Soldier and the mysterious photo that was found in his collar
February 22, 2014

According to Friday’s ABC News, Soldier, the pit bull who was found with an old, black and white photo tucked into his collar has a new home with a woman who lives in Dryden, Greenville, S.C., has found a home.

Soldier was picked up as a stray in mid-January, and the mysterious photo discovered in his collar, which showed a man who appeared to be in a military uniform, generated a great deal of intrigue and interest. Thanks to that intrigue, his story quickly spread nationwide.

The initial hope was that Soldier’s true owner would be found and that the pair would be reunited, but that never happened.

Instead, Soldier has a new home with a woman who lives in Dryden, Va., who has experience with pit bulls. Soldier’s new guardian, Julie Hensley, a 50-year-old attorney, dog rescuer and “pit bull enthusiast.”

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