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mainstreamDay after day, the media pounds out a relentless drumbeat against nullification.

Pundits, commentators and so-called legal experts demonize it as unconstitutional, villainize it as racist and trivialize it with slurs like “wacky” and “kookie.”

But while the political class continues to arrogantly ridicule Madison and Jefferson’s principles, everyday Americans embrace them in increasing numbers.

A Rasmussen poll released Monday indicates that nullification is growing more and more popular in mainstream America.   Pollsters found 38  percent support states taking actions to “block” federal acts that restrict the right to keep and bear arms.  Less than half (45 percent) oppose blocking these unconstitutional federal acts.

Even more revealing: more people than not approve of nullification in general.

“On the general question of ‘nullification,’ 44 percent believe states should have the right to block any federal laws they disagree with on legal grounds. Thirty-six percent disagree and 20 are undecided,” pollsters said.

Digging into the numbers, we find even broader support for nullification where it really counts – on Main Street.

A majority of everyday politically engaged Americans support the general principle of nullification. According to the Rasmussen poll, 52 percent of mainstream voters think states should have the right to block any federal laws they disagree with on legal grounds.

Think about it. Even enduring constant demonization from the mainstream media and the political elite, most average American voters approve of nullification efforts.


“People are finally starting to understand and accept the concept of decentralization. Our message is mainstream now and we have hard data to prove it,” Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center state chapter coordinator Lesley Swann said.

So, where does the vast majority of opposition to nullification come from?

The political class.

You know, the guys calling it “ludicrous” and “demented.”

Seventy-four percent of those polled identifying with the political class oppose nullification. Of course, most of those folks don’t even think anything warrants nullifying. A whopping 80 percent of the political class indicated they think the government operates within constitutional limits. A majority (56 percent) of mainstream voters disagree with their assessment.

Note the term used: block. In other words, a majority of everyday Americans believe states can interpose (verb; be an obstacle to, BLOCK, break into, come between, force in, hinder, impede, infiltrate, infringe, inject, insert, intercalate, intercede, intercept, interfere, interject, intermeddle, intermediate, interrupt, intervene, introduce, intrude, mediate, obstruct, obtrude, parenthesize, penetrate, place between, prevent, put in, stand in the way, thrust in) to stop unconstitutional federal act.

Of course, James Madison made that case more than 200 years ago.