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19.06.2013 Extreme Weather New Zealand Northland, [Waikato region] Damage level Details


Extreme Weather in New Zealand on Wednesday, 19 June, 2013 at 08:08 (08:08 AM) UTC.

A tornado reportedly touched down in Waikato for about 10 minutes this afternoon. The picture was taken at Paterangi, just south of Hamilton. While tornadoes weren’t in the forecast today, unstable and slow conditions had led to the funnel cloud and then short-lived tornado, head analyst Philip Duncan said. It was at the lowest end of the scale but was still capable of lifting pieces of roofing iron and break branches. Mr Duncan said funnel clouds may be spotted over the next couple of days, along with short, sharp, squalls which are similar to tornadoes but don’t spin. “This looks like a bit of a one-off as the north of New Zealand is still very much in a humid, mild, pool of unstable air – overnight it becomes more unstable but the air will get much colder and that limits the chances of further tornadoes” he said.


New Zealand Braces for Coming Storm in the Next Three Days

By Reissa Su | June 19, 2013 1:16 PM EST

A storm is set to hit southern and central areas of New Zealand bringing strong winds, rain and snow.  Weather reports say the storm will likely stay in the country for the next three days due to the unusual but powerful combination of weather systems.

New Zealand braces for coming storm today

New Zealand’s Civil Defence urges people to prepare for emergency power outages and possible cuts to phone lines especially those living the South Island and central North Island.  The coming storm is said to be the worst one yet to hit winter so far.

Meteorologist Daniel Corbett for MetService media and communications said that people should brace for the cold winds the storm will bring.  The high amount of snowfall in Auckland two years ago may be unlikely to happen again, residents of the city are advised to remain alert since they cannot escape the coming storm.

Corbett said last Friday’s temperature barely went beyond 10 degrees Celsius.  Residents will be more than likely to experience the cold blast of winds.

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