Earth Watch Report  –  Flooding

18.01.2013 Flash Flood Bulgaria [Statewide] Damage level

Flash Flood in Bulgaria on Friday, 18 January, 2013 at 20:09 (08:09 PM) UTC.

Heavy rain in the southern district of Smolyan and Kardzhali has increased the levels of some reservoirs and rivers. The municipality of Nedelino, district of Smolyan, has declared a state of emergency. The situation is critical, as the Kichukovska river has burst its banks, overflowing a road section between the town of Nedelino and the village of Krayna. According to the mayor of the municipality of Nedelino, Stoyan Beshirov, the same road stretch was affected by torrential rain last year and no money was allocated for repair works. He also announced that the torrential rain had cut the access to six settlements the municipality. There are landslides in almost every settlement in the municipality. It has been raining in the municipality of Nedelino for more than 24 hours. The rainfall so far varies between 100 and 200 l/square meter across the municipality. A working group has been set up. The police are guarding a road section closed near the Kichukovska river. Studen Kladenets reservoir in the Southern Bulgaria may start overflowing in the next 24 hours, announced the press center of the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water.

According to the weather forecast of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, considerable showers and heightened inflow to the reservoirs of Arda cascade are predicted for the period 18-20 January 2013. The ministry has ordered the necessary measures. It has been raining in the region for the last 24 hours and a state of emergency has been declared in the southern town of Nedelino. Zlatograd reservoir may overflow as well. All mayors of municipalities and settlements in the district of Kardzhali have been warned to take the necessary measures in relation with the pouring rain. There is a high wave along Zlatograd reservoir and the Varbitsa river, said Kardzhali district governor Ivanka Taushanova. The river beds are already full. There are some critical sections. The situation is under control and observation, she highlighted. According to her no evacuation is necessary. On Saturday morning it will still snow in some western and northern regions across the country. In the southeastern areas rain will fall. At about noon the showers will stop from the west to the east. Cloudiness will break and light to mild wind will blow from the west.