“Sandy Hook Redux”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Thus far, all evidence regarding the bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line on “Patriots Day,” commemorating the battles of Lexington, points at a mysterious entity suddenly becoming “aware” and moving to destroy any potential threat to its existence. 

 Possible Terrorist Suspects Seen Below (Israeli? Iranian? “Homegrown?”)

We have awakened in a Terminator movie.  Here is “blind clue” number one, before we are done there will be a hundred or more, carefully orchestrated to feed and discredit those investigating a very real conspiracy.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

The mysterious entity is the Federal Reserve, a group of banks, mostly believed to be European, the ownership and real management totally unknown, that controls, not just America’s economic system but nearly every other central bank in the world.  Investigations have shown that “the Fed” has broken away from all oversight, has taken on its own military and intelligence service and has become a defacto “super-national” entity, not just controlling world economies but now, through Google, a series of Blackwater analogs and partnerships with AIPAC, NATO and the drug cartels, is now able to wage war and dispense “justice.”


The Fed’s first war is, of course, against the US.  Toward that end they have taken on gold, silver, moved to run up fuel prices, have tried to crash Bitcoin and are threating they highly secret Reagan/Mitterrand/Wanta protocols that would have erased America’s national debt. (the protocols challenge $10 trillion of the debt as fraudulent and eventually pay off the rest).

Behind the scenes, Secretary Hagel and General Dempsey, those who run America’s military, are quickly rooting out the Generals and Admirals who were planning a “patriotic revolt” to “restore the constitution.”

Those “FEMA camps” Alex Jones talks about weren’t imaginary.  They are real as any nightmare.  What is both shameful and sad is that millions of Americans who would have been good, decent Americans, out of total stupidity, became dupes of Wall Street, the Fed and enemies we will never be able to name, buying in on “psyop” emails, wild rumors and childish scare tactics.

“Boston” is just one in a series of tableaus we can expect, all intended to exploit the flaws in the American character.


Why are all terror attacks either coincidentally timed to coincide with a “terror drill” or planned by the FBI who then “finds” needed “warm bodies” from the local “Koran remedial reading group?”

We have proof positive that our government is lying about the incident in Boston.  This news report makes it fully clear that a full scale “terror drill” was going on at the Boston Marathon.  Do we want to term this another “intelligence failure catastrophe” or take our suspicions further?


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