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Published on Sep 1, 2012 by

I uploaded this video as an example of the type of abuses that go on every day at the TSA. The TSA detains people or removes them from flights every day for non-security, punitive reasons. Passengers have missed their flights because they didn’t want their breast milk screened in the x-ray detector, because they were carrying a cupcake, because they were wearing a shirt with a satirical logo, because they had a purse with a gun emblem on it, the list goes on. When this happens, passengers have no recourse. Complaints to the TSA result in the TSA denying there was any wrong doing, and the offending officer goes unpunished. Passengers should have rights, and TSA agents should know that there are consequences for intimidation and bullying.

Here is my story:
I was at the Houston airport in August for a layover. At the gate they were “testing” everyone’s liquids. Normally I hide my water bottle in my bag when I see this, but we were running late and I didn’t have time. I drank my water instead of letting them test it, and was kicked off my flight.
I was able to get on the very next flight out of houston-and even managed an upgrade! (thanks United)
Sorry for crappy phone video-but the audio is what I wanted to post.

If you are interested in TSA reform, here are some websites: