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Published on Dec 11, 2013

Originally Published on Dec 11, 2013 by BeautifulGirlByDana
Please remix or re-upload so people can learn these simple facts to help counter the outright blatant fabrications the Canadian nuclear safety commission has to use to deceive us and their own loved ones so they don,t realize Canadian nuclear safety commission members are the very definition of monsters .

The Canadian nuclear safety commission held a live broadcast today on December 10th 2013 and John Barrett was one of the many who asserted radiation from nuclear power plants was no different than background radiation ,

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission creatures acting as moderators never corrected any of the fabrications so i its up to humans like me and you to remind the world that background radiation from the sun ,background radiation from bananas ,background radiations from potatoes , and water or rocks are indigenous to earth and no one is asking or concerned about those insignificant radiations , all life is acclimated to earths low level background radiation over billions of years of evolution .

the Canadian nuclear safety commission live broadcast today was suppose to be about man made isotopes and radiation that will caused 80 percent of all baby’s in fallujah iraq to look like this , bananas and rocks and sunlight are natural background radiation that has nothing to do with nuclear radiation

Farmers do not wear these expensive specialized outfits to harvest potatoes , or bananas , the only people that wear these radiation protection out fits are nuclear workers because nuclear radiation is suppose to be locked away for a billion years otherwise children are born who look like lumps of flesh .

John Barrett stabbed all Canadians and his own family in the back today and so did The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission during the live broadcast because they never reminded or corrected John Barrett misrepresentation and diluting of the facts by bringing inappropriate natural insignificant background radiation
like water and sun and rocks into a equation where e=mc sq


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