I  think they  need to  stop thinking  about  it  and   start doing it.  As  it is  this  poor  thing   stands  a good  chance  of  dying  just  from the  contaminants  in the  water. The  longer it  takes  the  more  at   risk  it is .   What the hell is  so hard  to  understand  about that? 

If  it  were a  person it  would have  been a  done  deal already…….I  mean  they  have  an  Aquarium  that has   marine  experts   , they  have  choppers .  So  what’s the  hold  up?

I  have a  sneaking   suspiscion  it  has  more to  do  with  money  than an  actiual action plan. 

~Desert Rose~


NBC New York

A dolphin is stranded in Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal in New York City on Friday.

By Andrew Mach, Staff Writer, NBC News

An injured dolphin became stranded in Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal on Friday and authorities were working on a rescue plan.

Live helicopter video from NBCNewYork.com showed the sea mammal bobbing up and down in the canal’s murky water — which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency declared a Superfund site in 2010 because it contained a “century’s worth” of pollutants.

The dolphin appeared to be stuck in one place, coming up occasionally for air as an NYPD crew worked to figure out a rescue plan. And it was unclear how the creature got in the the predicament in the first place.

Witnesses said the animal appeared to be bleeding from its dorsal fin, the New York Daily News reported.

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