictions about this stuff, if you’ve already got health insurance, then that part of ‘Obamacare’ that affects you, it’s pretty much already in place.”

What remains, he added, is getting the 10 percent to 15 percent of Americans who do not have health insurance, and who will face a penalty next year if they choose not to purchase it, to enroll in state or federal exchanges. The federal government’s job is also made more difficult, the president said, because big states like Florida and Texas, both states with Republican governors, have opted against setting up exchanges.

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Schumer: Health Insurance Rates Likely To Spike, Obamacare Partly Responsible

Sen. Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat and longtime backer of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, said that insurance rates are likely to spike – and “Obamacare” is partly to blame. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Sen. Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat and longtime backer of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, said that insurance rates are likely to spike – and “Obamacare” is partly to blame. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Rochester, N.Y. (CBS DC) – Sen. Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat and longtime backer of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, said that insurance rates are likely to spike – and “Obamacare” is partly to blame.

Speaking with WHEC Rochester, Schumer said, “Our insurance department is empowered to protect families and we’re going to watch them like a hawk to make sure they do, because if they don’t, these rates could go through the roof.”

“It’s in part because of Obamacare, but health care costs have been going up in double digits for years and years and years. The good news is in this bill, there’s a way to stop it.”

The comments from Schumer were in response to many insurance companies’ failure to announce premium increases for next year. Some healthcare experts are warning that premiums could go up by more than 10 percent on January 1 when Obamacare kicks in across the country.

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GOP seeks $4B for ObamaCare program

By Sam Baker 04/17/13 07:52 PM ET

House Republicans are trying to pump $4 billion into an ObamaCare program.

The Energy and Commerce Committee passed a bill Wednesday to beef up funding for the healthcare law’s high-risk insurance pools, which have stopped accepting new patients due to a lack of funding.

The additional money for high-risk pools would come out of another part of the healthcare law — its fund for prevention and public health, which Republicans decry as a “slush fund.”

It’s the first time Republicans have tried to fix, rather than repeal, a program in the healthcare law, and the move has angered many on the right.
Some Republicans were clearly prepared for criticism.

“A minority of our conference feels that the only vote that should be taken against ObamaCare is a repeal vote — all or nothing, to kill it dead,” Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.) said. “I’ve always felt that … if we see areas we can chip away at, that are the most egregious parts of the bill, we really should do that.”

Republicans have a lot riding on the performance of the high-risk pools.

While the program is a relatively small piece of the Affordable Care Act, high-risk pools make up the cornerstone of Republican plans to “repeal and replace” the law.

House Republicans have said high-risk pools should replace one of the healthcare law’s most popular provisions — the requirement that insurance companies cover people with pre-existing conditions.

If the high-risk pools in the Affordable Care Act prove ineffective, Republicans could have a harder time making the argument that they could help make up a viable alternative to ObamaCare.

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said it’s “ironic” that Republicans are trying to spend more money on a government-run healthcare system, while the Democrats’ healthcare law covers the uninsured through the private market.

“People ought to be able to buy insurance,” Waxman said. “And people with pre-existing conditions are higher-risk and would be charged a higher price if we didn’t spread out the population to get as many people as possible covered.”

Under a high-risk pool, the government pays to insure sick people who have been denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. The pools contain only the sickest and most expensive patients, and the government is left with the bill.

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurers lose the right to deny people coverage because of pre-existing conditions and the cost of covering sick people is spread across the entire healthcare system. The law established temporary high-risk pools as a bridge until the ban on coverage denials takes effect on Jan. 1, 2014.

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Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome

Published on Feb 3, 2013

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.


Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version

John Anthony

Uploaded on Dec 23, 2011

Here is a detailed presentation on what is really in Agenda 21 and the sustainable development movement as defined by the UN. How it will ultimately compromise your property rights..

Regarding Ms. Bruntdland: Some have suggested she is merely a Democrat and I am way off base. First off, Norway does not have a Democratic Party, but rather Socialist democrats. Hopefully there is a difference. Internet research can be a challenge, so I respect those who engage in it! However, check out the XX Congress of the Socialist International in NY. Gro was the first VP of the Socialist International whose goal is to interact with labour, social democrats and socialists worldwide to spread the socialist concept of democracy. It is quite possible to be member of the Democratic Party and a Socialist at the same time. It is members like Gro whose desire it is to move the Democratic party more toward the Social Democratic Party.

I also want to thank “6or8pack” for pointing out my error in mentioning that Betty Perry’s nose was injured by handcuffs. In fact, she slipped during her interaction with officers and hit her nose on the steps. Betty was aware of local ordinances, but chose to ignore them. This landed her in the holding pen. This error is mine.

Some have suggested they have “read Agenda 21 ” and there is nothing dangerous in the book and besides, the document has no power to override their Constitutional right to own and control private property.

To read the book alone, without reading the preceeding and following documentation and activites would be somewhat like looking at a map of Brazil and feeling you now know how Brazilians think and feel.

The name A21 refers not only to the actual book, but to the entire sustainable development movement as defined by the United Nations dating back to the 1970’s through today. That is why it is important to not only listen to the entire video, but research on your own to gain more information. Since this presentation was completed vast new volumes of information have been compiled. Check the sources in the back of the presentation and the United Nation’s own websites to draw your own conclusions.

Thanks for viewing the video and for your observations. John

Presented 11/28/2011 Copyright 2011 John Anthony

Alex Details The Draconian Agenda 21 Plan for America


How your community is implementing AGENDA 21

obama winksPresident Barack Obama winks as he arrives to make a statement regarding the passage of the fiscal cliff bill at the White House, Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

(CNSNews.com) – Are Democrats done raising taxes on the American people?

“No,” says House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“We can raise more revenue,” says Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.).

And Sen. Dick Durban (D-Ill.) says “there are still deductions, credits, special treatments under the tax code which ought to be looked at very carefully.”

The three Democrats took similar questions about additional tax hikes on different Sunday talk shows.

Interviewed Friday by Bob Schieffer, host of CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Pelosi was asked if the “revenue side” of the fiscal cliff is finished. Revenue means higher taxes to Democrats.

“No, no, it is not,” Pelosi replied. “I mean, the president had said originally he wanted $1.6 trillion in revenue. He took it down to $1.2 as a compromise. In this legislation (fiscal cliff) we had $620 billion, very significant, high-end tax — changing the high-end tax rate to 39.6 percent. But that is not enough on the revenue side.”

“Are you talking about more taxes?” Schieffer asked Pelosi.

“We’re talking about looking at the tax code, putting everything on the table from the standpoint of closing loopholes — and we know that we can do that — special subsidies for big oil, for example, $38 billion right there.

“But again, not to take things in isolation, just to say, OK, well, how much more revenue can we get as we go forward?”


Read Full Article and Watch Video Here

By Ramsey Cox
The Hill

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Thursday said it is likely too late for Congress to pull the nation back from the “fiscal cliff.”

Speaking on the Senate floor, Reid castigated Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) for sending members of the House back to their districts last week after he was forced to scrap his “Plan B” tax plan for lack of support.

The Democratic leader said that even if Boehner agreed to hold a vote extending the Bush tax rates for incomes up to $250,000 — as Democrats have demanded to avoid one part of the fiscal cliff — it might not make it through Congress in time to prevent tax increases from beginning next year.


“I have to be honest — I don’t know, time-wise, how it can happen now,” Reid said.

Boehner said last week that he would give members of the House 48 hours notice if they needed to return for a vote on fiscal matters, but GOP leaders have yet to give the order for them to return.

“[Boehner] should call them back today — he shouldn’t have let them go, in fact,” Reid said.

Senators arrived back at the Capitol on Thursday with time running out to reach an agreement on a slew of tax increases and automatic spending cuts that are set to begin in January.

Boehner last week said it was up to President Obama and Senate Democrats to find a solution to the fiscal cliff, and on Wednesday reiterated that the upper chamber must act first.


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How The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Affects You

fiscal cliff

The clock is ticking to stop tax hikes and spending cuts threatening your wallet.

By: WSPA Staff, Associated Press, CBS News | WSPA-TV



Local impact of fiscal cliff talks

The clock is ticking to stop tax hikes and spending cuts threatening your wallet.

President Obama is back inWashingtontrying to hammer out a last-minute deal to avoid the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’.

If a plan isn’t approved by Jan. 1, economists say it could be a rough fall for the average family.

“If we revert back to Clinton-era tax rates, anyone who is paying income taxes will see their rates going up,” said Tom Smythe, a business professor atFurmanUniversity.

So how will the fiscal cliff impact you?

A household making $50,000 annually will see their income taxes increase $1,000 to $1,500 per year, according to Smythe.

But that’s not all.  The payroll tax extension is also set to expire.  It funds social security, and that means another tax hike of $1,000 per year for the average family.

“In total, if nothing happens, people with incomes of $50,000 will see their taxes rise on the order of about $2,000 to $2,500,” Smythe said.

7 On Your Side caught up with U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham Thursday before he left forWashingtonto get his take on the impending fiscal cliff.

“If we can’t find a fix from now until January, whatever we do will be retroactive for middle class tax payers,” said Sen. Graham.

Economists believe the fiscal cliff could even cost people their jobs.

For example, Smythe says if a deal isn’t reached, the Department of Defense will lose a big chunk of its budget.  The DOD has contracts with various companies, including Lockheed Martin which has a facility inGreenvilleCounty.

“It is a hidden cost of the political process right now,” says Smythe.  “Most companies have stockpiled lots and lots of cash on their balance sheets very specifically because they don’t know what the financial landscape is going to look like post Jan. 1.  Until that gets resolved, companies are going to hold back cash.”


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At the White House, Charlie Crist becomes at Democrat



He tweets:

Proud and honored to join the Democratic Party in the home of President @BarackObama! pic.twitter.com/lQVn7DKf

“I’ve had friends for years tell me, ‘You know Charlie, you’re a Democrat and you don’t know it,'” Crist told the Tampa Bay Times about his party switch. The Times also reports that President Obama greeted the news of Crist’s switch with a fist-bump.

Crist — who lost a 2010 GOP Senate primary to Marco Rubio — has been trending in this direction for some time. He’s had no party registration since losing to Rubio, and he endorsed Obama for reelection in October. He also delivered a speech at Obama’s nominating convention in Charlotte, N.C. this fall.

He’s widely rumored to be interested in challenging Florida’s Republican Gov. Rick Scott in 2014 — but he’ll need to fend off primary challenges from Democrats unimpressed by his time in the GOP.

(h/t Nick Gass)

Santelli Annihilates Costco CEO For Blatant Tax Hypocrisy

Why he walked off set earlier today.

The 4 million dollar tax hypocrite.


Watch  The  Video Where Santelli  Calls these practices to Task Here

Watch The Video Where  Santelli Explains his  Disgust Here

Tax avoidance by CEOs who give glorious political speeches on why higher taxes are good for everyone, and then operate by a different set of rules when no one is watching.

Here’s the WSJ article that caused the righteous indignation…


When President Obama needed a business executive to come to his campaign defense, Jim Sinegal was there.  The Costco co-founder, director and former CEO even made a prime-time speech at the Democratic Party convention in Charlotte.  So what a surprise this week to see that Mr. Sinegal and the rest of the Costco board voted to give themselves a special dividend to avoid Mr. Obama’s looming tax increase.  Is this what the President means by “tax fairness”?

Sinegal’s DNC speech (Sep. 6, 2012):

Costco Co-Founder Jim Sinegal addresses the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Politics, Legislation and Economy News

Legislation  –  Security  :  Fiscal Irresponsibility – Hypocrisy

Democrats make hay out of stalled farm bill

By Alexandra Jaffe

Democrats are using the stalled farm bill to hammer their GOP opponents in congressional races across the country.

The legislation, which provides subsidy and aid to farmers nationwide, as well as authorizes funding for a number of nutritional programs, expires on Sept. 30. The Senate was able to pass a bill, but House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said late last week that the House would have to wait until after the election to pick back up on the legislation, despite a flurry of last-minute activity from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in an attempt to bring it to the floor.

Democrats in states where agriculture plays a large role have been quick to launch attacks on their opponents that aimed to hang congressional inaction around their necks. Most recently, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a pair of ads targeting Republican Rep. Rick Berg, running for Senate in North Dakota, where agriculture remains the largest industry, on the failed farm bill.

But Republican candidates were ready. Several offered heavily publicized protestations against House leadership’s stall and made frequent, emphatic pushes to get something passed.

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) skipped out on a fundraiser with New Jersey Gov. and GOP darling Chris Christie to return to Washington to push for a bill. Rep. Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) was one of the first lawmakers to sign a discharge petition to force the bill to the floor for a vote, and spoke out at a bipartisan rally meant to draw attention to congressional inaction.

Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.), running for Senate against Sen. Jon Tester (D), and Rep. Tom Latham (R-Iowa), who’s in a tough reelection bid, also signed the discharge petition, as did Berg, who’s locked in a tough battle for Senate against Democrat Heidi Heitkamp. Berg, too, roundly criticized Republican leadership for the impasse, and led an effort to spur the GOP whip team into a discussion on getting the bill passed.

“House leadership has handled this entire farm bill situation poorly since it should have happened months ago,” he said in a statement issued after Boehner punted on the bill, adding that efforts to get the measure to the House floor “won’t stop until this happens.” His efforts won him a laudatory editorial from one of North Dakota’s largest newspapers, the Fargo Forum, which praised him for his work on the legislation.

Although Democrats are likely to continue to hammer their GOP opponents on the bill up to the November elections, some Republicans insist it’s not an issue that will move voters. Dan Conston, communications director for the Congressional Leadership Fund, said that gridlock over the bill might turn out to be a political advantage for some Republicans.

“I think, in some ways, it is an opportunity for our own candidates to show that they are pushing Congress to act. It shows a separation, where they’re able to locally distinguish themselves,” he said.

At a time when Congress is posting record-low approval ratings, it behooves candidates to come out in opposition to the establishment entrenched in Washington, and the farm bill is one issue on which some Republicans have been able to do that. A spokesman for Noem, running against Democrat Matt Varilek, pointed out that the farm bill was an issue where the congresswoman “hasn’t been afraid to take on her own leadership.”

University of Iowa Political Science Professor Tim Hagle pointed out, however, that inaction on the farm bill could have an effect in races where it plays into a larger narrative.

“[Democrat Christie] Vilsack has been saying King hasn’t been successful at getting things done in Congress — that’s one line of argument” where the farm bill could play, he said.

King was the only member of the Iowa delegation not to sign the discharge petition, and Vilsack has made a point to hammer him on the issue, bringing it up multiple times during a recent debate. King has been endorsed by the conservative Club for Growth, which warned members against voting for the petition.

Hagle also said that Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-Iowa), running in an incumbent-vs.-incumbent race against Latham, could target Latham for the farm bill’s failure, because Latham is close with Boehner — a connection Boswell’s campaign manager, Kevin McTigue, pointed to in his criticism of his colleague on the issue.

“Rather than doing photo-ops or speaking at the Farm Bill Now rally, Congressman Latham should put his influence and friendship with Speaker Boehner to use to get this Farm Bill passed,” he said in a release issued after Latham voted to adjourn Congress before a bill had been passed.

But Hagle added that those who are paying close attention to the farm bill are likely to have already made up their minds on whom they’ll be voting for come November. And those tuned in to the farm bill are likely to have followed its passage through Congress and understand the political maneuvering in ways that attack ads often obscure.

Tyler Schott, a Montana Republican operative, said that that familiarity with the issues in states like Montana and North Dakota, where farmers and ranchers experience a delay in farm bill passage every five years, means Democratic attacks might not stick.

“Montanans know Congressman Rehberg has been pushing his own party leaders to address the issue and when it comes down to it, Democrat finger-pointing for political gain won’t get the bill passed,” he said.

But unlike a number of other pieces of legislation caught in the political crossfire this election season, the farm bill has a tangible, substantial effect, and it remains on the minds of voters in states where agriculture constitutes a large portion of the economy — especially in those states experiencing drought conditions. Varilek, Noem’s Democratic opponent, said that’s why he’ll continue to hammer Noem on her inability to whip more freshman Republicans to join her on the discharge petition.

“The fiscal cliff, tax increases, the bailout, that’s all troubling to people — but the farm bill is really hitting home in a concrete way, especially with the drought. It’s just so irresponsible to think that they didn’t do it before the August recess, that they didn’t bother even to pass an extension. That just takes the irresponsibility to new heights,” he said.

Politics and Legislation


We Take Care of Our Own: Eric Holder and the End of Rights

Historians of the future, if they are not imprisoned for saying so, will trace the end of America’s democratic experiment to the fearful days immediately after 9/11, what Bruce Springsteen called the days of the empty sky, when frightened, small men named Bush and Cheney made the first decisions to abandon the Constitution in the name of freedom and created a new version of the security state with the Patriot Act, Guantanamo, secret prisons and sanctioned torture by the U.S. government. They proceeded carefully, making sure that lawyers in their employ sanctioned each dark act, much as kings in old Europe used the church to justify their own actions.



Politicians Won’t Return Ponzi Payoffs

Michael Winship, Moyers & Co.:

“On Tuesday, Texas financier Robert Allen Stanford was convicted in a Houston federal court on 13 out of 14 criminal counts of fraud…. But what most of this week’s stories failed to mention was the large amount of his clients’ cash that was spent on campaign contributions, greasing the corrupt nexus of money and politics for personal gain. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were given to candidates,  Barack Obama, John McCain, John Boehner and Harry Reid; including Ponzi Payoffs; as well as national fundraising committees for the Republican and Democratic parties.”



Confusion Surrounds Federal Review of Southern Leg of Keystone XL

Lisa Song, InsideClimate News:

“TransCanada’s decision last week to build the southern half of the rejected Keystone XL has raised a tricky question about who will regulate the project review … The process could be stickier at the federal level. The U.S. State Department was the lead agency on the original Keystone XL because it crossed an international boundary. But so far, no agency has stepped forward to take responsibility for the Gulf Coast Project.”



A Field of Hawks

Eugene Robinson, Washington Post Writers Group:

“Unless Ron Paul somehow wins the nomination, it looks as if a vote for the Republican presidential candidate this fall will be a vote for war with Iran. No other conclusion can be drawn from parsing the candidates’ public remarks. Paul, of course, is basically an isolationist who believes it is none of our business if Iran wants to build nuclear weapons…. But Paul has about as much chance of winning the GOP nomination as I do.”



No Apocalypse Yet
Will Putin do what the oligarchs fear?


If he wants to survive politically, he will have to implement the national agenda, confront the oligarchs, curb the creative class, provide support to those who supported him.



Obama Signs Anti-protest Trespass Bill


US President Barack Obama signed his name to H.R. 347 on Thursday, officially making it a federal offense to cause a disturbance at certain political events – essentially criminalizing protest in the States.



‘War on Terror is War on Liberty’
Farage demands that the UK break treaty with US

By Nigel Farage: EU MP

“No British court has ever been allowed to examine the evidence against Mr Tappin and I believe this Treaty, signed in the wake of the September 11 attacks, needs to be amended and the British government needs to stand up for its own people.




Not So Fast On That Whole Economic Recovery Thing

Not so fast. Those that are publicly declaring that an economic recovery has arrived are ignoring a whole host of numbers that indicate that the U.S. economy is in absolutely horrendous shape. The truth is that the health of an economy should not be measured by how well the stock market is doing. Rather, the truth health of an economy should be evaluated by looking at numbers for things like jobs, housing, poverty and debt. Some of the latest economic statistics indicate that unemployment is getting a little bit worse, that the housing market continues to deteriorate, that poverty in America continues to soar and that our debt problem is worse than ever.



TEXT-Moody’s: Greek sovereign credit rating remains at C

Moody’s Investors Service says that it considers Greece

to have defaulted per Moody’s default definitions further to the conclusion of an exchange of EUR177 billion of Greece’s debt that is governed by Greek law for bonds issued by the Greek government, GDP-linked securities, European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) notes. Foreign-law bonds are eligible for the same offer, and Moody’s expects a similar debt exchange to proceed with these bondholders, as well as the holders of state-owned enterprise debt that has been guaranteed by the state, in the coming weeks. The respective securities will enter our default statistics at the tender expiration date, which is was Thursday 8 March for the Greek law bonds and is currently expected to be 23 March for foreign law bonds. Greece’s government bond rating remains unchanged at C, the lowest rating on Moody’s rating scale.



Security: UK ‘must plan for euro collapse’

Ministers should draw up plans to deal with a break-up of the eurozone “as a matter of urgency”, a committee of MPs and peers has warned.

The joint committee on the government’s National Security Strategy (NSS) said the full or partial collapse of the single currency was “plausible”.

It said political unrest and a rise in economic migrant numbers could result.



Wall Street up on jobs data, brushes off Greek default

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stocks advanced on Friday as investors brushed off the technical default by Greece and focused instead on another strong monthly jobs report.

Trading was choppy in late afternoon trade after the International Swaps and Derivatives Association said Greece has triggered an insurance payment on credit default contracts.

Investors took the Greek news largely in stride because the event was widely expected. Still, it is a declaration of default following the biggest sovereign debt-restructuring deal in history, and the specter of trouble in other euro-zone countries remains.



Bernanke Is Giving Us the Recovery He Wants, Not the Recovery We Need

With the latest round of monetary stimulus, the Federal Reserve is boldly going where it has already been. Big, big news from the Federal Reserve. They are considering doing something they are already doing, but calling it something else.

This “new” operation, carried out under the rather gross-sounding moniker of “sterilized quantitative easing,” is just another way to reduce long-term interest rates. The specifics aren’t terribly important — although if you want all the gory details about bond-buying and reverse repos, check out Jon Hilsenrath — but the result should be identical to the so-called “Operation Twist” the Fed did last fall.



UPDATE 6-Oil up on jobs data even as dollar rallies

By Robert Gibbons

NEW YORK, March 9 (Reuters) – Oil prices rose a third straight day on Friday as data showing rising U.S. employment countered any pressure from a stronger dollar and faded euphoria after Greece’s debt swap deal.
U.S. nonfarm payrolls rose by 227,000 in February, above expectations and marking the third straight month that gains topped 200,000, though the unemployment rate held at a three-year low of 8.3 percent.



PRECIOUS-Gold turns higher on US jobs data, oil gains

By Frank Tang and Amanda Cooper

NEW YORK/LONDON, March 9 (Reuters) – Gold rose above
$1,700 an ounce in heavy trade on Friday, reversing early sharp losses as the metal took heart from gains in crude oil and U.S. equities’ after an encouraging U.S. nonfarm payrolls report.
Bullion, which has taken to following riskier assets, rose in the face of a dollar rally and fading hopes of further U.S. monetary stimulus after U.S. employment grew strongly for a third straight month.
Also lifting the metal was Greece’s averting an immediate default after its bond swap offer to private creditors. Technical buying also helped after prices rebounded off its key 200-day moving average.



Public-Sector Banks: From Black Sheep to Global Leaders

Once the black sheep of high finance, government owned banks can reassure depositors about the safety of their savings and can help maintain a focus on productive investment in a world in which effective financial regulation remains more of an aspiration than a reality.



Welcome to the One Percent Recovery

Mike Konczal, New Deal 2.0:

“As the one percent reap 93 percent of the income gains from the recovery, we’re rapidly returning to pre-New Deal levels of inequality … It’s important to remember that a series of choices were made during the New Deal to react to runaway inequality, including changes to progressive taxation, financial regulation, monetary policy, labor unionization, and the provisioning of public goods and guaranteed social insurance. A battle will be fought over the next decade on all these fronts.”



Jeffrey Sachs’ Reform Candidacy for World Bank President

Staff, Center for Economic and Policy Research:

“Economist and health expert Jeffrey Sachs’ reported candidacy for World Bank president is welcome news for the two-and-a-half billion people around the world living in poverty, Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) Co-Director Mark Weisbrot said today. ‘If Sachs were to get the job, he would be the first World Bank president with this kind of experience and knowledge of economic development … All of the others have been bankers, politicians, or political appointees.'”



China posts Feb. trade deficit

For the first time in a year, China recorded a trade deficit of 31.48 billion U.S. dollars in February, as import growth far outpaced exports.

Exports rose 18.4 percent from a year earlier to 114.47 billion U.S. dollars in February, while imports were up 39.6 percent to 145.96 billion U.S. dollars, customs data showed Saturday.

The fast trade expansion was fueled by the lower comparative base for last February, when the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday cut working days from the month and skewed trade data, the General Administration of Customs (GAC) said. The week-long holiday fell in January this year.

After seasonal adjustments, the annual growth of exports slowed to 4 percent in February while that of imports was cut down to 9.4 percent.


Life in America on Two Dollars a Day
Or Why American Poverty Will Soon Match That of the Third World

By CanSpeccy

The latest poverty statistics that show the number of American families with an income of less than two dollars per person per day more than doubled between 1996 and 201.



China to export yuan to BRICS:

China is reportedly to begin extending loans in yuan to BRICS countries in another step towards internationalizing the national currency and diversifying from the US dollar.



Iceland calls its former PM to account for financial crash:

Geir Haarde, whose trial began this week, could face up to two years in jail if convicted over country’s 2008 economic collapse



Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Set to Default on $5.27 Million GO Bond Payments:

The city, carrying a debt load of more than five times its general-fund budget, will miss $5.27 million in bond payments due March 15 on $51.5 million of bonds issued in 1997.



Wars and Rumors of War


The Kazakhstan Massacre: Killing Hope to Benefit US Geopolitical Interests

Steve Horn and Allen Ruff, Truthout: “December 16, 2011, should have been, at minimum, a fairly bright day for the people of Kazakhstan marking the country’s Independence Day and 20th birthday. But rather than being a moment of celebration, it became a day of brutal repression and death, a bloody scene in the regional center of Zhanaozen paralleling those that occurred at the hands of US-supported dictatorial regimes during the uprisings now commonly referred to as the Arab Spring.”



Russia says 15,000 foreign “terrorists” in Syria

(Reuters) – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is battling al Qaeda-backed “terrorists” including at least 15,000 foreign fighters who will seize towns across Syria if government troops withdraw, a Russian diplomat said on Thursday.



After a Decade, Afghan Forces Don’t Trust Americans

Jon Stephenson and Ali Safi, McClatchy Newspapers:

“Afghan soldiers and police say the recent burning of Qurans by U.S. personnel has seriously undermined their trust in their American counterparts, suggesting that the decade-long campaign to win hearts and minds has not only failed but also threatens the Obama administration’s exit strategy. ‘We are tired of the Americans here,’ said Mohammad Aziz, 20, a Kabul police officer. ‘We don’t want them to stay because they keep insulting our religion.'”



Fresh barrage of Gaza rockets strike Israel’s south

Iron Dome intercepts a number of rockets over Be’er Sheva on Saturday morning; 12 Palestinians reportedly killed in IAF strikes in Gaza since Friday.



Obama has partially left his delusions about Iran: Leader

TEHRAN – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says that U.S. President Barack Obama has partially left his delusions about Iran.

The Leader made the remarks during a meeting with the members of the Assembly of Experts in Tehran on Thursday.

“Two days ago, we heard that the U.S. president said, ‘We do not think of war against Iran.’ Well, this is good. This is a logical remark. This is an exit from delusion. In addition, he said, ‘We will bring the Iranian people to their knees through sanctions.’ This is a delusion. The exit from delusion in the first part is good, but remaining in delusion in the second part will harm them. When one’s calculations are based on delusion, it is obvious that the planning he makes based on those calculations will end in failure,” Ayatollah Khamenei stated.



The Bloody Road to Damascus
The Triple Alliance’s War on a Sovereign State

By James Petras

There is clear and overwhelming evidence that the uprising to overthrow President Assad of Syria is a violent, power grab led by foreign-supported fighters.



10 Myths about Iran Driving the Insane Push for War
And Why They’re Dead Wrong

By Jasmin Ramsey

Israeli officials and GOP candidates spout nonsense about Iran. Here’s the truth.



Weapons Financed By US Kill Unarmed Palestinians and U.S. Citizens.

By David Elkins

“U.S. weapons provided to Israel at taxpayer expense make the U.S. complicit in Israel’s human rights abuses of Palestinians living under Israel’s 44-year military occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip”



Kofi Annan’s calls for talks spark anger:

Syrian opposition activists have angrily rejected calls by Kofi Annan, the UN and Arab League envoy to Syria, for dialogue with the government.



Assad Tells Kofi Annan He’s Open To ‘Honest Effort To Find Solution’:


Assad warned the envoy that dialogue was unlikely to succeed while “armed terrorist groups” remained.



Russia threatens to veto U.S. resolution on Syria:

Russia will not support a new U.S.-drafted resolution on Syria because it fails to urge both the government and the rebels to halt violence, said a top Russian diplomat.



No military solution in Syria: EU ministers:

As Qatar called in Cairo for the dispatch of Arab and international peacekeeping troops to Syria, Juppe joined his counterparts in saying that for the EU “military action is not on the agenda.”



US officials: Loyal army, inner circle back Assad:

Despite the Obama administration’s predictions that the Syrian government’s days are numbered, recent U.S. intelligence reports suggest President Bashar Assad commands a formidable army that is unlikely to turn on him, an inner circle that has stayed loyal and an elite class that still supports his rule.



Controversy surrounds CNN footage from Syrian activist:

Video footage broadcast by CNN purporting to depict Syrian government violence was staged by the journalist reporting on camera, recent reports have claimed.



If Iran attacked it will launch 11,000 missiles at Israel, US: envoy:

Tehran’s ambassador to Lebanon says Iran has prepared itself to launch about 11,000 missiles at Israel and U.S. bases in the region if they do a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the Lebanese media reported.





The Problem With the Environment Is Not Too Many People

Eleanor J. Bader, Truthout:

“We’ve all heard the claim repeatedly: humans pollute, so if we just reduce the number of people – both the number being born and the number immigrating from point A to point B – the despoiling will cease and Eden will be restored. If only it could be so simple…. ‘Too Many People?’ is a clear and convincing challenge to the idea of population control as political necessity.”



Fracking Likely Caused Series of Ohio Quakes, Officials Say

Michael Muskal and Neela Banerjee , News Report:

Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources issued new regulations for transporting and disposing of brine wastewater, a fracking byproduct, making for the nation’s toughest disposal regulations, state officials said. Though the quake damage was minor – the largest was a 4.0 magnitude – environmental groups questioned whether the state’s safety rules were strong enough to protect the area from disasters they attributed to hydraulic fracturing.





New York Times CEO Robinson’s Exit Compensation Package Tops $23 Million

Janet Robinson, the New York Times Co. chief executive officer who was pushed out in December, received an exit package, including stock options and retirement benefits, of $23.7 million.

Robinson gets pension and supplemental retirement income valued at $11.4 million, performance awards of $5.39 million, restricted stock units worth $1.07 million and stock options worth $694,164, according to the company’s proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission today. She will also earn $4.5 million in consulting fees for this year.



NSA whistle-blower: Obama “worse than Bush”

Thomas Drake on life inside the National Security Agency and the price of truth telling

Thomas Drake, the whistle-blower whom the Obama administration tried and failed to prosecute for leaking information about waste, fraud and abuse at the National Security Agency, now works at an Apple store in Maryland. In an interview with Salon, Drake laughed about the time he confronted Attorney General Eric Holder at his store while Holder perused the gadgetry on display with his security detail around him. When Drake started asking Holder questions about his case, America’s chief law enforcement officer turned and fled the store.



Mass pro-democracy protest rocks Bahrain

(Reuters) – Tens of thousands of Bahrainis demonstrated on Friday to demand democratic reforms, stepping up pressure on the U.S.-allied government with the biggest protest yet in a year of unrest.



Three Ways to Beat Corporate Giants

Jim Shultz, Op-Ed:

From insurance companies lording over our health care to global conglomerates taking control of our water, corporate giants wield more and more influence over our lives and our environment. So how do we fight back? How do we take on corporate power and actually win? The Democracy Center recently published a new citizen’s resource that looks up close at the strategies that people and communities are using worldwide to successfully tackle corporate giants.



Don’t Look Away from Bahrain’s Revolution

By Ala’a Shehabi

Over the past year, as cameras turned away, the Bahraini regime carried out some of the worst atrocities in its history.



Bahraini forces kill 21-year-old protester in capital Manama:

Activists say the protester, named Fadhel Mirza, was killed on Saturday when regime forces attacked a group of demonstrators struggling to reach Pearl Square.





Stratfor: Blood On Their Hands
And it gets worse.

By Khadija Sharife

With their emails, Stratfor appears to advocate for a world where polluters and murderers, circumvent accountability by obtaining information to pre-empt – and in the process destroy – their opposition.



The Crime of Truth:
Obama’s Persecution of the Peacemaker

By Chris Floyd

Bradley Manning will spend the rest of his life in a federal prison for the unforgiveable crime of telling the truth to people who don’t want to hear it.



The Dirty War on WikiLeaks

By John Pilger

Media smears suggest Swedish complicity in a Washington-driven push to punish Julian Assange.