LAPD Refuses To Pay Dorner Reward Because They Murdered Him Instead Of Captured

Just a  message  to all those  out there that  are  counting on  the  monies  promised  by government organizations to snitch  on  neighbors and acquaintances.  Do you  trust  the  government  enough to  believe  they  will keep their  word  to a  snitch?  If  they won’t  pay  up for information leading to a  person that  was being  sought  for  murder charges.  What  do you  think they  will care  about  paying  you  for  snitching on  your neighbor or  co-worker for just  talking or  gardening or  OMG,  food and  water  storage ( gasp)?  Wake  up !!

~Desert Rose~



Published on Mar 30, 2013

March 30, 2013 NBC News