Our shadow government exposes itself with Syrian flank moves on Russia

… by  Viktor Titov,   … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editors Note: We have long editorialized here that it is not just the Obama administration pushing for chaos in the Mid East. Those who have always profited from regional chaos have a dog in this fight and they are not about to give up. Vikor Titov does an excellent job here dissecting the four Senator clowns selected to put Russian sanctions on the table to start ‘preparing the minds’ of the public framing Russia as a threat that needs to be addressed, when in fact Putin is reacting to our obvious threats. It is also a pleasure to see someone writing in their second language using a term like ‘losing their marbles’!

So once again, our political leadership treats us with utter contempt with their blatant special interest ploy. I deem what they are doing to be a national security threat because they are attempting to frame a false threat as a cover to an offensive one we are engaged in, where our leadership will not even bother to justify its actions other than to claim they are pursuing our ‘interests’.  But we do not know who exactly they mean using the term ‘our’…or what they mean by ‘interests’. I sense they don’t want to tell us because they know we would object, hence all the smoke and mirrors.

The two lady senators from New Hampshire were a surprise, as NH and Vermont are states where their politicians historically tend to end up on the usual strings we see attached to so many others. This four pack of Senators is an obvious construction, put together by some special interest. I am going to be calling them to today to ask they how they got involved.  If you call also, I can assure you it will get their attention. They are used to doing things like this without any negative feedback… Jim W. Dean ]

Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)        http://www.shaheen.senate.gov/         DC (202) 224-2841

Kelley Ayotte (R-NH)        http://www.ayotte.senate.gov/         DC 202-224-3324

Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)      http://www.blumenthal.senate.gov/       DC (202) 224-2823

John Cornyn (R-TX)       http://www.cornyn.senate.gov/public/     DC Main: 202-224-2934


Senator Richard Blumenthal is heading up the Russian sanctions four-pack. He is very close to you know who.

Senator Richard Blumenthal is heading up the Russian sanctions four-pack. He is very close to you know who.

Here we go.  Not only has it gotten to the point that there have been allegations of Moscow, they say, of being a Damascus accomplice in their use of chemical weapons against insurgents and civilians, but now it’s gone as far as blackmailing Russia.

Senate proxies are threatening the possibility of sanctions against the largest Russian banks, and this is predominantly done by the government, but what faction?

As they say, all’s fair in love and war! But this is just going too far!

It seems that, from intensively thinking of how to get themselves out of a bind, which Washington has brought upon itself through Obama’s menacing and peremptory threats calling for air strike on Syria, some people on Capitol Hill have “lost their marbles”.

Although, one cannot discount the possibility that the White House is behind this move, trying to twist Russia’s arm or, at the very least, test her “resilience”.

Consequently, four American senators, two democrats and two republicans, appealed to the American government to impose sanctions against a few large Russian banks, such as Gazprombank, VTB and VEB. The reason for this, in the senators’ opinion, is that the banks, they say, finance the activities of the Syrian government.

According to the senators’ letter to the State Treasury, VEB handles payments for the delivery of S-300 missile batteries to Syria, Gazprombank provides a financial channel to pay for supplies of Syrian oil and VTB holds assets of the president Bashar al-Assad.

The letter addressed to the Finance Minister Jacob Lew was signed by senator-democrats Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) and Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire), and the republicans John Cornyn (Texas) and Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire).

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US Senators slander Russian banks


<p>Senator Kelly Ayotte, one of the accusers (seen here in March, 2013, with Senator Lindsey Graham).</p>

Senator Kelly Ayotte, one of the accusers (seen here in March, 2013, with Senator Lindsey Graham).

WASHINGTON (VOR)— On September 13 U.S. Senators Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), John Cornyn (R-TX), and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) formally requested Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to take action against Russian banks for allegedly working to support the regime of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

But did they have any real evidence? On Wednesday VTB Bank categorically denied any involvement with the Syrian leadership, telling Voice of Russia:

«As is standard practice in our industry and in accordance with legislation, VTB takes client confidentiality extremely seriously, and would normally never comment on any allegations of this sort. However, given the defamatory and highly public nature of these claims, and their relevance to an extremely delicate geopolitical situation, we feel we have no other option but to state that the allegations made by the four U.S. senators are completely unfounded.

VTB does not hold funds belonging to President Assad or any other member of the Syrian leadership. We consider these allegations to be a deliberate attempt to mislead the American people. These irresponsible insinuations are clearly intended to ratchet up tensions around Syria’s economic and financial situation, and to derail the recently launched peace process at any cost».

To dig into the U.S. Senators’ arguments and motives, VOR’s Ric Young spoke with Blaise Misztal, the acting director of the Foreign Policy Project at the Bipartisan Policy Center.


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