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Published on Oct 29, 2013

American Blackout, a National Geographic program first aired in October 2013, giving a fictional “docudrama” account of a nationwide electrical blackout in the United States, and its severe aftermath. Most of the program is mock “vlogging” by those affected, interspersed with mock “news footage.”


Yes, It was definitely softened up for viewer consumption.

I lived in Florida  through Hurricane Andrew,  Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Katrina.  The  devastation that took  place   was horrific. It  was like driving through one of those futuristic sci fi movies that  takes place  after a major apocalyptic event.  Everyone in Florida with any  kind of  sense begins to prepare for Hurricane season.  However, their  preps  are  just barely basic because they are  always confident that  everything ill be  alright and the  infrastructure will be repaired  relatively quickly.  After Hurricane Andrew we  were  without  electricity for 2 weeks. Considering the major destruction took  place in  East  Everglades which  does not have  a large population.  But the  grid was compromised by  tornadoes that  were  spawned and the massive  winds.  Hurricane Wilma  hit  the  southernmost  tip of Florida went out into the gulf and did an about face just as it  was arriving in Mexico.  Heading straight for the middle of Florida  which barely  ever sees hurricanes and people there  were not prepared.  The  damage was unreal as there  are many who live in mobile homes on  land they  have purchased.  The  grid  in  Central Florida  was  down for 3 to 4 weeks and   South Florida was  in the dark for 1 to 2 weeks.

When Hurricane Katrina hit us it was full on in South Florida.  We were without  electricity for  4 weeks.  in less than a week you  could not find charcoal to cook outdoors.  While one may  be prepared with  food  that  one can  cook or that  needs to be warmed up in someway. Without fuel to make a fire one is out of luck.  And Gas runs out  eventually.   Even if one  had  a  large  supply  of  freeze dried foods that  only  require water  not necessarily  hot  if  you  have time to wait for the re-hydration process using cool water.   If  you  cannot find bottled or  potable water. Or do not have the  money  to  be  able to purchase it  , IF there  are  still any  bottles available on the  shelves.  How would you  make water  drinkable without a fire ?

Unless you have  an  expensive   filtration system,  or you understand the  use of a Fresnel set up or  have a reliable solar oven.  There   really  is  no way  to purify  water without chemicals.

We were lucky  enough  to  have a  yard with  fruit  trees that  provided  wood for  our  fire.  So the kids  had  their job and I  had mine.  They  collected all the  wood they  could find and place it in a large 55 gallon container I  had in the  shed out  back and I built the  fires, cooked the  food  and boiled  the water.  Had I  not had a yard with  fruit trees  that  provided  us  with  wood I  would have  had to find an alternative to survive.

I even had a  deep freezer that I  converted into a giant cooler by going out as soon as  possible  and get  as many  bags of ice  as I  could buy.  The  great  insulation of that  freezer turned the  cool from the ice into a good size  fridge.  Our food  did not spoil.  So  my  only concern was fuel for our fire.  I  had prepared for everything else.  we  even  had a small generator  I  had purchased

Now  I  share this with  you , because  it was a fairly isolated  incident.  Florida was affected but it’s  neighboring states were  not , so helped arrived for those who had not prepared  within  days.  Murders, looting and overall crime were  bad only  in  areas with high population density and of course  criminal element.  But  we knew that  it  was only Florida  that  was affected  and help would come.  It was not a situation of total devastation  like  the one used in this film.

I  guess what  I  am trying to relay to all of you is  that in my  experience the reality  will be a much longer  period  of time without infrastructure. A lot  more people unprepared for such a long period of time without food  or water.  In certain cases  depending on the  scenario  it  could take years for the grid  to be  back up and  running.

In Major cities , well,  just look at  what  happens in a blackout that   only  lasts 24 hours in  NY.  I  have lived there as well.  The  city  descends  into chaos unless you live  in a  neighborhood where  everyone is  close and watches out for each other ,you are  at the mercy  of the  gangs and those who did not prepare  who want  what  you  have.

~Desert Rose~


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