Dog owners are on alert in Cordova, Tenn., following the mysterious killing of several pets in one neighborhood, reported Friday’s WREG News.

The unidentified animal, described as “elusive and fearless,” has killed three dogs so far and injured one other; the dogs who were attacked were contained inside of their fenced-in yards.

Though evidence, such as “cat-like” paw prints suggest that the animal may be a cougar, residents in the area are referring to the animal as “the thing,” and “the creature.”

Whatever the predator is, large dogs are not safe – one of the victims was over 100 pounds.

Residents in this area are on edge – worried about the safety of their pets, and their children. Those hoping to avoid a devastating loss of their companion animals are choosing to bring their pets inside at night, rather than risking a loss from the night-time “beast.”

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