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Meet Hammie, a 1-year-old bulldog who lives in Lincoln, Neb. He’s here to tell you that he loves kittens, and there’s nothin’ you can do about it.


Last October, Hammie’s owner, Michelle Parden, took in a pregnant stray cat named Mommy. Parden, 34, had seen Mommy on Facebook after her friend, Gayla Hausman, posted a picture of the orange cat online. Hausman is the director at Voice for Companion Animals, a nonprofit that provides resources like pet food for low income individuals, Parden told The Huffington Post.

Parden happily took Mommy in, and on Halloween, the cat gave birth to six kittens — Pumpkin, Goblin, Frankenstein, Batman, Zombie and Elvira. Because Mommy was so skinny and had eye and respiratory infections, some of the births had complications. But Parden told HuffPost all six kittens and Mommy are now healthy.




Parden has since found adoptive families for all of the kittens and Mommy. Hammie misses his old friends, but the cats’ owners keep in touch with Parden.

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