Ok  here  we  go.  I  have  said  it  before  and  I  will say  it  again.  Ready  or  not  this situation  will  come.  Whether  you  want  to  accept  it  or  not  the  writing is on the  wall.  Americans  have opted  to believe  that   our  freedoms  and our  comforts  are a  given.  They  have   become  complacent  believing that life  will continue  as  it  has  been  for so long.  The  rude  awakening is  upon  us.  Some of us  are   cognizant and  very  much aware  of  what  is  going on.  Will you  be  ready,  will you  do  what it  takes  to  insure  a  future  for  your  children  and  grandchildren?  Are  you  even  aware  of  what  is  going on  around  you ?

Alex Jones is not everyone’s  cup of  tea, but the  simple  truth  is  he speaks  the  truth.  Uncomfortable  or  not he  speaks the  truth.  Russell Means is a  well respected  activist who also  happens  to be a Native  American Indian.  Here  is  the  series  where Alex  interviews  Russell Means  and  what  he has  to  say  about  what  he  sees  happening in  America  today.

Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel on Jan 25, 2012

Alex talks to legendary native American activist, actor Russell Means about the decline of the American culture and the rise of global imperialism.