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Chairman of NPO in Chernobyl “In Belarus, girls turned to be men after secondary sexual character”

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Posted by Mochizuki


Ms. Noro, the chairman of NPO called Bridges to Chernoby (cf. Numayu’s blog shut down) l warned about the risk to let children play on the contaminated ground.

She commented like this on her blog,



I didn’t know how serious it (radiation exposure of sexual organs) can be until I actually went to see the medical situation in Belarus.
I didn’t know how risky it can be to let children play sports or play with mud, sit down on, or crawl on stomach in school play ground. It’s full of contaminated sand and soil.
There is no data to prove it’s safe to let children swim in contaminated pool.
It’s supposed to be safe only because the radiation level is lower than safety limit, but it has no basis.
Do not underrate nosebleed. It’s the beginning of every symptom. You do not ignore it.
Cases of childhood cancer are recorded in the bonus part of the movie “Living with internal exposure” (Director is Kamanaka Hitomi)

A 2 years old girl got uterine cancer, had a part of uterus melt to leak out.
(Doctor says though it is a rare case, a few of those cases are reported in the world regardless of the age.)
I actually saw girls turned to be boys through secondary sexual character to be hospitalized.
In the contaminated area of Balarus, only 20% of women can bear baby.
None of the adults can take responsibility for destroyed lives of children.