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God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.
Reinhold Niebuhr, Serenity Prayer,1943

One of the most important questions to ask ourselves, as dissidents, is how to stay sane in such an insane world. When delving into the dissident world, it is easy enough to get so depressed that we can no longer function. In fact, the closer we look at this horrible world of ours, the more attractive suicide can become.

For those of us though, who have no choice but to function, the Serenity Prayer above certainly provides a very helpful piece of advice. There is no point fretting over things we cannot change. That only prevents us from changing those things we can. The tricky part though is how to distinguish…

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debt (Copy)By JG Vibes
March 15, 2013

Months ago I wrote about how Occupy Wall Street was raising money so they could buy up debt at random and pay it off, in a brilliant campaign of radical agorism.

The effort that I am talking about is called “Rolling Jubilee” and the stated mission on their website is to:

“Buy debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, we abolish it. We cannot buy specific individuals’ debt – instead, we help liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutual support, good will, and collective refusal.”

This idea has brought about many success stories.  The group recently announced through their website that they erased over $1 Million in debt from emergency rooms in Kentucky and Indiana.

Their blog reported:

The average debtor owed around $900 and we will be abolishing the debt of over 1,000 people! We are sending the letters to the debtors as we type this. We are very concerned with the privacy of debtors, but if any of them come forward and want to share their stories, we will make them public.  This will be the second in a series of purchases of medical debt. For each one, we will announce it on this blog with extended details.

We’ve also been working long and hard to make sure our finances and operations are as transparent as possible. The all-volunteer Board of Directors, along with the RJ sub-committees (tech, messaging & debt buying) and countless activists throughout the Strike Debt and Occupy Wall Street networks have been working diligently to ensure the Rolling Jubilee accomplishes its mission with dignity, transparency and political effectiveness.

As a friend, supporter and also a critic of the occupy wall street movement over the past year and a half, it has been exciting and interesting to see the loose knit, decentralized movement transform and grow into many different branches that are taking a more local and decentralized approach than we saw from the protests last year.


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There’s Another Incredible Story Coming From That Restaurant Made Famous by Teen’s Snowy, 10 Mile Interview

Mar. 4, 2013 11:12am

You might think a good work ethic is dead or dying in the United States. Overall, that might be the case. But as evidenced by the viral story of the teen who walked 10 miles for a job interview in the snow and the restaurant that hired him, there’s a group of employees in Indiana who are trying to prove that wrong — and enjoying it.

In fact, that restaurant is producing another crop of incredible stories about some of its other employees — like the one who works during the day as a deputy county prosecutor (more on that in a bit).

Last week, the story of Jhaqueil Reagan, the 18-year-old who was spotted by Papa Roux owner Art Bouvier walking 10 miles in the snow for a job interview elsewhere, went viral when he was offered a position at the New Orleans-inspired restaurant. Reagan happily accepted the employment. The young man and the owner instantly became viral stars.

Papa Roux Croux Staff Talk About the Importance of Work Ethic Among Youth and Where They Got It

Bouvier — yes, people who know him call him Papa — told TheBlaze even in the few moments he had with Reagan, his actions signaled a strong work ethic, which had him offer the young man the job so quickly. But he also told TheBlaze he “has a staff full of Jhaqueils.”

As Glenn Beck said when he picked up Reagan’s story last week, he was at first “thrilled” and then “bummed” that such a story — one that showcases someone willing to go the extra mile, literally — would be considered news in America.

“It shows us just how far off the mark we really are,” Beck said, referring to the idea that hard work and doing whatever it takes is becoming so rare it’s now a national news story.

Although it might seem like the nation is starved for jobs and people with the good work ethic to accept them, staff members at Papa Roux are offering a glimmer of hope.

Papa Roux Croux Staff Talk About the Importance of Work Ethic Among Youth and Where They Got It

Proving Oneself on the ‘Roux Croux

Kristin Erato-Alosinac is a rare authority on the topic of youth and work ethic because of her own diverse employment. The 44-year-old is a deputy county prosecutor in Hendricks County by day and a jack-of-all-trades at Papa Roux a few nights a week.

“It’s a good balance for me,” Erato-Alosinac said, explaining that she has worked two jobs for a while as her Croatian husband was not legally allowed to work in the U.S. yet.

With 15 years as a prosecutor, Erato-Alosinac said what she sees in her day job and what she sees in the youth at Papa Roux are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

“From my full-time job I see a completely different picture,” said Erato-Alosinac, who is one of two “age outliers” in a staff of mostly teens and young adults as Bouvier tactfully put it. “Eighty percent who come in don’t have a job. They either just don’t want to take that type of a job…I don’t understand how they’re unemployed. …I don’t know if they’re lazy.”

Then there’s the “Roux Croux,” as they’re called.

Papa Roux Croux Staff Talk About the Importance of Work Ethic Among Youth and Where They Got It

“They fascinate me,” said Erato-Alosinac, who was a regular customer at Papa Roux before she joined the “Croux.” “They’re different than the people just dropping off an application everywhere. They know what the business is about. They show they have the personality and the work ethic to get in.

In fact, Colleen Bouvier, Art’s wife, told TheBlaze for the last three years or so, none of their employees came from the traditional application process. They were either referred by word-of-mouth or were regular customers.

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Jhaqueil Reagan, Indianapolis Teen Who Walked 10 Miles For Interview, Starts Foundation For Unemployed

By PAMELA ENGEL 03/04/13 07:24 PM ET EST AP


Jhaqueil Reagan Foundation

Jhaqueil Reagan, Indianapolis teen who walked 10 miles for a job interview, is starting a foundation with his current boss to help unemployed teenagers.

INDIANAPOLIS — Donations have been pouring in since a story went viral online about an Indianapolis teenager who was walking 10 miles to a job interview during an ice storm when he was picked up by a restaurant owner who offered him a job.

Now, the pair is starting a foundation to help other job hunters.

Jhaqueil Reagan, 18, was walking to a job interview at a thrift store two weeks ago when he cut through the parking lot of Cajun restaurant Papa Roux. He asked the restaurant’s owner, Art Bouvier, how much farther he had to go. Bouvier told him the store was about 6 or 7 miles down the road.

“I assumed he was going to get on the bus or something,” Bouvier recalled Monday.

But Reagan couldn’t afford bus fare, so he kept walking.

Bouvier and his wife encountered the teenager about 20 minutes later while they were driving to run an errand. Bouvier offered Reagan a ride and found out he’d planned on walking the whole way.

“I decided I’d hire him,” Bouvier said. “If you’d do all that to see if you could get a job, you’d do it to keep your job.”

He also said Reagan told him he’d dropped out of high school after his mother died a couple years ago to help take care of his younger siblings.

Bouvier later posted the story on his Facebook page and, to his surprise, it quickly spread. Soon, he and Reagan were asked to appear on national television shows including Good Morning America and Fox and Friends.


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By | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Thu, Feb 21, 2013

A homeless man in Kansas City, Mo., made national headlines more than a week ago when he returned a valuable platinum and diamond engagement ring accidentally dropped into his cup of change by a woman offering some extra cash. Now, hundreds of donors have contributed more than $16,000 to a page on to help Billy Ray Harris get his life back on track. The man’s rewards don’t stop with financial help — the media story helped him connect with a brother in Lubbock, Texas, he hasn’t seen in nearly 30 years.

KCTV first did a story on the unintended donation Feb. 9. Sarah Darling had put her engagement ring in her change purse because it was bothering her finger. A chance encounter with Harris on the street led Darling to give the man her loose change. It was only a day later that she realized her engagement ring was missing. When she came back to Harris on the same street, he still had the ring and gave it back to her.

The New York Daily News reveals when the woman and her husband returned, they gave the homeless man all the cash she had on her — around $40 to $60. Then Bill Krejci, who is a web designer, was inspired by some media outlets’ websites where people asked how they could help. Enter

For the next 90 days, anyone can donate money for Harris. The homeless man cited his reverend grandfather, who raised him since he was 6 months old, as the reason for his character trait that returned the ring to the woman. Individual donations from as little as $5 up to $500 have poured into for Harris.


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