New tropical disturbance is taking shape in waters of Indian Ocean. According to latest report by Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), Tropical Cyclone 21S is located approximately 335 nm south- southwest of Diego Garcia, and is moving south-westward at speed of 11 knots.

MODIS satellite image captured on April 7, 213 (Credit: LANCE/MODIS/Worlview)


Animated infrared satellite imagery depicts a partially-exposed low-level circulation center located east of persistent deep convection. Sustainable winds of 35-40 knot were recorded over the western portion of the low level circulation center, which are wrapping into the center. Upper-level analysis indicates TC 21S is approximately five degrees equatorward of the subtropical ridge axis. Vertical wind shear remains moderate (15-20 knots), causing the deep convection to be sheared to the west. Animated water vapor imagery depicts moderate poleward outflow; however, equatorward outflow is limited due to troughing.

Meteosat’s Southwest Indian Ocean Infrared satellite image (Credit: Météo France)

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