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Idaho governor signs Ag Gag bill: Now illegal to investigate farm animal cruelty


Idaho governor signs Ag Gag bill: Now illegal to investigate farm animal cruelty YouTube/Mercy for Animals

March 1, 2014

In Boise, Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter signed into law Senate Bill 1337 on Friday; now making it illegal to do any undercover investigations at any of Idaho’s factory farms reports ABC News.

The controversial bill will now make it illegal to film inside of facilities or photograph any abusive activity involving farm animals including and not limited to the unsanitary handling of food products as well as environmental violations.

Idaho introduced the legislation after Mercy for Animals, an advocacy organization which has successfully investigated a number of egregious cruelty violations to farm animals and the mishandling of food on farms throughout the United States, conducted an undercover investigation on the Idaho dairy farm, Bettencourt Dairies.

A cruel and heartbreaking video showed workers beating cows, kicking them in the face, and dragging sick animals across concrete floors with chains around their necks. The video was turned over to law enforcement where criminal charges were brought against three of the workers. One worker has since pleaded guilty to animal cruelty.

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BOISE – Gov. Butch Otter is using Idaho’s reputation as a 2nd Amendment friendly state to try and lure out-of-state businesses.

Lawmakers on the national, state and city level across the country have, or are talking about, creating stricter gun laws in the wake of tragedies like what happened last year in Newtown, Conn. The creation of those laws is driving some gun and ammunition manufacturers to consider relocating their businesses.

The governor sent a letter in April to 79 businesses in 28 states, personally inviting them to do business here in Idaho. Intacto Arms in Boise agrees with what the governor is doing.

A handful of employees run the boutique firearms manufacturing company that specializes in small quantity, but high quality weapons for its law enforcement and military customers.

“More than anything, I mean, Idaho is just a firearm friendly state. I mean it’s built around the outdoors and guns are just a way of life here,” said Cooper Kalisek, President of Intacto Arms. “It’s as pro-gun as it gets.”

Kalisek opened the company in 2009. “It was something I was always interested in,” he said.

He says he lies awake at night thinking about what’s happening to his industry.

“Some of the largest firearms manufacturers that created this business are based in no longer friendly states,” said Kalisek.

He’s talking about companies in Colorado and Connecticut that are looking to other states to set up shop. Gov. Otter and the Idaho Department of Commerce also see what’s going on.


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