Now  let’s be  honest.  We all know  that  unless  something  goes   extremely  wrong we will not  be seeing  any zombies  like the  ones in the Hollywood  Horror flicks B or  otherwise.  The  CDC claims they are  using  the  term  tongue in cheek to get younger  people interested  in preparedness.  Ok,  I  can  deal with  that.  However,  more than  just the  CDC  are  referring to  zombies.  So  what  exactly  are they  referring to  if they are  not  talking  about the   brain eating  , gnaw on your  entrails  kind of   zombie?

Well in most  instances  they are  referring to  those  who have laughed  when approached  with the  concept of preparing  for a   potential  disaster.  Neighbors, Co- workers, family  members, people  that   we  run into  in  our  everyday  lives  You  know  who they are ,  we  have  all run into them now  and  again.  Some  maybe  more than others.  Or  the  multitude that  will become  ill  from  lack of  medicine,  water,  hygiene as  well as  accidents.

Now  I   really  think  that  referring to these people as  zombies is  a  bit  over the  top.  However, I  think we  can  agree that  in a  disaster  scenario  where  despair  ,  hunger  or perhaps  injury  of themselves or a  loved  one will propel anyone of these  individuals  to an  act  of  violence in the grips of fear .

All one  need do  is  watch a  video of the Black  Friday  Madness, or  what  happens  during a  blackout to  understand what the potential  for  violence and lawlessness can be.  Think Hurricane Katrina and  the scenario in  New Orleans.  Think  Hurricane Sandy and the multitude of  people  who were  unprepared.  How  many  resorted to   dumpster  diving  because they  had  nothing to  eat in their  homes and there  was  nothing  available in the  surrounding  area.  If  Occupy  had not  taken it  upon themselves  to  start helping  when FEMA  and  the  government  failed to  do their  job, what   could have  developed?

Now  let’s  go a  bit  further  and imagine  with all the  people  affected  by  Hurricane  Sandy.  What  happens  if there  are  neighbors  that  they  are aware of  had  been   storing  food  and  water.  The  government  is  not helping.  FEMA is  not  helping.  Occupy  had  not been a factor.   Their  children are going  hungry, they  have  elderly  that  must  be cared  for   and they  neither  have  food  nor supplies.  Now  please  understand I am  an  eternal optimist  and  I  believe  there  are  a lot  of good  people  out  there.  However,  if there is  something life  has  taught  me  is  that  there are   not  so good  people  out there   as  well.  This  is what  you must  prepare  for.  The good  people,  the ones  that  understand  that violence is not the  answer will not  be  an  issue.

What  do you  do about the  ones  who are?

Have  you  considered it?

Have you  prepared?

Can  you tell me  aside  from  the fact that   zombies are  dead  and  out to  eat  you rather  than  your  supplies   what the  difference  would  be?  In  either  case they  would  threaten   the survival of  your loved  ones  and  yourself.  And , well there is  always  the  possibility that the development  of  mutant  and  killer  virus’  in   government  and military  research  labs should  be  a  concern  to everyone. 

As  we already  know  things  will be  difficult enough with the   sheer  amount  of  people  that  will  be sickened  and   dying in a  scenario  such  as  this lasting  an  extended  period  of  time  especially  in  a collapse , as  the  following  article details……


Why there will be WAY more zombies than you anticipated

Lizzie Bennett
Medically Speaking

via The Daily Sheeple
March 6th, 2013

Electricity hasn’t been around all that long. For most of our history mankind has managed very well without it. Large numbers of people around the world still live without an electricity supply. If the grid goes down does it really mean the end of the human race?

On June 3rd I did a post about pandemics. I said in the introduction, that in my opinion only two things could be serious enough to put an end to humans. Pandemic and grid failure. Looking at the figures for the 1918-1920 pandemic, and using those percentages with current population, it seems I may have been wrong in my assumptions about pandemics.

So, onto grid failure, which to cover all the things that would be affected, and the speed at which they would be affected would need a large book, it is way too big a subject for an article. This article is based the things we have all heard, that 99% of the population of the United States would be dead within a year and that the world population will plummet. Let’s see.

I have chosen 2010 as the year all of the figures relate to, as that is the closest year that has a full set of statistics available. Figures are taken from World Health Organization records, love them or hate them they are very good pen pushers and compile statistics about anything and everything.

Okay, we all know that if the grid goes down, so does everything else in short order. Food supply chain, large scale agriculture,hospitals, traffic lights, everything that we regard as part of the very fabric of our lives. We have come to rely on electricity to such an extent that should it vanish from our lives it really would mean the end of the world as we know it. The question is though, would it be an extinction level event?

In 2010 there were 133,000,000 million births and 57,000,000 deaths from all causes. The WHO records the following for 2010:

34,000,000 known type 1 diabetics world wide.
64,234,000 known COPD (chronic obstructive airways disease sufferers)world wide.
22,800,000 known cancer sufferers world wide.

These conditions are considered to be those that contribute most to the mean global death rates. Now I am not a statistician, and it is impossible to know the life expectancy of the people suffering from these conditions, so, for the purposes of the exercise I am going to assume they all die in the first year.

This would add 120,000,000 deaths to the 57,000,0000 ‘usual’ deaths giving us 177,000,000 deaths for the first year. On top of this there would be a rise in the murder rate, the death rate from heart attacks would soar, mainly due to unfit people having to engage in hard physical labor, and deaths from lack of medication and medical intervention would skyrocket, as would deaths from malnutrition and disease.

Read Full Article here


Then  we  have  those in the  Prepper  and non  Prepper  community usually  at  odds with the  way  one or the other chooses to  prepare .  As  well  as  their outlook.  Not to mention those  who  outright  ridicule  and  insult  those  who seriously prepare for a  future unseen disaster  scenario.  Anyone  who has  seriously  embarked on preparing  and  have  tried  to  explain to  family  and  friends  why they  should  as  well, have  experienced  this.  So  you are  well aware  of  what  I  mean when I  say  this…..


Why everyone hates preppers

Uploaded on Sep 10, 2011

Why is there such a chasm between preppers and non-preppers? It’s because of ignorance on BOTH sides.

1. Preppers look down on non-preppers.
Many seem to be thinking that non-preppers are silly, ignorant little children.
2. Non-preppers think that preppers are insane.
They think that preppers are focused on ridiculous problems and wasting money on solutions that they will never use.

Both are wrong.

Most people ARE preppers.

You might be a prepper if:
*you check your car’s spare tire
*you keep bandaids in your house
*you are saving money for a rainy day
*you keep a can of Fix-a-flat in your car

Those are preps!

There are more preppers than either side is willing to admit.

WE aren’t arguing apples and oranges. We are arguing about how many apples we need. It’s a matter of scale.

It isn’t a matter of intelligence. It’s a matter of having different priorities.

Edit: forgot the link for the Risk Assessment Chart:


Why most Doomsday preppers will die (part 1)


And then  we  have  those  unprepared   neighbors  that  you   spoke  to  early on and  tried to get them  to  think  seriously  about  prepping.  All they  would  do   was  kid you  about  your  preparing for the  end of the  world.  Laugh a little  at you   , shake  their  heads  and  walk  away always turning your concerned advice into  jokes and an  opportunity  to  poke  fun at you.  If  not   just  outright  call you  nuts?

The  following is  an  episode  from the  Twilight Zone.  Yes it is  just  a  show  , it’s not  real.  However,  if you  watch it  , you  will see  in the   developing  drama that  everything that  happens  is indeed plausible.  If  you  watch  it   you  can  see how   a  scenario  like that  can  easily  develop  even   among  people   you thought  you  knew  well.  One  never  knows and  can  never be  sure  how   any  one  individual  will react   or  behave  in a  situation  such as  this.  Watch the  videos and think about it….. I  bet the  possibility of it taking place won’t  seem so  crazy  then…..


Economic Collapse and Unprepared Neighbors(1 0f 3) – Twighlight Zone Example

Uploaded on Jul 5, 2010

A Twilight Zone episode called “The Shelter” illustrates one scenario in being surrounded by people who are unprepared yet know you have been preparing and scoff at your efforts. I thought I would share this with everyone and thank DEMCAD for bringing it to my attention


Here  we  have a   situation that   is  growing  incrementally   with  every  passing  day   in the  US  alone.  We  have  seen the  devastating   circumstances in  Greece,  Spain and  throughout the  Middle East.  Austerity,  government corrupt  exorbitant  spending,  rising food and energy  prices,  loss of  jobs,  corrupt banks and  financial institutions, etc  , etc , etc. 
The  number  of   homeless  can no longer  be  ignored.  For  those  who deny  that there is a  problem and that  the  economy is  indeed recovering.  Those  who  choose to  believe  the  lies and  the  manipulated  numbers   for  unemployment  and  job creation wake  up  and   face  reality.  The  homeless of  today   are  working  middle  class that  have  lost  their  jobs,   their  homes .  They  live in tent  cities,  in their  cars, in  public  parks when they  can.  They  hide  their  homelessness and their  need  due to pride and  those  who refuse to  see the  truth  accept  the subterfuge  because it is  easier  to lie to  themselves  than  admit  that  it  could very  well happen  to them. 
Why  do  you lie to  yourselves? 
How  long  do you  believe  you  can keep those  blinkers on?
Do you  really  believe  that  ignoring   reality  will  change it  or make it  go  away?
The  longer it  is ignored the  longer  it  goes unchallenged   the  worse  it  will get.
How  many   children  have to  be  homeless for those of  you in  denial to  get  it ?
How  many  children  in the  US have to go  hungry before  you can  deal with the  truth  of  what is  going  on beneath your  very  nose?
I  don’t know  about  you , but  I  see  people  now  more than  ever  on the  street asking  for help because they  are  homeless and  unemployed.  Today a  man with a  sign stating that   they were  homeless and  he  had   3 children with him.  Everyone  looking the other  way. 
How  can you  live  with yourself?
I gave  what  I  had.  Granted  I  don’t have  much  but no matter  how bad  off I am I  have  a roof  over  my  head  and  even if it  is  peanut  butter  sandwiches  I  have food  to eat  even  on the  worst  day.  So many  just  passed  by  this   man and  his  children not  even  giving   them a  passing  glance.  How  sad ,  how  very  sad that  we  have  turned into this  kind  of  Nation.
Well I am  here to   disturb  your  little fantasy  world.  These  are videos  of the very real   homeless  situation  in  this   country.  If  you  know  of  anyone  in denial   please  bring it  to their  attention.  If  you  have  heard  but  are not  sure you  believe  ,  please take some  time  to  watch and   see the   suffering , the need and  the tragedy  that  has  befallen these  people.  Understand that  this  could  happen to anyone   and it is  not  reason to  look  down  nor  feel ashamed.
As  time  goes  by   one must  understand  that  this  situation  will continue  to  worsen, unless by  some  miracle  the   lunacy that  has  gripped  the   government  and the  financial  world is  dealt  with.  For those  who are  preppers I urge  you  to take this into  account.  I know things are  tight  for most, trust  me  I  know  this   very  well as  I  sometimes  find  it  difficult  to  purchase   staples  for  our  everyday  living  .  Much less   items  for  storage.  I think  about this  often and  every time I  buy an  item  for  my  storage  I think of  how  it  can be  used or prepared  to  maximize the  amount of  people  it  can feed .  Thereby ,  ensuring that  I will be  able to  feed  any additional people   that  may  show  up in need and  hungry. 
The  government  will not  be  helping, look at the   victims  of  Hurricane  Sandy.  What  kind of  help  did they  receive?  It will be up to us  to  take  care of  each other.  Which  means  preparing  to  extend a  hand  to those who  were  unable  or too poor  to prepare.

“Hidden Homeless” Homeless in Rural America

Uploaded on May 5, 2010

This MC-TV documentary tells the story of one homeless person in rural Western Illinois. Thru her story we see the special challenges that confront those individuals who find themselves homeless in area with limited services.


Homeless In America Families Living In Cars


homeless in america…….part 1


“Signs of The Time” a homeless documentary

Published on Jun 25, 2012

A feature documentary about homelessness in the Seattle and surrounding areas


I know there  are   quite a  few  people  who have  been preparing  for  quite  sometime.  Just  as  I know  there  are  people  who recently  started or  are  starting now to prepare.  Please, please  take this  to heart and  understand what the possibilities  are so that  you  can  properly prepare and  survive  whatever  may  occur.  Please know that  I am  not  trying to  belittle  anyone.  This  has  been on  my  mind   for  quite  sometime and  I  simply  did  not  know  how  to present  it .  Ready  or  not ,  presentable or  not  here it  is .  Please  accept it in the  spirit in which it  has  been   given.  A  heartfelt  wish that  all who read  this may prepare  , be  safe  and  help as  many  people as  they are  able.

Blessings  to you and  yours …….

Desert Rose